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I'm most likely going to play this co-op with my brother like we did RE5.

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At first I was a bit upset, I would love to have this game on the go. I just bought it on steam today for my Macbook and its a ton of fun, In a sense I have a portable version. Its just not on the 3DS.

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I was totally on board to pick this up day one, but my excitement started to wane a bit. Now I'm just going to go ahead and buy the HD collection and pick this one up when its a bit cheaper.

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@RawknRo11a: Yes. I gladly paid 30 dollars for this great game. Although I haven't had a chance to play it. I just couldn't pass up a deal like that.

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Has anyone tried the Nintendo Zone app on their 3DS? I keep forgetting to carry my 3DS around, so I was wondering if anyone knows what it does exactly. Are there demos? I might have heard something about discounts on games depending where you go.

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@nemt: I really enjoy them too. Like you, I also enjoy the horror genre of found footage movies. There's a guy on Youtube that posts nothing but trailers to these types of movies. CHEM1ZON is his channel, check it out. Some titles off the top of my head are:

The Wicksboro Incident

Noroi: The Curse

The St. Francisville Experiment

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@Barrock: Damn. I didn't want want this, but I'm hearing good things. It honestly doesn't look half bad. I'm considering getting the 3DS version. Seeing older gamers interested in it is definitely encouraging. I might wait a bit for a price drop so I can snatch up the game and a few extra figures.

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I don't even want to ask how much all this cost.

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Go for it. From footage and gameplay videos I've seen it looks better than what I expected.

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So far I've been in the middle range. I'm trying to build a kart thats both aesthetically pleasing and drives the way I want it to.