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    Roll.EXE is a character from the Mega Man Battle Network (Rockman EXE in Japan) series and the associated animes. She is a happy optimistic NetNavi dressed in pink and who is very good friends with Megaman.EXE

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    Roll.EXE, the Navi belonging to Mayl Sakurai, is more-or-less MegaMan.EXE's girlfriend, although she gets rivalry for the role from Medi.EXE.. She appears in every game in the franchise, usually playing a minor role.

    Despite only appearing in boss form in Battle Network 4, Roll is one of only two Navis (three, if you count Bass's promotional chip in the first Battle Network) to feature a NaviChip in every game of the franchise. She is also one of only three female NetNavis to be featured.

    Battle Data

    Navi Data - MMBN 4

    Roll occasionally teleports from a panel, breaking her rhythm of movement.

    Roll Arrow
    Roll fires a heart-tipped arrow straight forward. If it connects with MegaMan, it will break all of his currently-equipped BattleChips.
    Roll Whip
    Roll's signature attack. She leaps in front of MegaMan and strikes three times with her antenna. Each hit causes her to regain HP.
    Virus Charmer
    Roll disappears for a second, spawning a random low-level virus.

    Chip Data

    Roll R
    Roll teleports in front of the enemy and attacks with Roll Whip; she then disappears and a heart recovers some of MegaMan's HP. The attack is considered a single hit in the first two games and does three hits in every game since.

    MMBN & MMBN 2
    Roll R - 60

    MMBN3 onwards
    Roll R - 20 x 3

    BigHeart Program Advance (HolyPanel, Recover 300, any Roll R) - MMBN 3
    An extended version of the Roll chip, in which she attacks the enemy nine times, before recovering 300 of MegaMan's HP.

    Roll Soul

    Charge Buster: Roll Arrow
    MegaMan's version of Roll's Arrow attack. The chip-breaking attribute carries over.
    Ability: MegaMan gains 10% of his Max HP for every non-Recovery chip used.

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