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Dragoons are the second basic military unit available from the Protoss Gateway in StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War. Crippled Protoss warriors can choose to continue their military service by permanently implanting themselves into the Dragoon exoskeleton. The exoskeleton consists of four legs with a phase disrupter mounted in the center of the unit.

Starcraft Brood War

RoleMedium-armored ranged unit
ArmamentPhase disruptor
Resources125 minerals, 50 gas
Supply2 units
Transport slots4
Build time50 sec
Hit points100
Shields80 (add 1 per Plasma Shields upgrade)
Armor1 (add 1 per Ground Armor upgrade)
Attack (ground/air)20 explosive
Cool down30
Attack range4 (6 with Singularity Charge research)
Sight range8
Movement speed5.25
Built atGateway
RequiresCybernetics Core
Build dialogue"I have returned"

Dragoons are a staple unit of the Protoss early game army, often favored over Zealots due to their range and speed. Dragoons are very versatile units capable of attacking ground and air. Dragoons with their range upgrade will outrange a Marines and Vultures allowing them to effectively harass the entrance to the Terran base. Late game, Dragoon production falls out of favor. Mass Siege Tanks and High Templar rip apart Dragoons and the Defiler's Dark Swarm negates their range. Zerglings with the Adrenaline Glands upgrade can tear through Dragoons, necessitating a need to switch to a Zealot, High Templar, Archon mix. Nevertheless, Dragoons in the late game continue to be useful. They can counter Zerg Lurkers and protect the frail High Templar from Hydralisks. Dragoons are the only Protoss ground-based anti-air unit with decent range making them vital to defend against drop tactics.

Starcraft II

The Dragoon does not appear in SCII. After the Zerg invaded Aiur, the sacred facilities used to produce Dragoons were lost. The remaining Dragoons were changed to Immortals, exchanging versatility for brute strength against armored ground units. The Dark Templar, inspired by the Dragoon, created their own Dragoon like unit: the Stalker. Originally, Blizzard claimed that the Dragoon and other SC:BW units would appear in the map editor though that is not the case.


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