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Shanghai is a board game where the goal is to remove tiles from the board by selecting pairs of currently "free" tiles, defined as any tile with a side free (other than the front) that can be removed from the table without disturbing its neighboring tiles. If the player is able to remove every tile on the board without getting stymied by locked tiles, they win the game. Though circles, bamboos, characters and dragons must be removed in identical pairs, a flower can be paired off with any other flower and the same is also the case for seasons. This is because there is only one flower/season tile each.

Shanghai is frequently mistaken for the game of Mahjong, which is considerably more in-depth and plays more like the card game Rummy. Since Shanghai uses the same tileset as Mahjong and it is a one-player game, it is often called Mahjong Solitaire.

This particular version was created in the late-80s and ported to various systems courtesy of Activision. Sunsoft is credited as responsible for the Famicom version, which was only available in Japan.

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