Games I played in 2016

Another year, and another list of games that i played in it.

List items

  • PC, 2014: Got it when it was on sale, and since am not currently working, i figure i would lose myself in it. So far i have raised my main to 100, and gotten him into a decent gear level (so his stuff is better than what he got at the end of the story content). And am playing another character (an alt) and raising that one too to 100.

    Update: And am back in, though not doing much. Right now just doing some dailies and such to raise reps. Got to say, the server is rather empty, more so, than I have ever seen.

  • 3DS, 2015: Got for x-mas. Haven't put much time into it. I want to, but so far, it hasn't gotten its hooks into me. Since i usually play my 3ds while traveling, and am not doing that right now, am not playing it much.

    Update: while it is still in my 3ds, i don't think i'll ever finish it, or play it again. It was a fun game, but the story and setting were dull....

    Completed: The game... I know I said I wouldn't, but i worked through it, and yeah... it wasn't worth it. The game is alright, but not what I wanted. In the end, i stopped doing quest, never unlocked fusing, or upgrading monsters, and in total, i caught like 5 wild Yo-Kai.

  • PC, 2014: Got it from amazon since i had credits left over... which reminds me...

    Complete: The game. It was rather fun, even though, it was basic. And by that i mean it was just one guy vs an army, a la, most fps games (which i find boring). But the levels, weapons, and such were nicely done, and it kept me entertained.

  • PS4, 2015: Played it a friend's house, and yeah... the guitar stuff is broken, which really reduces my enjoyment of the game.

  • PC, 2015: A puzzle, point and click game.

    Completed: The game, about 25 times (there are 25 endings). And yeah... while it is 'cool' in an indy sense, the game itself is crap. Most of the puzzles are too far out there (logically), and there is little to no pay off for solving them.

  • PC, 2014: A real time, and turn based, action rpg. Bought it as in impulse buy for $4 during a steam sale, and i regret it. This game is bad. It is nothing more (well, i only played to right after the first boss) then a linear action game with generic controls, dull combat, and a boring art style... the art is good, in still images, but in motion, well... it isn't good.

  • WiiU, 2013: Still going at it.

  • WiiU, 2015: Put a few hours in and am enjoying it, but there so much to it, and a few things that still escape me, like all the social features.

    Played it a bit more, about 30 hours, and there were still things that escaped my knowledge (collectipedia, and skill charging)... but it doesn't matter because am done with this game. It was fun for a bit, but I got to the point where i had to grind, and well... i don't want to do that, so am not.

  • PC, 2014: Played through season 5 with a demon hunter, and meh... i should have gone with a different class. It was kind of fun, but the other classes seemed to have gotten better stuff this season.

  • PC, 2013: Got it when it was free on the humble bundle and yeah... it isn't good. Then again, i put about 5 minutes into it, but nothing i played was fun, and i didn't care to continue.

  • PC, 2013: Tried it for a few levels, didn't like the level design or game mechanics.

  • PC, 2016: One of the few games that I bought when it came out.

    Completed: a play through, about 30 hours in total, made most of the people i know into characters. Overall it was really fun, and i have started messing with the mods (making them). Though I am waiting for more tutorials on it, since a lot of it doesn't make sense yet.

    Played it a bit again, to see the dlc, which was fun, but not that impactful.

  • PC, 2015: A fun platformer that has a very indie vibe going for it.

    Completed: The first pass, got up to where I was suppose to, it was fun for a bit, but there didn't appear to be much to the game overall.

  • PC, 2012: Got it free from Sega's free game giveaway thingy.

    Completed: For some reason, I actually completed this game (cheating) and yeah... its an average platformer with some nice art now and then.

  • PC, 2016: The Extended Edition, which is just the normal game, plus a mini-campaign.

    Completed: The mini-campaign... it was alright, nothing game changing really. So if you want more, than its just more. Didn't improve my opinion of the game.

  • PC, 1989: Got it free from sega and yeah... couldn't play it for long. It is dated, by a lot.

  • PC, 2016: Played the white march dlc

    Completed: The white march dlc, and then the game again to see the new ending. It was still good, though, am kind of bummed that there doesn't seem to be a good ending for the devil of croc... but then again, it didn't seem like there ever would be.

  • PC, 2011: Got it free from sega during their make war not love thingy

    Compelted: The dlc cold strike. I might go back and finish the normal campaign too... or not, i just don't care for it. If i can find someone to play with, then sure, but by itself it isn't fun.

  • PC, 2005: Sega, bundle, above... played through the first level, didn't like the level design of the gameplay, so i stopped.

  • PC, 2015: A RTS game with 4 factions (if you have the dlc). It has pretty cut scenes and mission intros, but the game itself is kind of bland, and there no meta game.

