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Necromancers are spell casters that specialize in the dark arts of death and undeath. Whether it's summoning the dead to do their bidding or casting disease-ridden spells upon their enemies, necromancers are powerful and fearsome wielders of magic.


Dark Elf Necromancer
Dark Elf Necromancer

In EverQuest, necromancers are seekers of darkness and evil. They are the masters of all things dead. Though physically weak, Necromancers can summon undead soldiers to do their bidding and wield spells that inflict poison and disease upon their enemies. Most factions within Norrath find Necromancers repulsive, which is meaningless to most Necros because they are arguably the best soloing class in the world. Like monks, Necromancers have the abliity to feign death, but with their Harmshield spell they have two ways to escape death (three if you include Gate). A skilled necromancer does not die very often. They are also the masters of damage over time spells which whittle away at their enemy's health while their undead minion bludgeons them. Necromancers, like other casters, are limited to cloth armor.

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