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So, finally. Something decent about the game.

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looks great

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Every time I see this game there is James Cameron giving a long winded speech.

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Could this be the first good movie-game?... I think not.

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When they said that the humans have come to pillage Pandora because it has something the humans want, I died a little inside. Come on, James Cameron! This kind of unrealistic bull crap plot about the evil humans has been used in so many movies. I figured if anyone could come up with an original idea in this day in age, it would be James Cameron. I'll save my full judgment of the story when I see the movie, but so far I'm unimpressed.

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meh in the dullest sense of the word, oh and pandora looks a lot like felucia from star wars. I'm interested in the film though.
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Nice, some footage.

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Movie tie ins <  Keeping your xbox off to help save the enviroment

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Yaaargh... too many white flashes... having.... seizure.... still able to type.... in incomplete... sentences....

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At first I thought these guys were blabbering about their kick ass time with Boarderlands over the weekend. But I guess they have to tell me their Europeans coming to America story again, hint you can color them blue and they become space indians.

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The more technically advanced military after a rare resource in what James Cameron just called the "garden of eden."  

Yeah, I already hate Avatar.
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Avatar? So you can get 1000GS by spamming wind attacks for a minute or two?

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I'm confused. I thought Pandora was Borderlands world. I guess Pandora's Box has been opened.

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I really don't care about this game. The graphics could be really nice. But they are pixelated and half-assed. Animations are choppy and the shadows are unnatural and some times non existent. I know its not done yet, but that's what I said to my self when I saw the Force Unleashed trailers. But look how that went. Some of it dose look good how ever. Like the static mesh(i.e. fauna) looks quite good.
Looking forward to the movie though. ;)

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I'm really trying to like this game, but it's just not clicking for me. Maybe it will down the road, but as of now...not looking forward to it.

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Well at least they cut back on the buzzwords a bit and told that animation director to learn to STFU for a second although he's still talking more than I find agreeable.
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Pandora... Bo.. Bor.. Borderlands?

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Everything about this game looks very Unreal, and I mean that in both senses; It looks unreal and looks like an Unreal Engine game, which what kinda sucks about it.

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@Th3dz said:
" Could this be the first good movie-game?... I think not. "
You must've spoken incorrectly.  It almost sounded like you completely forgot about Chronicles of Riddick. 
As for Avatar, psyched for the movie...and I'm interested in at least checking out the game...if I knew what kind of fucking game it was!
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Not buying what your selling for some reason.

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I wonder if they could do this without sounding so fucking pretentious...
I want to see the movie for the cgi, but methinks the game's a big miss.
Having said that, it does look prettyful.

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@nanikore said:
" Pandora... Bo.. Bor.. Borderlands? "
My thoughts exactly.
THEM: "So this is Pandora..."
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Creature design seems to be the only thing this game has going for it, so I hope they work that angle for as much as they're worth.

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I imagine this film has been in production for a while and as such Pandora is hardly stolen. 
However the game doesn't look so good, all I'm getting is 3rd person shooter.

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@Th3dz said:
" Could this be the first good movie-game?... I think not. "
What about Goldeneye?
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@thehideousshrew: How could I forget??? That's even one of my all time favourites!
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When that guy is writing PANDORA on the window, he's writing it mirror-reversed from his perspective. Skillz eh?

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This isn't the "Pandora" that I know.  My Pandora is a barren wasteland full of mutant skags and shotgun wielding midgets.   
I don't know why, but everything about the build up for this movie irritates me.  I think it's the hype as if everything within the film's world is new and never conceived of before.  It all feels so ostentatious. 

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@OhdK: seems to make more sense to just have him write it normally (backwards from our perspective) and then mirror the video feed.
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Oh man, this game is gonna suck big time :D !!!

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Oh wow!  This has really opened my eyes to plight of the poor Muslim Freedom Fighters.  I can't believe I was so blind this whole time.
More fucking lefty propoganda in a year full of lefty propoganda.  Enough already.

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Is it just me, or is everything named Pandora nowadays?

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They are trying to make this game sound special and new... but its NOT. "Its like a pterodactyl, but its different... its like a rhino and and elephant mixed, something you've never seen before... hey this one is a panther with an alligator head, its totally alien." C'mon, it looked like Aion with crappy blue guys and mechs.
And the whole developer diary being recorder like an episode of "the Universe", doesn't make this world more real or the ideas any better... FAIL.

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Considering this is a movie game I'm surprised how decent it looks.

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Forget the game, I want that pen that can write in mid-air!

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I played this game on Friday and, whilst pretty (very pretty), it just doesn't seem to offer much more than standard 3rd-person shooting. I hope the film isn't as disappointing.

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Looks really nice.