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"Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold"

Soul Blade, originally released as Soul Edge in the arcades and Japanese PlayStation, is the predecessor of the Soul Calibur franchise. Soul Blade featured Soul Edge as the only Soul Sword in the game's universe. A second Soul Sword, Soul Edge's polar opposite Soul Calibur, was introduced in the appropriately titled sequel Soul Calibur. The game uses 4 button control scheme - 2 responsible for attacking with a weapon, 1 for kick and 1 for blocking. The PSX version contains a feature called 'Edge Master mode' in which player accomplishes a series of missions and gathers various weapons.

Soul Edge was developed as an experiment by Namco to explore the possibilities of a weapon-based fighting game, along the lines of Battle Arena Toshinden. Soul Edge was also the first motion capture based video game created by using passive optical system markers.


Original Arcade Version

Soul Edge Ver. II

Home version - Soul Edge

Unfinished characters

Several characters were later found in the game's code, though the discovered fighters were unfinished

  • Bangu - Rock's adopted son from his ending, uses Seung Mina's moveset. His name appears during fights as "Seung Mina".
  • Belti - ghost from Voldo's ending, uses Cervantes' moveset. His name appears during fights as "Sophitia"
  • Botsu Lilong - An alternate version of Li Long. Not enough code in the game for him to be playable.
  • Chie - from his ending, uses Seung Mina's moveset. Her name appears during fights as "Seung Mina".
  • Diver - The scuba diver from SoulEdge's ending, uses Sophitia's moveset. His name appears during fights as "SoulEdge".
  • Hage-Sieg - An alternate version of Siegfried, from his alternate ending. His name appears during fights as "Seung Mina".
  • Mabochie - Chie's spirit from Li Long's alternate ending. Her name appears during fights as "Seung Mina".
  • Monkasei - Han Myong's student from Hwang's ending (although the character model was never actually used during the ending), uses Mitsurugi's moveset. His name appears during fights as "Seung Mina".
  • Nugi Taki - An alternate version of Taki, with no ponytail, armor, or shoes, from her ending. Her name appears during fights as "Taki".
  • Standard - An alternate version of Mitsurugi, who moves slower, has no ponytail, and only has the Murasame weapon selectable. His name appears during fights as "Mitsurugi".
  • Teppou Hei - From Mitsurugi's ending, uses Mitsurugi's moveset. His name appears during fights as "Seung Mina".


Souledge himself.

The English translation of the game contains multiple cases of Engrish. The ending is displayed in a form of a storybook after beating the final boss - Soul Edge, who emerges from the body of defeated Cervantes.

The PlayStation version replaced the storybook endings with two real-time endings for each character (one good and one bad) in the arcade mode.The ending is determined based on a quick-time event in each ending sequence. The arcade version's original storybook endings instead became part of the RPG-style Edge Master mode.


Mitsurugi finishing Souledge.

With great wrath and anger, Mitsurugi slayed the grat power. Thus ended his journey...or it ought to have. Though with SoulEdge in hand there was disappointment in his eyes. For surely this must be a strong & worthy sword...but something is not right. He looked to the bright blade for the answer. Pointing the blade to heaevns he brought it down with one slash. In disgust he turned his back away. "This could not be the sword I seek! It is not the sword of legends! This sword is evil! For this I cannot take this sword!" In the last years of the Warring States Period, Mitsurugi Found new determination to continue his search. The people are full of stories about a weapon more powerful than the rifle.


Rock's ending.

Rock had finally seized the SoulEdge. Evil be the sword, so evil be it's power. To touch the sword, Rock lost his strength, visions of fears fill up jis head. A mother's smile, a father's warmth, a filling warm meal, a nice soft bed. Cherished are his memories of these times ago. His mind turns to Bangoo, for he wants to be there. This young child needs his protection, like he long ago. This quest for the sword did take him away, now it is time to return. Rock chooses to live life in present and fears not what the future will bring. He gathers his things and starts his way home.


Taki's ending.

Her beloved katana "Rekki-Maru" with which she shared much fate had broken into many pieces. Not only "Rekkim-Maru" but too the armor she made with heart and soul lay damaged. "What kind of power is this?" Not even was the power og "Gel-o-Fury" near compare. Finding that her stregnth was low, "Gel-o-Fury" sent but a weak ghost to attack her. Though with not the strength for fierce battle, this opponent was no match. It took but one blinding slash to end the battle. "I will take SoulEdge as my own." Taki wield the mighty sword that steals the soul of both good and evil. and like a craftsman she tailors SoulEdge to be her obedient weapon. In but half a year the task is complete. In the season when leaves turn brown and nights are cold, Taki was asked to seal the fate of "Gel-o-Fury", for a common thief he stole from the royal mineral vein. She quickly lay haste as she slew her opponent with a more powerful weapon. On return of her duty she reported the "the deed is done".


Sophitia's ending.

