Games I played in 2021

A list of games I played in 2021

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  • NSW, 2020, 6.5/10: A Dynasty Warrior game set in the Legend of Zelda universe. It was actual decent, the story gets a bit too blah and whiffs what could have been a good experience in favor of playing it safe. Also, the individual character upgrade system discourage playing new characters, since you already invested heavily into the early ones. Still though, it was a fun game. Not 'good', but fun.

    Completed: The story missions, a lot of the side stuff, but not all of it, cause there is so, so much.

  • PS4, 2020, 4/10: The more I play, the less I like. The game, just goes on and on, and that's a bad thing. It is a similar experience to the last few AC games, which isn't a bad thing, but it becomes very reparative, since there so much, to the point where I just want it to wrap it up, so i can play something else. The worst experience in it so far was near the end of the game. During a segment that was suppose to be a big moment where you gather all your allies and storm a castle to save the person you been after for most of the game... and it just suuuuck. Instead of actual following their plan, i decided to go to the side of the castle, sneak in through a side entrance, kill the mini boss, and then rush the boss. Skipping all the moments they had plan in this castle assault. I guess my allies, which i spent 60 hours getting, did stuff... but i don't know or care at this point. I do feel kind of bad for the devs, cause am guessing am not the only one who plays this game this way. They spent months, probably, getting the end zones ready and polished, but since the other parts of the game take too long, people just ignore their work and treat it like its crap. But at the same time, it is what it deserves. Cause, this castle assault, was like the 12 one, so it didn't matter (to me, and am guessing a lot of others). And that's kind of the problem with this game, it takes a good idea, and runs it into the ground, but doing it over and over again, and not adding anything interesting to it. And its why the more I play of this game, the less i like it.

    Completed: The main story, the bounties, and a lot of side quests. The story was below average, gameplay had bugs, visuals were good.

  • NSW, 2020, 6/10: Another Picross game. Similar to the last few. First time doing color puzzles for myself, which are fine. Nothing exciting about this one, but it is still enjoyable.

  • PS4, 2018, 6/10: Played the DLC.

    Completed: All 3 parts. They were ok, the main story stuff was good, but the side quest stuff was not, and i skipped most all of it. Also, it was a while since i played, so i had to re-learn how to play, and i don't feel like i ever full got up to speed.

  • PS4, 2016, 4/10: Played for about 7 hours, got into chapter 3 and stopped when I heard ff7 remake was going on ps plus. This game, ff15, was just dull and never got my attention. And while driving around to spots was cool, it was also pointless and just took too much time. The main cast was boring, combat was alright, ammo for magic wasn't fun, and the visuals were good. IDK, the story is where the main problem is and for an rpg, that is fatal. I didn't feel drawn into the conflict or to the characters. Nox was hallow, and the war barely made an impact.

  • PS4, 2017, 6.5/10: A First Person horror game. Which, is something I usually don't go for, and i probably won't again. That isn't to say that it didn't work, just that i don't like horror games, so am not going to go through that again any time soon.

    Completed: The main game. Didn't play the DLC ep, since it was similar and didn't really seem to add anything that i cared to experience. Did play it on easy, but without any cheats.

    Anywho, so the first person view on opening doors was good, but it didn't when dealing with enemies and trying to hide from them. It was hard to tell what their PoV was. Sometimes they found be behind a stack of crates, and other times i could just crouch walk by them even though i was kind of in their view. Combat relied on head shots way too much. Shooting enemies in the body didn't do enough damage, so you had to go for their heads otherwise, you'll run out of ammo really quickly. Decent puzzles, and lots to explore. Dislike the whole unkillable enemy that follows you around part, but that is kind of the norm for RE games. Closing doors to prevent some enemies from following you was interesting, but the part where you had to be in an exact spot to do it, was annoying. Had some good jump scares, but i would have prefer if it was less combat focus.

