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well done Vinny, hopefully Brad and Jeff's relationship can reach similar heights. Hope you had a great day Vinny.
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" Don't Americans pay almost 50% in taxes? If thats the case, whats wrong with the government giving back some of that moolah in the form of health care? And also, welfare payments, is that not some form of socialism or is it like health care, in that the government is trying to take care of its people? "
The highest federal tax rate will be 39% soon, right now it's 35%.  I'm with Bernie Sanders independant senator from Vermont, 99% tax rate any any income over 3 million dollars or so.  "
please explain any logic in doing that  your taking money from a person who is intelligent enough to get ahead in life to go and pay a medical bill for someone who dropped out of highschool.  this is the entire reason why altruism is wrong. i cant wait till society realizes this "'re why Germany done a Hitler. 
Everyone's the same and deserves the same treatment and social status.
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" @oldschool said:
" We have have universal healthcare in Australia since 1975 and 34 years on, the world didn't end and our country is the strongest growing western economy in the world. "

  Australia isn't in the west.  In fact, far from it.  Your more east than the middle east.  Everyone, see what Universal healthcare does to you.  You'll start thinking east is west. "

You blithering goon, Australia is a Western Society, not geographically Western, however. Sorry if I sound patronising.... you silly twerp. 
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Here's my guitar an epiphone sheraton II. 
.....Post pictures of your guitar(s)!!   


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Russell Brand, Matt Morgan, Ricky Gervais, Steven Merchant and a couple of others
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60 gb
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Man I cant wait for this game! smart move to keep achievements out of online multiplayer as well.
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Of course the worlds not gonna end in 2012 why would the Mayans have needed to keep adding further dates to their calender? surely when they would've been nearing 2000, if the Spanish had kept themselves to themselves, then maybe they would add a few more years. The worlds obviously not gonna end.
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" @eroticfishcake said:
" "Alpha Vinny" "
Caravella Protocol. "
Alpha Caravella? "

Or..... Alpha-Protocol!!!!....wait.......
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That kinda sucks i was thinking about getting this, looks like its gonna be a lean christmas kids.....