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" "Howard noted that the eight original character attributes from previous Elder Scrolls games have been condensed into three: magica, health, and stamina."
This is exactly what I did not want, it is too simplified. R.I.P Bethesda

This is a small part of the overall game. This one item does not make or break the purchase for me. I think I've read there are more skills to work on so instead of pushing points into an assortments of stats and skills, it's less stats, more skills? Will be interesting to see what they come up with. I wouldn't not be so quick to toss them overboard with this game. It's possible it's going to be too simplified but I haven't seen much come out of them that I'd call "simple". A game doesn't need eight stats to be deep. You can make it deep in many other ways.

I look forward to a quick look from Giant Bomb.

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PSN is slow. There is nothing you can do assuming your internet connection is faster with other sites. PSN has shit bandwidth available for downloading. If they offered faster downloads via Plus memberships that would make the service more interesting.

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If you paid good money for duke I have a suggestion. This is somewhat whorring for my gaming addiction, goozex.com. If you have a console version of the game you can trade this in and earn points and an early spot in line for another game. I use the site religiously so my experience has been EXTREMELY beneficial but assuming you don't mind waiting for another game you can trade it there and then get in line for something else like Dues Ex or some other risky game and hopefully balance out the cost of duke.I did this with Brink, that was a waste of money in my opinion and trading it earned me a great spot in line for...BF3 on the PS3. You can obivously pick something much sooner if you like. I highly recommend the site.

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Can't wait for the Movie, video game looks terrible as usual, wish they'd just stop trying to rush software out just to have it on shelves when the movie comes out.... /sarcasm/ I want the play the CG Trailers.

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@Applederp said:

I would rather play it on PC All you guys thinking it won't matter on consoles are sorely mistaken. Even Bad Company 2 (a Battlefield game MADE for consoles) was ten times better on the PC.

If it was 10x better that means you'd be willing to spend $500? I'm guessing no. If it was 2x as good does that mean you'd be willing to spend $100? ($90 with steam pre-purchase?)

I only ask this because this is why I choose to play so many games on consoles...they cost a fraction as much as their pc counterparts. Even with a $50 game I can play it for less than $10 if I consider how many games I'm going to be playing and trade in credits, resale, goozex, etc. The PC is literally 10x more expensive for me to game on if I'm buying things at $5...which I am.

So if it was 10x better I could see paying $50 for it, but I'm guessing you would not pay $500 for it so it's not 10 times better. Will you pay $100 for it? Is it 2x better?

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well its better than most critics rated it thats for sure. PC gamer gave it an 8 and i think thats pretty damn accurate. I think its better than Red Faction Armageddon by far. But, FEAR 3 is out now and i dont think it will stand up to that game, but we will see. shadow of the damned looks good 2 btw. anyways yah lots of people are complaining about the boobs, and female related com[plaints.... retarded right?

An 8 is accurate?

Crysis 2 was an 8. (Metacritic)

Mortal Kombat was an 8. (Metacritic)

I don't see Duke in the same league as Crysis 2 or MK. A 5 is what Duke got on Metacritic and I think that is a fair score.

Other games that got a 5:

Dynasty Warriors 7 (PS3)

Hunted (PS3)

Kung Fu Panda 2 (360)

Duke should have been sold at $19.99 like the serious sam hd remakes and put it on sale for $10 soon after. Selling this at $60 has arguably done extreme damage to the franchise. I would not want to be the company bank rolling a sequel to this game but this is only my opinion. There might be plenty of ppl who'd pay big bucks for a decent Duke game...but I sure don't.

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I pulled my pre-order from Amazon. Pulled it for Batman too. I'll get these game from goozex and pay $10 for the extra content if necessary. I ended up with $25 in bonus credits that I used between those 2 games and it was hard to pick a game I wanted to buy. I'm not sure why so many games coming out don't seem "worth it" to me.

BFBC2 did something like this with the VIP pass and then a group of exclusive weapons you get by doing things online. I didn't pre-order that game and ended up with a locked weapon because there was no way to unlock it if you didn't pre-order. This might have been BFBC, who knows. If they want to continue this trend I'll be happy to wait a week or two and find someone willing to trade this game out.

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Apple lovers! Where is the Android App!? I would like to see another sci fi shooter. Sounds like Respawn and Bungie are trying to get a sci fi shooter going. Plus Prey 2! Finally getting some games I am excited to see!

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That ascii art of the boat, Set Sail for Fail! gives me a chuckle. Not really seeing a point to all this though.