  • PS4, 2016, 6/10: Part RPG dungeon crawler (of sorts) and part high school visual novel thingy. I wanted to like this game, put some hours into it, but the pressure to get the 'max' out of my time in game is too much, also, the actual gameplay itself is just ok.

  • PS4, 2020, 7.5/10: A spin-off sequel / dlc thingy for spider man. It is better than the normal game, and shorter (in a good way).

    Completed: The game, 100% the areas, but didn't try for the plat. The story was good, combat was fun (and having only 4 items was much more fun than the 10 (or so) in the original. Since it made each one feel useful and i would rotate to them, instead of just picking my favorite two and sticking with those. One big annoying down side is that some of the upgrades and such are locked to New Game Plus. And this wouldn't be so bad, except that they aren't that impressive. It just like, now you have 10 shots in your web clip instead of 8... which is just lame. It should have been something massive, like unlimited ammo, or now all web shots do venom damage. But nope, they are all minor lame things like a slight increase to the thing you already were doing. And overall, the upgrade system was kind of meh.

  • PC, 2019, 5/10: A open world FPS with light rpg mechanics and a lot of driving.

    Completed: The main story and a lot of side stuff. It was ok mindless fun. Not good, fun, but decent. A lot of the game was the same loop over and over again, and if i had paid for this game, i would be disappointed. But as a counter balance to a rpg (that heavy on the story) this works.

  • PS4, 2020, 6/10: A JRPG that has real time combat. Starts off above average, but ends up going into anime non-sense by the end. Lots of unanswered questions, and some pacing issues. Am pretty sure if this wasn't a remake, that it would have been tore apart for this, but since people already know where (to some extend, they have change parts of the story) it is going, it got a pass.

    Completed: The game. Had its ups and downs. Overall, slightly on the up. But am still not feeling the hype for it, like others do. Still think that it gets the praise it does since it was the game people played when they were 12, thereby, making it the 'best' game.

  • NSW, 2020, 8/10: The mario items pulled me back in for a bit.

  • PS5, 2020, 7/10: A fun game, mainly platforming with a few mini-game sections. Lots of collectibles and such.

    Completed: The game, got most of the items, but not all of them, and i don't feel the need to. I don't have strong feelings towards the sony playstation brand, so i don't care for the collectable items in game. Took about 3 hours to beat. Overall, I would say this a B tier game, a good B tier game, but still just a B tier game.

  • PS4, 2018, 5.5/10: a open world survival game that mainly takes place in an ocean.

    Completed: the story. Used the dev console a lot. The game was amusing while cheating. But the grind, in normal play would be too much. Like the bass building, and exploring a bit, but overall felt stale and lack fun variety.

  • NSW, 2020, 7/10 : A rogue lite where you are the son of hades, trying to get out of the underworld to find your mother. Good action, ok-ish sound track (it is there, but i don't really recall any of it), good visuals, an a good story.

    Completed: 2 runs. Fun, but when i saw how much i had left to do to get to the final ending, i decided to stop. It was just too much, and the gameplay was done making major changes, so... seem kind of like a chore, so i just youtubed it.

  • PC, 2018, : ....

  • PS4, 2020, 4/10: A co-op zombie fps game. It is alright, at best, usually just eh. Played a few levels, and didn't really care for it.

  • PS4, 2019, 3/10: Interesting idea, but a bad game (playing). Moving around is just chunky, the game design is just there and doesn't add to it, the painting is cool, but it doesn't pull this game up much.

  • NSW, 2021, X/X: Tried the demo, and while it was a bit of fun, the fact that you need the Nintendo online service to get miis (from other people) was a deal breaker, so i uninstalled the game. I know it involves going online, but you don't play with anyone, and there isn't like a server you access to find miis. You have to go online yourself to find the access codes, and then just download the miis from their accounts. It such a basic functionality that it shouldn't require an online subscription to do. So yeah... am out... well that and i don't have the miis from my 3ds on my switch, and i no longer have my 3ds, so i can never get them.

  • PC, 2018, : ... On Uplay

  • PC, 2019, : ... on Amazon Games