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    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

    Game » consists of 16 releases. Released Apr 27, 2010

    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is the latest in EA Sports' FIFA World Cup series and it not only improves on 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, but also adds some key elements popularized by FIFA 10 and UEFA EURO 2008

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    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is the follow up to the successful FIFA 10. While the yearly soccer game focuses more on club teams, the FIFA World Cup video games' attention shifts to the actual competition itself. Even though only 32 teams make it through to the group stages, EA has managed to bring in almost all of the nations that have taken part in the qualification stages as well.

    The FIFA World Cup Trophy
    The FIFA World Cup Trophy

    The World Cup is one of the most anticipated sporting events around the world, and it's no surprise that a game like this would garner so much hype. This year, the competition is to be held in South Africa in June, and all 32 teams that have qualified are ready to compete on the world's grandest stage and attempt to win the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

    The graphics engine for FIFA 10 has been improved and features a new lighting model to give a more natural looking pitch. The visuals have also been changed to reflect the unique atmosphere of the World Cup. Confetti and streamers will appear on the pitch and crowds have been more accurately modeled featuring novelty dress and headgear as well as holding cards to reflect the nation they are supporting. Another visual feature to be included are the fully modeled managers for each team like those seen in the Euro 2008 game.

    Fans in the stadium show real emotion as they cheer on their country.
    Fans in the stadium show real emotion as they cheer on their country.

    In terms of gameplay 2010 FIFA World Cup has a slightly improved version of the engine used in FIFA 10. Players will react more naturally when trapping the ball and sprinting as well as other minuscule tweaks and alterations. EA has also worked on improving the realism of the game. As the clock runs down to the final minutes, your opponents will battle harder for the victory, opponent substitutions will be made when necessary, players will slowly lose stamina and gain fatigue, and much more. Eventually, you'll have to switch out players and plan accordingly in order to secure the victory and walk away with the title.

    The game also has new features not seen in previous instalments as well as some memorable old ones. "Captain your Country" returns from Euro 2008 allowing you this time to import your Virtual Pro from FIFA 10. Putting you in the position of the captain of your team and leading them to the World Cup finals. Scenario mode from 2006 FIFA World Cup will also return, allowing you to play and recreate memorable moments from previous World Cups. This year, it will include over 55 different scenarios to play out from previous World Cup finals.

    Improvements over FIFA 10

    EA Sports has announced that the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa video game has a vast array of improvements over the previous instalment in the long running FIFA series. Ball control and one touch passes are improved slightly to give the player a more realistic touch and feel on the ball. Player fatigue also increases for teams playing on away turf while the home team have less of a chance of fatigue. Players can now also be injured outside of the qualifications and in their club teams. You'll be greeted with a notification letting you know how long a certain player is out for.

    Penalty kicks have also been improved greatly over the previous iterations of the FIFA series and the FIFA World Cup series. Penalty kicks now have a more realistic vibe to them, allowing your kick taker to fake out the goal keeper in order to find out which direction they're planning on going, and creating a higher chance of scoring. Your keeper will now be able to respond at the very last second, much like they would in the real tournament. Keeping your eye on the ball and predicting where the ball will land gives you a greater chance of saving the shot, unless you're faked out. The keeper can jump in 6 different directions to save the ball. He can go to the lower left corner and the upper left, as well as the middle, top middle, lower right corner, and upper right corner. New shooting animations have also been added to improve realism and tweak issues that occurred during certain attacking situations.

    User controlled celebrations are also improved, adding new and old celebrations and making it far less complex than previous versions. There is also an in game manual detailing each and every celebration available to the player, should you ever forget a few of them. Graphics have also been improved slightly, and player modules look much more realistic and up to date from FIFA 10. For newer players not familiar to FIFA's intricate control scheme, there is also an option to use only two buttons, allowing newer players a chance to get used to the game and encourage them to win the World Cup virtually.

    iPhone Version

    An iPhone version of the game was released. It has some of the same modes found in the console version such as quick match (kick off), World Cup (You basically lead your team through the Cup) Penalty shootout, multiplayer and be a pro mode. The game is played by pressing the buttons on screen. The game has a directional pad that you can move around to fit your needs and two buttons on the right side that are either pass and shoot if on offense or tackle and slide if on defense. The game also lets you take free kicks and penalties by dragging the ball in the general area that you want to shoot. the quicker you drag the ball, the harder the shot is.

    The game was on sale in the app store for a dollar to mark the England - United States match.

