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"Fantasy?" Pff. Thexder is real.  Sells bikes on 4th street.

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these odst ads are starting to piss me off.

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So it's like Macross right?

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Oh wow that is so original...

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So this is like a Mini?

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@Bishop113 said:
" these odst ads are starting to piss me off. "
Wow, really? You're like the first person to say that. I'm so glad you gave your opinion on the ads because NO ONE else has. Thank you so much.
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annoying sound effects, but otherwise it looks cool.  I prefer side-scrollers on handhelds because otherwise it usually feels like a dumbed down console game.

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The sound of the laser got to me about 30 seconds in. Other than that it looks neat.

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Check out those eye lasers. That is one badass bancho.

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Thexder? Metroidvania? Sold.

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I love this game.  A genuinely loving remake of a groovy (and difficult) game.

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I find myself wishing with increasing regularity that I still owned a PSP.

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That looks great.
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You know, for all the uselessness of the PSP Go, all these downloads might revive the platform a little.
If only they would buff the Playstation Store in Europe. Then again, I don't see those ODST ads either ;)

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Kind of reminds me of Bangai-o.  What I wouldn't give for a HD PSN version of that...

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someone watch to many Macross.

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Wow flashback, Fire Hawk (Thexder 2) was one of my most cherished PC games back in the early 90s

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Want it!

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Reminds me of the Zeta Gundam game for the NES.

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Warm fuzzies remembering playing this and Silpheed on PC Waaaaay back in the day. 

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I'm in.

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What if Astro Boy and Bangai-O were smashed together?

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Looks retro.

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I used to play this on DOS. Looks like its still as amazing as it was in 1985!

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@Bishop113 said:
" these odst ads are starting to piss me off. "
Me too!
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I actually kind of want a PSP Go.  hmmmm

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That giant robot is being chased by floating red squares.

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Trailer looks cool. Hoping for a GB review.

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I don't get it, I got bored during the 90sec trailer.

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I remember there used to be a good few games like this for DOS.

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I had the Apple II version of this game.  I remember the opening theme being a MIDI version of Moonlight Sonata.  It was always a really crazy game and I'm glad they are bringing it back.

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Wow.....that really brings back the ol' memories.  It was my favorite game at the time it came out.  I may have to get this one.

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Thexder was a great game when it was out so long ago and the sequel was even better in my opinion.  I always hoped someone would revisit this game but it looks like they didn't change the game enough. maybe.  I would like to see it on Ps3 though.

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DUH.......... DUHDUHDUHDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH! Man, that music is win. :D

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@DylanMMc said:
" @Bishop113 said:
" these odst ads are starting to piss me off. "
Me too! "
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If this is in game music then i would feel so happy while playing it.

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looks like fun but all wait for a review

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I actually had the original game. Really enjoyed it at the time...

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@Banjo_ace said:
" looks like fun but all wait for a review "
That's always been my approach too.
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This looks pretty tidy.