    Completed: The main game and dlc. It was fun overall, lost a few times (even on easy), but it was still an enjoyable experience. With that being said, the game does feel dated, as does any RTS game that doesn't have any meta game or something (that carries over from mission to mission).

  • PC, 2014: A point and click adventure game with choices... i think. I didn't get that far into it. Played through the first chapter and then stopped. The story was confusing, and i didn't care for the main character at all.

  • PC, 2013: A wind waker like game with less polish... and its a kind of odd lack of polish, since it seems like it doesn't understand the format of 3rd person open world adventure game design... I like games that do things differently usually, but the changes in this are more of a rookie mistake level, and instead of fixing that mistake, they seem to go with it, even though, there a reason why no one does it that way.

  • PC, 2014: A dull turn based squad game. It has a fantasy/steam punk feel, magic and mechs, but its missions, gameplay, and story are bad. Played about an hour of it, and didn't like it.

  • PC, 2011: A puzzle (maybe) platformer about a older brother looking for his little bother, while tripping on acid.. well, i assume acid, since the game makes no sense, and the gameplay is slow. Spent about an hour with this one too before stopping.

  • PC, 2015: Like the first one... well, nearly exactly like the first one, if there is a difference between the two, i didn't notice it. And like the first one, it wasn't fun. I guess with 4 players it might be fun, but by myself it was a chore.

  • PC, 2015: Holy Potatoes, more like holy grindfest... eh... eh... anywho, this game is about having a 'weapon' shop (though it doesn't really matter what that shop does) and building/selling/training etc... It has some fun ideas, but it build like a f2p (which it maybe, idk). Cause of that, i stopped playing after leaving the first area, since it goes, so, so, very slow. The grinding required isn't fun, and is mainly just busy work.

  • PC, 2015: Another turn based shadowrun game, but made by a different studio. This one isn't as good as the other ones... i would write more, but i don't really care for this game, not when i was playing it, and not now that am writing about it.

  • PC, 2013: Played through the game again, for research... really.

    Completed: The game, again.

  • PC, 2015: Played through the campaign again in normal mode, to get some more achievements, and have been leveling up artanis in co-op.

    Completed: The campaign in normal mode

    Completed: Nova Covert Ops... it was a fun little adventure, but it wasn't worth the 15 (which was the sale price) they asked for it. The cut scene and such were cool, but the actual missions, were ok to above ok.

  • Android, 2016: Figure I would give it a go, since you can earn coins for stuff like coupons, themes, and some games... though the selection right now isn't much (or worth it).

  • Android, 2013: Started playing this for research, so far, am enjoying building ships and raiding cargo ships.

  • PC, 20??:

  • PC, 2013: Got it in a humble bundle, and while I find the gameplay mechanics interesting, the game itself is dull. Got about an hour in before calling it quits.

  • PC, 2013: A funny idea, but it quickly wears out its humor.

  • PC, 2015: Got it from the humble bundle. It is a 2d action game where you go through a combat puzzle level. There are side objectives that increase you rating, which in turn unlock more characters. However, I found that most of the characters, weren't worth using.

    Completed: The game, got the normal ending, looks like if you do all the side objectives than you'll get a better/special ending. Overall, i didn't use most of the player characters. The starter guy was the best pc for a majority of the game.

  • PC, 2012: Got it from the humble bundle. This game is a duel stick shooter with bad shooting game mechanics... so yeah... it wasn't good. The arcade mode has some neat ideas, choose your own path, upgrades, etc... but overall, playing the game was dull. If i had a group of people to play it (not sure if its 2 or 4 player) than it would be a different story, but i don't, and playing it by myself wasn't fun... so i stopped after less than a hour.

  • PC, 2015: Also got it from the humble bundle. This game is based off the gunpoint engine, and while it tries some new things, it doesn't do any of them right. Gun point was a stealth game with puzzle elements, this game is an action game, design to be difficult. And that might have worked, if the controls were better, or if there were better gameplay mechanics. But there aren't, instead the game is hard to control (i believe it also out on phones, since it has a touch screen control system of sorts) the enemies are constantly popping up everywhere, and the bonus system, doesn't feel like a bonus system, since you need all the skills you get from it to do anything (there isn't a base skill tree, instead you only get a skill point when you do all 3 bonus objectives in a level).

    Got past level 6, and decided that I had enough.

  • PC, 2015: A point and click adventure without dialogue. And thats about the sum of it. There some crazy visual/settings, but nothing interesting. Played for about 15 minutes, before I stopped.

  • PC, 2015: A runner/skate game. The controls were a bit much, and there I didn't care for the gameplay at all. Spent about 4 minutes with it, before i decide that it wasn't worth any more time.

  • 3DS, 2014: Plays a lot like a metroidvania game so far, and thats a good thing. The story is a bit creepy in a sleezy way, but overall the game itself is fun.

