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Edited by AjayRaz

edit: the ending was great XD 

Posted by Djstyles92

nice this movie sucked

Posted by Scooper

TANG baby. I like me some TANG.

Posted by Nexas

mmm. Delicious TANG

Edited by Coltonio7

Lets edit in some dreamcasts on some backs!
Also, very sexy haircut Ryan.

Edited by Brunchies

TANG is yummy! 

Posted by Renegadegd

the ending was epic!!!
Posted by AndrewB

Maybe getting the almost okay movies out of the way first wasn't such a hot idea now that we're scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Posted by Sarumarine

I think the only notiable thing about this movie is that they have the dude who used to be on Eureka.  
Other than that it's like a bad movie, but with zombies. Heh.

Posted by onyxghost

I really love Ryan's sweet, sweet self hate. Yeah, watch that carp dude. I feel like I've watched that crap. Thanks for saving me the time.

Posted by Creamypies

Haha this movie does seriously suck. I think I only got through 20 minutes of it... so I feel for ya Ryan.

Posted by slyspider

TANG!!!!!!! i missed you so!!!!

Posted by fox01313

Sid Haig rocks yet even he can't save this one. I put this up with  Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave  on being the equivalent of an entertainment black hole being so unenjoyable that even time machines can't repair the damage done by these pieces of junk.
Posted by Echo

I lol'd at the very end.

Posted by ryanwho

Spoiler alert guys.
You learn the real last name of the mysterious Luchadeer in this video.

Posted by Absurd

Damnnnn...Luchadeer be hawt.

Posted by Gearhead

I've actually seen this multiple times on the Sci-fi Channel, thinking that it was a Sci-Fi original movie. This movie still totally sucks, there is no doubt. 

Posted by killdave

Don't worry TANG fans, I've seen the new movie Gamer... and its pretty damn GOOD !

Posted by idiotic_genius1

I'm still don't understand how shit like this (and other movies featured on TANG) get made.
Posted by kitsune_conundrum

needs the dancing zombies from thriller.

Posted by NMC2008

HOLY SHIT!!! That ending almost gave me the hiccups from laughing so damn hard.

Edited by Godlyawesomeguy

Never a bad day for TANG
Posted by Meltbrain

Hahaha, clock radios can totally scan zombie blood! That was a great one, and man that film looks below terrible.

Posted by Cowman
@idiotic_genius1 said:
" I'm still don't understand how shit like this (and other movies featured on TANG) get made. "
They get made by using as little talent as possible.
Posted by outlawed

I honestly don't know how Ryan does this. I would be so unbelievably bored out of my mind watching this boring garbage that I'd give up.  He's a better man than I. At least TANG magically makes the few minutes of the movie we do see funny.

Posted by UsbCable

There..... was...... a...... part...... 2?........ O_O

Posted by JJOR64

That movie does look like ass.

Posted by HT101

Ryan's mini rant at about 4:45 or so in the video made me fucking lose it.  The ending and the part with Luchadeer was excellent as well.

Posted by Double0hFor


Posted by AllanIceman

Needs more TANG!

Posted by Renegade

I now understand why I never knew this movie even existed.

Posted by Haethos

ryan, what's with the hair bro?

Posted by jakob187

WHOA, this movie has Sticky Fingaz?!  AND SID HAIG?!  HOLY SHIT!!! 
Still won't see it.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Oh man, should have kept that ending going with the music.

Posted by ShaunM

Oh man, I actually remember seeing this on Sci Fi at like 3 AM a few years ago.  So fucking terrible.

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

If only this movie had Goldman in it.

Posted by Revenant86

Tang ;)
also ending was Epic XD

Posted by LordKorax

Have you seen Bloodrayne 2 yet? Easily the worst video game movie ever, much less worst sequel.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Oh wow, this looks so bad. Hahahaha. I love TANG. I think only one movie is left(Farcry). :(

Posted by jim_dandy

Ending dance. Awesome.

Posted by mikehaar

Vinny, your editing prowess knows no bounds. The last eight seconds of this video are your finest work to date.

Posted by bybeach

yeah, the end really worked!
Posted by Bucketdeth

Haha another awesome review, I'm going to have to go through all these shitty movies some day.

Posted by buzz_clik

You're looking very well-kempt, Master Davis. Mad ambivalence ensues!

Posted by Bwast

Captain Spaulding... what have you done?!

Posted by Th3_James

Father Gregory???? that was my first thought

Posted by luniac

now this is some great tang!!!

Posted by DickasaurusRex

I'm combing my hair like Ryan tomorrow.

Posted by F1

You forgot Ed Quinn from the show Eureka. He's a good actor. 
I can't believe he was involved in this shit though. I also can't believe they are making a 3rd one.

Posted by Krenor

Luchadeer is a girl? that's news to me

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