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@humanity: Yep. That paragraph was the one that really got me too. He's just straight up hating on video games in general and squeezing in as many writing flourishes as he can.

It's just the nerve, the audacity to spill such self-important drivel in an endless loop while discussing a video game of all things. Like really, this Dark Souls 2 "critique" is where you will shoehorn your views on foreign production policies, and worker exploitation? Oh right, just below your select quote from everyone's favorite Greek father of scientific history - oh wait, you mean this is a quote from the Peloponnesian War? Ohhh well excuse my ignorance!

In case it wasn't clear that I was serious, I really do think there's a chance this is more of a self-hating post by this man than anything to do with the quality of Dark Souls II or videogames.

He is basically flogging himself for playing and enjoying Dark Souls and Dark Souls II so much. The post is him repeatedly considering and then lamenting just how much he loves videogames. He talks more about the insidiousness of gaming itself than anything to do with this one game. It is a sorrowful reflection on the time he has spent on games and the time he imagines he and others will spend on them in the future. He calls this game the worst, because in some ways, he feels like it may be the best.

Sounds to me like a troubled fellow questioning his most basic appreciation of the medium.

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@jennibelle: While I understand your reservations about how interesting it may be, I think there is potential. Not simply about the ET game. It's hardly about that. It's more about how things went wrong in the gaming industry. The fall of Atari and the big crash of the early 80s, leading to a monument of that excess buried in the New Mexico desert.

The ET angle isn't that interesting, but the fact that it has been an urban legend indicative of the problems of the time makes it a potentially decent launching point. Not sure how they'll handle it, but it could be alright depending on how they frame it.

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It sounds like this guy actually really, really liked Dark Souls II, and he was a huge fan of Dark Souls I.

He just strikes me as one of those people that aggressively denies who they are. Like those hateful people who rail against a homosexual agenda while later accepting that they are themselves homosexual. The deeper reality that they can't accept turns from confusion into unreasonable dismissal and self-hatred.

This "review" reads like a man having an existential crisis regarding who he is, and I think he can't seem to accept that Dark Souls and Dark Souls II may now be his favorite videogames ever.

In the end, this is really just a deeply disturbed and meandering love letter to the game.

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Someone should really make a creepy, tense movie based on The Swapper.

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Sure. It's just a matter of time.

All it takes is a decent director with a good writer which focus more on a solid, encapsulated story inspired by a game. They don't overreach or just go for a skin-deep appreciation of what makes a game compelling. Obviously, a movie will always be missing some of what makes games special, but the same can be said of comics in some ways. A movie based on a videogame, though, has a decent chance at eventually being good, if not even great.

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(It could have been your virus program or any of those things you tried. My guess would be the registry or virus program. Hard to really tell without looking at the actual computer. Keep a restore point for this very moment. ha.)

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