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Just robes for me. I have light armor boots and bracers for the buffs on them, but would love to swap out for some non-armor boots/shoes and gloves. It seems like there aren't many of those with decent enchantments and I can't create decent ones myself yet.

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@Mnemoidian said:

The bar shows how close to leveling it up again you are.

Didn't know that! I should really RTFM.

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@eroticfishcake said:

I spent an hour redecorating my house but considering how the game loads levels (that is, respawning all the items slightly above the surface) I tend to find items on the floor when they should be on a table or something.

Either that or Lydia's been rifling through my stuff...can't wait to get the other houses though.

I had a full bookshelf and after a bit of game time now all of the books have kind of exploded off the shelves and are lying on the floor in front of it. I'm just putting them in a chest now.

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I've been concentrating on mainly upping Destruction and Restoration so I can get into the upper level spells/perks. Lockpick, Sneak, and Alchemy are also creeping up, but I'm wondering if I should be careful about buffing those too highly and having my skills of greater need too low. So far I've just been playing naturally with my duder and I'll probably continue with that plan and hope for the best.

I've also put every single level bonus into increasing Magicka (lvl 12 or 13 currently) and I just started feeling like that is biting me in the ass. Might put a few in health now.

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I'm such a philistine that I haven't even noticed this issue. I'm sure it will drive me nuts now though.

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I'd say I put in about 10 hours over the weekend. Hadn't turned on my 360 in months prior to Friday so that is a lot for me.

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I declined at first, but thought about it and went back a bit later and went for it. Nobody has reacted negatively to me when I'm in normal form. Actually haven't used beast form at all yet, but I figure it's nice to have in my back pocket for a tough encounter.

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I'm playing on the default difficulty and it has seemed fairly easy. There have been a few enemies I had to back away from and dance around for a few minutes to finally bring down and a few random enemies that destroyed me. But for the most part I can quickly blast through most duders I find on quest related missions. Might help that I'm playing a magic user specializing in destruction, which gives me the ability to attack from range, lay traps, or just run in and flame on.

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Phantasy Star Universe single-player on the 360 comes to mind.  Yet I remember playing it a good bit and finding it kind of like meditating.
 @EvilKatarn said:

" Borderlands - I don't even know why I'm playing it. "

 Are you on the Arena expansion pack?  I really liked Borderlands, but gave up on the arena crap after 30 minutes and moved on to the next expansion.
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Barely topped 3K.  Ouch.
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" Looking at the quest list, it would seem that the quest that gave the most people problems was "Dude. Come on." I have to say, I find that a little surprising, given that it's a one-step wiki scavenger quest.  "
That one wasn't obvious for me so I'm not totally surprised there.  I knew sort of what they were looking for, but the couple terms I tried were not correct.  After reading a hint in the quest thread it did click.  I guess I'm just not much of a fighter gamer and don't know my jargon...