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    Fast Food

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released 1989

    Fast Food Dizzy is a maze game featuring the Oliver Twins' Dizzy character. It's the first spin-off of the Dizzy franchise.

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    Like Pac-Man and others in the older "maze" genre (such as Jungler or Amidar), Dizzy is placed in a maze and must chase down all the food items to proceed to the next stage. He must also avoid all the ghosts, which appear to be taken directly from Pac-Man, but are instead named Wizza, Pippa, Fido and Bonzo. Similar to Pac-Man, players are treated to small animated vignettes after every three stages, which will also give the player an extra life.

    Differences from Pac-Man

    Maze complexity - Many mazes are not symmetrical and the visual theme will change every few levels. They can include dead-ends and "safe zones", which the ghosts cannot enter.

    Food - The food items Dizzy needs to eat are constantly moving and, like the ghosts, all have their own personalities. One of the dumbest being, of course, the Hamburger.

    Power-Ups - Dizzy can also collect various power-ups that wander around in much the same way the food and ghosts do. They confer both helpful and not-so-helpful temporary abilities on Dizzy and the other moving elements.


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