    Game Modes

    • World Cup Mode - Take your country through the qualification stages, all the way to the group stages at the World Cup Finals. Compete and make it through to the Round of 16, and you may eventually find yourself in the World Cup final competing for the most prestigious award in the world.
    • Online World Cup - Take the competition online and compete against players of equal or greater skill as everyone wants to win the World Cup. Work hard, and you may be the reigning online champion.
    • Captain Your Country - Take your Virtual Pro from FIFA 10 and captain your country. Lead your team to victory and win that World Cup title for your country.
    • Kick-Off - This will serve as your basic quick game setting. You'll be allowed to pick between two teams and start playing in a random venue.
    • Scenario Mode - Relive all the great moments that the FIFA World Cup had to offer over the years. Scenario Mode places you in the same place that most players and teams were in and has you completing objectives to relive the moment. Each continent has it's own specific set of scenarios and it gets much harder as you progress.
    • Zakumi's Dream Team - A Wii only exclusive, you're placed in the World Cup against 32 teams with randomized players. After each victory, you'll be allowed to steal the other players from the other team in order to successfully build "Zakumi's Dream Team"
    • Battle of the Nations - Represent your team online against rivals. Every game you play and every goal you score adds up to your country's point totals and allows you to compete in a global challenge to make your country at the top of the leaderboard. Every performance is rated, recorded, and upload. Your player ratings are then uploaded to a global leaderboard in order to take your country to the top.


    It has been announced that all ten venues being used in South Africa this summer for the World Cup will be available in the game. These are:

    Soccer City, where the World Cup finals will be held.
    Soccer City, where the World Cup finals will be held.
    • Moses Mabhida Stadium - Durban
    • Cape Town Stadium - Cape Town
    • Ellis Park Stadium - Johannesburg
    • Loftus Versfeld Stadium - Pretoria
    • Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium - Port Elizabeth
    • Free State Stadium - Bloemfontein
    • Peter Mokaba Stadium - Polokwane
    • Royal Bafokeng Stadium - Rustenburg
    • Mbombela Stadium - Nelspruit
    • Soccer City - Johannesburg

    2010 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack

    K'naan's "Waving Flag" is the theme for this year's World Cup.

    The 2010 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack will feature 28 tracks from 21 different artists from around the world. The theme of this year's world cup is "Waving Flag" by K'naan.

    • "International" - Baaba Maal
    • "Kiyakiya" - Babatunde Olatunji
    • "Saga" - Basement Jaxx feat. Santigold
    • "Restless" - Buraka Som Sistema
    • "Dipso Calypso" - Buscemi feat. Lady Cath
    • "Wild and Raw" - Fedde le Grand feat. Stereo MCs
    • "Drumming Song" - Florence and the Machine
    • "The World is All There" - Fool's Gold
    • "Papua New Guinea" - The Future Sound of London
    • "Oh Yeah" - Gang of Instrumentals
    • "Your Side" - John Forte
      • "Ones Who Fly Twos Who Die" - Jonathan Boulet
      • "Winner" - Kid British
      • "Waving Flag" - K'naan
      • "Last Rhythm" - Last Rhythm
      • "The Instrumento" - Latin Bitman
      • "Não é Proibido" - Marisa Monte
      • "Say Hey" - Michael Franti & Spearhead
      • "Atomizer" - MlDlval Punditz
      • "In Search Of "- Miike Snow
      • "Strong Will Continue" - Nas & Damian Marley
      • "Africa Soccer Fever" - Rocky Dawuni
      • "Rocksteady" - Rox
      • "Emoriô" - Sergio Mendes
      • "Bring Night" - Sia
      • "Fragment Eight" - The Kenneth Bager Experience
      • "Warm Heart of Africa" - The Very Best feat. Ezra Koenig
      • "Percussion Gun" - White Rabbits

    Xbox 360 Achievements

    2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa has 44 achievements with a total of 1000 gamerscore. There are 7 secret achievements worth a total of 100 gamerscore.

    Secret Achievements

    First Time on the World Stage (15G)

    -Play with a team in the Online FIFA World Cup that has never qualified for the real FIFA World Cup.

    Adidas Golden Shoe (25G)

    -Beat the standing record by scoring 10 goals in an Online FIFA World Cup with a single player.

    Better Luck Needed Next Time (20G)

    -Finish the group stage without advancing to the knockout stage in Online FIFA World Cup.

    Practice Makes Perfect (5G)

    -Enter the training grounds to practice after a loss.

    Pressure Cooker (15G)

    -Score in a penalty shootout using your Virtual Pro and win the game.

    2 Button Mentor (10G)

    -Play and win a co-op game where at least one user is on 2 button controls.

    2010 FIFA World Cup Fever (10G)

    -Challenge and defeat someone with this achievement in the Online FIFA World Cup.

    Confirmed Teams

    The following teams have been officially confirmed to be playable in the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa game.

    Xbox 360 install

    The amount of memory it takes to install this game is 6.2GB.


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