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Not being able to reset leads me to carefully consider each perk I spend. I'm level 38 or so and have 7 or 8 perks banked because there is nothing currently available I want to 'buy'. If I could reset I'd probably be more liberal with immediately doling them out, which might be more fun, but I don't have a strong feeling either way.

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"Fixed rare issue with dragons not properly giving souls after death"

That's the only one I've hit/noticed. Had two dragons not give up the ghost, but wasn't sure if it was because I had already killed a dragon too close to that spot or what.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Buy soul gems, with which you will increase your enchanting skill. Which in turn will make you invincible. Have fun.

Yep. I hit 100 a day or two ago and it does make the game extremely easy. Guess I should up the difficulty, but it is fun to walk around dominating all comers like a god.

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Most battles aren't very challenging so I feel like a companion is just going to steal kills. My first horse died and I figured I'm better off without one.

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High Elf for the magicka benefits.

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The guild/main quests and the daedra quests are many of the more interesting ones. I've been peppering my play with them at least every few.

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High elf's racial ability is killer. Almost instantly refills magicka and keeps it regenning very quickly for the duration of most battles.

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I haven't hit this yet as lvl 26 pure magic user. I have hit a few bosses where I had to mix up my strategy, but that keeps things interesting.

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The Imperials were happy to chop off my head for no reason, so fuck them. I'm going Stormcloak. Actions have consequences.

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I've been playing a pure magic user and haven't hit this problem yet. Level 25 overall and I just hit 75 on Destruction.

There was one enemy at the end of a long dungeon who seemed to resist any spell that got past his ward. But luckily I had a random bow and some arrows from earlier I used to take him down. That guy made me rethink my strategy of carrying just a dagger for non-spell offensive weaponry.