"Hephaestus!" Sophitia raised her Omega Sword high as she shouted loud and high. Her victory cry was vanquished by a bright ray of light, striking SoulEdge with such loud thunder that it broke into many pieces. God of Smith, Hephaestus, spoke to the light which surrounded her. "You are the one who freed him from the demon's sword. For this I am grateful". The ray of light grew small, so did her sword, armor & shield. So small now they fit in the palm of her hand. Magically the light shaped to form the gods of Athena, Ares, Nike and all who protected her. Feeling the presence of a holy power, she fell to one knee and lowered her head. How many years have passed since then? Distant are those memories where she bakes bread with her sisters. Though much time has passed, Sophitia still feels the guarding eyes of ancient gods watching over her...


Hwang's ending.

Legend will tell of a man who accepted the chyallenge and achieved what he sought. Few know the evil, cursed side of the sword. The dark side. "What posessed me to believe this sword was worth having?" Now knowing this, Hwang picked up the SoulEdge and threw it with all his might. Many tales were told to those in his homeland of how the ultimate weapon came to be his. in his quest for the sword he sacrificed much. Hwang left young and returned as a man. So grad were his family and friends upon his return. So evil was the sword he fought for, he knew not to bring it home. Many a summer and long night have passed since his pursuit of sword. A much greater calling now summoned him. To aid his people from feuding warlords, Hwang must leave for battle.


Sigfried's ending.

Alas, no more battles need to be waged. SoulEdge now lay in front of him. This warrior, this armor, this sword, may finally rest. But at such a cost...Weak was his body, wounded a dozen times or more. No strength had he. Evil was the spirit in SoulEdge. like poison it lurked from his bloody hand into his mind. Visions of grief, agony and terror was what he saw. Demons of evil lived inside the sword. Take pity on poor Sieg for he screams in agony. But vain are his screams for no one can hear...Now peace has returned to this land. Harvests are plentiful and sounds of life now fill the air. So brief be this solitude for evil is back. High upon the precipice overlooking the village stands terror ahead. Wearing red armor he wields two swords, with one in each hand. The full moon is but a warning of danger ahead.

Seung Mina

Seung Mina's ending.

"It is mine father." Mina looked down at the defeated foreigner, who had niw become a demon. She reached Soul-Edge in excitement and joy for this was to be the sword of salvation. But holding the sword did not bring joy, but only an emptiness she had not yet known. With great effort she tried to carry the weight of SoulEdge on one shoulder. But it was too heavy and she fell to the ground in an ungainly sprawl. Laying under the blade, "This could not be the sword of salvation! This sword took the soul of this fighter and made him a demon. I wish this not happen to me!" In sudden rage and anger Mina quickly rise to her feet. Her strength is low, as home become near. She thinks her father, a much more formidable fighter than anyone she has ever fought. In the low-lying sun she sees the powerful gigure of her father as he waits. The gentle look in his eyes makes her happy to be home.

Li Long

Li Long;s ending.

Li Long fell to the ground with the color of blood on his hands. From the rage of battle he knew not if this blood was his or his opponents. Though this be certain, his opponent lay fallen in front of him with SoulEdge in hand. Exhausted he slowly reached for SoulEdge, but his hands gathered only thin air. Weak from the blood of battle in his eyes Li Long spoke the name of his dearest love. "Chi...e, Chie!" Slow were Chie's eyes to open. Only a miracle from the heavens gave her a chance to survive a fatal wound to the back. Good fortune was on their side as a traveling monk saved Hachibei & Chie. One long month had passed since Li Long left in search of Chie. So long was it that she knew he failed. His journey could only have ended in death. Her eyes were filled with tears. One half year later, Chie learned she would bear the child of Li Long. Saddened by her loneliness she cried, "Oh dearest, please watch over our child".


Voldo's ending.

So much time had he spent in search of the sword. Now his journey was completen With the sword now his, he can finally rest his weary soul. Joy is but a cloudy memory of a long time ago. But this purpose is clear, he knows what the Master Vercci would have done. With this thoght he cheek against the cold blade of SoulEdge. Upon his return, Voldo placed SoulEdge ina place of honor along with other such treasures. He now felt at peace with a restfulness long overdue. Fulfilling the wish of his deceased master made his heart swell with pride. Buried deep underground was the Emperor's seat, lavishly decorated in gold & precious jewels. It had long belonged to the Master Vercci. Woe was he, for he was a soldier with no battle to fight. It was time he had now as he his memories of Master Vercci. Voldo knew others would soon come for the sword.


Cervantes' ending.

Cervantes restored freedom from the disgraceful domination of the evil sword. He became a real owner of Soul Edge. "Hoist the sails, anchors away, prepare for departure! I will mold the world into my vision of paradise!!" His words echoed in the vast emptiness. Suddenly, incredible scenes filled the void. Responding to Cervantes's commands there appeared the mighty fleet, prepared to strike terror into the world with total devastation. And now, the fleet was slowly making headway with there sails well taut by dreadful musky wind...

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