    Completed: The game, got the normal ending, didn't go for all 20 evil magic guys, cause... well, the game wasn't good. It was just something to do on Bart. Though, I guess I could have read, so maybe it wasn't that bad.

  • 3ds, 2012: I know I have played this before (and i think i have beated it, not sure when or where, i'll recheck my lists)... but i got a 3ds version, so am playing it again.

    Update: It was in 2012 while I was working. and if i remember right, the ending became too difficult, and i stopped.

  • PC, 2013: Got it int he humble bundle. This is a point and click adventure game with a lot of dialogue and choices, so, so many choices. And normally that would be good, except that there also a lot of luck involved with some of those choices. And if you are unlucky, than you'll die, and have to replay a chapter over. In the end I got to chapter 5 (out of 7 I think) before i stopped. This was due to a few factors. A). There are no check points in a chapter, so when i had to restart a few times, i had to replay the entire chapter, and i dislike feeling like am wasting time. B). The writing, story/characters are dull... at first I was kind of in it, but it quickly became some kind of pointless mystery box where the whole point is that there a mystery... and that it, it isn't interesting or enjoyable.

  • PC, 2014: Another season came out, so I leveled up a crusader up.. and whelp, I think am done, i don't really care to do that again, for a 4th time, so I uninstalled the game.

  • 3ds, 2016: Playing the demo, which is ok. It isn't anything new or special, so i don't think i'll pick up the full game.

  • PC, 2016: Got it when it came out, and so far it is fun, but kind of shallow. Sure the matches are fun, but there no meta-game, or sense of progression to it. Not sure how long i'll stick with it, since i usually play by myself.

  • PC, 2015: Started recently, spent a few hours in it. And so far the controls are iffy/bad, but the game is fun. The story is meh, but am only a few mission in. The upgrades are pointless so far too.

    Completed: The game. Freed all the areas, and did most of the challenges. Oh, and collected all the collectables that I could find... overall the gameplay was fun, but shallow. And a large part of the game was doing the same thing over and over again. The story was bad, and yeah... if the gameplay wasn't so goofy fun, this game wouldn't be worth the time.

  • 3DSE, 2016: Got it from mynintendo, and so far it is great.

  • 3DS, 2016 (i think): Finished them all

    Completed: birthright, it was fun. Conquest was interesting, but not that different. And Revelation while the best of them, didn't have the right pacing, or feel. Overall it was fun, but it was too similar to itself and past games.

  • PC, 2014: Play it for a few minutes, got past the first area... didn't care to continue.

  • PC, 2015: So yeah... not sure if i believe her or not, but am guessing that the point.

  • Pc, 2016: Got it as a gift, and so far its pretty good.

  • PC, 20xx: Playing it again, got all the dlc

  • PC, 2015: Kind of fun, but shallow

  • PC, 2016: Been playing this a lot the last few weeks.

  • 3DS, 2012: Playing this again, to give me self a break from FE. The patch adds a bit to the game, and right now it is filling my farming/relax game nitch (sorry, stardew valley)

  • 3DS, 2016: A fun sequel, though world 16 is BS, since it has some reflex puzzles... well, for the crowns it does.

    Completed: The game. It is shorter than the first one, but that isn't a bad thing. It doesn't over stay its welcome. The last work, 16, was crappy, but other than that, it was a good game.

  • PC, 2016: Started playing this game

    Completed: This game is bad. It felt like it was made by two different design teams. One who wanted a quick runner, and the other who wanted an open world game with 100s of pointless collectibles. These two design worked against each other at every turn, and were both weak to begin with, so the game overall, is just bad.

  • 3DS, 2016: Started Moon

  • PC, 2016: Got it on sale, and played through all 3 eps in about 4 hours. It was a short adventure, but a decent one. It harped on its main theme way, way too much, but overall it had a decent flow.

    Completed: The game. Sadly, it suffers from TT design of anyone who could die, will die, since it easier to design that way.

  • PC, 2016: A WW1 FPS that doesn't feel like WW1 at all.

    Completed: The main campaign, and a bit of MP. Overall the campaign was fun, it had a strong start, but the later missions were generic to bad. MP, as always, is fun when on a good team, or an even match, and is horrible otherwise (which feels like it happens 90% of the time).

  • PC, 2014: Got it from Twitch (which is odd, but whatever), and it is an survival, action, rpg game.

    Completed: One story (or game) of it... which took forever. I guess that part of the point, but I found that by day 20 or so, i was just doing the same old stuff over and over again, so i started taking more risks to stay entertained.

  • PC, 2015: A metroidvania game with horrible controls and a bad story. Got to the 3rd boss before I stopped.

  • PC, 2015: A point and click adventure game in very low res... so I didn't play it really. Just started it up, and said, no thank you, and uninstalled.

  • PC, 2015: Started this recently, and while its a fun action adventure game, it doesn't feel like an rpg