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They're still making Test Drive games?
Edit: Sorry Venatio... If it makes you feel better I did actually need the quest.

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EDIT: Damn it!

Posted by theMuse

I kind of forgot the Test Drive series even existed.

Posted by Milkman

Because the first one was such a huge success.

Posted by Colin

Posted by FunExplosions

Nice music. Looks like crap, though.

Posted by JacDG

So close!!!
Anyway, I look forward to it, I liked the first one quite a bit.

Posted by buckybit

needs zombies?

Posted by cichy69

..so not much improvement i see ;)
nice music in the trailer
btw, if someones looking for the title of the mix, its  
Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix)

Posted by paulunga

I really liked the first one, even with it's flaws. Looking forward to this one.

Posted by nanikore

Test Drive started sucking after 6.

Posted by BeepBeepBoop

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - We have girls in bikinis 
But I give them bonus points for using that Ellie Goulding remix, love me some Jakwob.

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Given the petrolhead in me enjoyed driving around in the first one I'm quite happy to get this at some stage.

Posted by NPfeifer


Posted by LosDub

wonder if bikes are still gonna be in it tho, i wont cry if they aint
Posted by Nasar7

First one wasn't great but I enjoyed it. Probably because I got it for free.

Posted by drumpsycho89

sooooo fuking syked for this game!!!! i fuking loved the first one! yeh it had its moments of being shit but still a good fun game to play!!!

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I've been looking forward to a Test Drive Unlimited sequel since 2006, so I'm pleased it's finally a reality.
I know Ibiza is a bit smaller than Oahu, but the advantage of that is that there will be far fewer dead areas with no roads at all.
I am a little bit concerned that I don't see any Ferrari cars in this trailer, considering the first TDU game had the Ferrari/Maserati license (on the XBox 360) as well as Lamborghini (which I don't see either).

Posted by kalmis

They added off-road racing, nice. TDU was decent game IMO

Posted by Death_Burnout

Considering TDU was one of my favourite racing games ever...i'd say im stoked for this.

Posted by chronicsmoke

Man Im so fuckin hyped up for this game,I LOVED the first one despite its flaws

Posted by fwylo
@cichy69 said:
" ..so not much improvement i see ;)   nice music in the trailer   btw, if someones looking for the title of the mix, its   Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jakwob Remix) "
Was just about to ask that, thanks.
Posted by billyhoush

From the people in the cut scenes this looks like it could have a story. Holy cripes! I get to play as the rich elite?!

Posted by yruluis


Posted by KawiGreen

Loved the first one.  Very underrated IMHO.  If the second one just builds on part 1, I'll be impressed.  I hope the bikes return.  I need to get my video game ZX6 fix on!

Posted by fox01313

Last one was fun but omg that music is kinda rough to listen to.

Posted by Dain22

It would be pretty hilarious if part of this game actually simulated owning such expensive cars where you sit in your garage with a glass of wine and just stare at them.

Posted by Sunjammer

Good to see Eden still in the game. AitD is horribly underrated. It's a borked game but it's so fucking interesting. Great studio.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Midnight Club: LA looked alot better than that.

Posted by Piglet

I hear you can go to the airport and visit the island from the first game

Posted by ScottishGamer

I loved the first Test Drive Unlimited and sunk hours upon hours in that game. I hope this one will be just as good.

Posted by Soap

.... I don't get it.

Posted by LosDub

i have watched some of the interviews that have been showing up since the debut trailer was released on Gametrailers an Gamespot they give some more details an talk of features then what ya can see in the debut trailer. 
best new additions i think so far not only being able to fly between the 2 islands is the Day/night cycle that is about 2.5 hours or so and the weather effects
Posted by Brockly46


Posted by darkjester74

Visually looks about the same as TDU1, is it the same engine?  Is it still set in Hawaii?
TDU was a great concept that fell short in execution in several key areas.  Nonetheless I enjoyed my time with it.  :)

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

what the...can you take photos of the babes?

Posted by DRock

Should be a good one, we will see.

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

I briefly imagined whoever was in charge of creating those women say, "Aw yeah she's HOT" and it's like one of the most awkward-looking female renders I've ever seen. There's nothing sexier than a woman who looks like she's got a broken neck imo

Posted by dvorak

It was a forgone conclusion that I would buy this as soon as I heard it was coming out. But when I heard it had off-roading, I was really interested.

Posted by RolexDPracer

If the handling is improved, this is a day-one purchase for me.

Posted by Ravenousrattler

I liked the first one but, the controls felt kinda clunky, hopefully they are smoother in this one

Posted by MeatSim

Unlimited times 2!

Posted by pachowski

hmmmm i dont know

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This game is going to have a ROUGH time up against GT5 / Split Second / Blur. Yea, they're all very different games, but to me (a racing game enthusiast) I want a fair amount of variety. And I'm seeing none of that here.

Posted by xenogamer

i like the music

Posted by VincentVendetta

Still have a PS2 copy of the original. Played it recently; epic classical music + weird physics = laughing riot!

Posted by chilipeppersman

music sucked but the game looks cool!

Posted by Killroycantkill

Does the Test Drive name still hold any sway with people? They should just kill the brand.

Posted by JiuJitsuka85

TDU 1 was fantastic. If this is equally good, or better, I'll absolutely get it.

Posted by Rowr

best music i've heard in a trailer in a while.

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