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Samurai Shodown V (known in Japan as Samurai Spirits Zero) is a 2D fighting game developed by Yuki and released by SNK for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on October 10, 2003 and the Neo Geo AES on December 11, 2003.

The fifth installment of the Samurai Shodown series (and the prequel to the original Samurai Shodown), Samurai Shodown V is the first game in the franchise released after Playmore's acquisition of the bankrupt SNK. An updated version was created a year later, titled Samurai Shodown V Special.

Along with new playable characters (Mina, Kusaregedo, Yoshitora, and Yunfei) and bosses (Sankuro, Yumeji, and Gaoh), the game includes another revamp of the button layout (replacing "Strong Slash" with "Dodge"), the return of Samurai Shodown II's movement techniques (now using the new Dodge button), a new gauge that recharges over time (which determines the damage of the next attack), the removal of both alternate movelists and difficulty settings, and the removal of certain techniques (such as fatalities and the Combo Slash attack).

The game was ported to the PlayStation 2 on July 29, 2004 (in Japan only) and the Xbox on January 18, 2006. It was also included in the Samurai Shodown Anthology compilation for the PlayStation 2 and Wii.

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