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I'm still not sure of the relevance of whether he did or did not steal anything before the incident that cost him his life.

Speaks to character, your honor. Clearly the StL PD were so determined to paint the victim in a negative light, they went forward with the first piece of evidence they acquired without taking the necessary time to learn any of the facts from the involved parties. Not only that, they did not even bother to approach their evidence with any modicum of scrutiny. It's either that, or we believe that they knowingly presented a false account of the "robbery" which would be even more damning.

I know it speaks to character, and it fits in with a kind of "Well, he was a criminal; so, it was good to kill him." mentality. But I still don't think it has presented itself as that relevant to the case of his death. At least, as far as an explanation or justification of his death goes.

Still important, since the police brought up the allegation, but whether he stole anything or not, that doesn't change how he died. It seems like we should know more from the federal autopsy in the coming days.

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@defaultprophet: Apparently we also now know that not only did the store never call the cops (nor did they intend to), he actually paid for the cigars that he ended up leaving the store with.

Where did you read that?

The store's lawyer has given interviews stating that the store never reported a robbery and that a customer may have misinterpreted the rough exchange between Brown and the clerk and called the police.

Another unconfirmed look at the in-store video today appears to show that Brown put money down for the cigars, but that there was some kind of verbal exchange between Brown and the clerk. That would also explain why Brown's friend, who was with him in taking the cigars, hasn't been charged for anything related to a robbery. The suggestion being, the store never reported a robbery because a robbery never occurred.

I'm still not sure of the relevance of whether he did or did not steal anything before the incident that cost him his life, but learning that the store never reported a robbery is an odd additional detail to the story.

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You're name is Jackhole, Jack is the name of Kiefer Sutherland's character in 24, Sutherland is in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

.'. You are Kiefer Sutherland.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain stars Big Boss. Big Boss has an amazing beard, just like the indie developer Twinbeard.

.'. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is actually Frog Fractions 2.

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Have you ever seen them in the same room at the same time? Nope. Thom Yorke is the new Joakim Mogren.

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Thanks for this, Brad.


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Got back from a local Texas vigil for today's National Moment of Silence in honor of Michael Brown and other victims of police abuse. After days of violence and terror in Ferguson, Mo., we joined with others around the country calling for peace and much-needed reform.

A little under a hundred people, along with the local CBS news, held vigil in memory of those who have died, those who are hurting, and in a hope for less of these tragedies in the future. We discussed the challenges of unequal treatment and militarization amongst the police and ended by releasing balloons representing the many victims of police brutality mourned across the country today.

We also signed letters to our local political leaders encouraging more protective measures, such as cheap front-facing cameras on officers and greater penalties for police abuse.

It was nice. Solemn but hopeful.

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@wrighteous86: The problem is that witnesses have not come forward to give statements to the police.

Had you seen your friend violently gunned down, how encouraged would you be to enter the headquarters of the organization that was defending the individual who shot him? Now what if you'd grown up knowing that organization was statistically biased against you? Now what if that organization was actively censoring every form of media that could potentially put eyes on your personal safety?

It's worth noting that his friend that was part of the incident actually did give his statement to the FBI and St. Louis county prosecutor yesterday, and two other witnesses at the scene are set to give similar interviews.

Of note in their current statements is that all three witnesses suggest that Brown was never inside the police vehicle as the police department says, and one woman described their confrontation as "like an arm wrestling match" with only the window down. One shot was fired while the officer was in the car, and then the officer exited the vehicle and shot at Brown as he and Johnson ran away.

Oddly enough, as people have mentioned a few times, both the police and witness accounts don't dispute that Brown and Johnson were fleeing when Brown was shot away from the vehicle, and there's no explanation of why the police believe that was justified.

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Reading through Kotaku's article, it kind of looks like their usual click-bait nonsense that they try to pull. I'm already talking with people on the project for the website that I write for to gather information, and the rights to manufacture discs for PS3 and 360 systems is already in the cards, and as usual, the writer doesn't know anything about tech or game development to know what it takes to get games like this working at all. Instead they base it off of no-name developers with no insight on the project whatsoever.

Bravo Kotaku, keep talking nonsense.

Physical disc stuff aside, you've gotta admit that Kickstarter page is really questionable. This pitch feels half-baked. And their answers to questions about the project haven't been particularly great either.

Maybe the new information you're getting will inspire a lot of confidence, but I would generally show great hesitance in putting any money behind their current pitch.

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"Linkle," huh? Why not take it a step further? Why not T. Linklesaur Muncharupees?

Linkle D. Breakyerpots.