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    Character in the Mega Man battle Network franchise. she teams up with Mega Man in Battle Network 5.

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    Meddy's Operator is Jasmine, a medical student seeking a cure for her sick grandfather.
    Meddy herself is a nurse-designed navi, and focuses on status effects and HP recovery combined with battlechips as her strategy. She is one of only three female NetNavis in the Battle Network franchise, and in alternate media is often portrayed as Roll's rival for MegaMan's affection.

    Mega Man Battle Network 5

     In Team Protoman, she intercepts Lan Hikari, trying to enter the Undernet to search for a book with the cure for her grandfather's illness. she is denied permission by Lan to enter, but disobeys him, and ultimately becomes responsible for the capture and conversion of ProtoMan into a darkloid. after fighting MegaMan in the Undernet and constantly begging him, Meddy is allowed to join the Liberation team, and eventually aids in the purification of ProtoMan.
    Medi & Jasmine
    Medi & Jasmine

    Mega Man Battle Network 6

    Meddy herself does not appear in the game, but her capsule attack appears as a battle chip (#192), which causes status effects to the opponent.

    Battle Data

    Meddy is one of the weaker Navis in Battle Network 5; her attacks are mostly easy to evade, and she often leaves herself wide open.

    Capsule Bomb
    Meddy lobs two bombs into MegaMan's side of the field. They explode in a straight line, either horizontally or vertically. These bombs have random status effects attached to them, such as paralysis, confusion and blindness.

    Chemical Flash
    Meddy summons two large objects into MegaMan's side of the field; one slowly moves to collide with the other. Should the two objects meet, all of MegaMan's panels will be struck.

    Healing Ball
    A slow-moving ball that tracks MegaMan's movement. If the attack connects, the resulting damage will be added to Meddy's HP.

    Battle Chips

    Meddy's Battle Chip is Meddy M (or Medi M in JP version), where she throws 2 non-elemental capsules at an opponent, landing to explode and cause a base dameage of 80, causing 160 damage in total.

    MMBN 5 Chips

    Meddy M - 80
    MeddyDS M - 90↑ (dark MegaMan only)
    MeddySP M - 90↑ (Light MegaMan only)

    MMBN6 Chip

    #192 - WhiteCapsule

    Meddy/Medi Soul

    MegaMan in Meddy Soul form.
    MegaMan in Meddy Soul form.

    Meddy's unision is Meddy Soul, giving MegaMan control over her capsules and their status-changing abilities.
    • His charge attack is CapsuleBomb, which is thrown 3 squares ahead for damage in a horizontal line.
    • Meddy Soul also gives Mega Man the ability to tie status effects on to battle chips by combining them with a capsule in the chip select screen. these effects can range from blindness to HP recovery, as well as other effects. these chips, however, cannot be infused if they are intended to form a Program Advance.

    Chaos Meddy/Medi Soul

    MegaMan in Chaos MediSoul.
    MegaMan in Chaos MediSoul.

    This soul is only available in Team ProtoMan, and is activated by fusing with the DarkRecovery darkchip once MegaMan has acquired MediSoul.
    • The soul lasts for 1 turn, and has the same features as normal MediSoul, but MegaMan is a darker colour, and the buster shot is now a Recover1000 chip.


    • Meddy is the only Liberation Mission character from either team that is not based off a previous incarnation of a person.

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