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    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 29, 2007

    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a remake of the cult classic puzzle game. It combines simple puzzle game elements that determine the actions of battles between characters from the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers universes.

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    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (SPF2THD) is an updated version of the original PS1 game of the same name for PSN and XBLA. It features high definition backgrounds, blocks, character art and menus, although the in-game character sprites have not been changed since the original and as a consequence now appear blurry. The remix can be played by two people locally or over the respective console networks. Note that neither this nor the original game are in fact sequels - the title is essentially an 'in joke' about the number of Street Fighter sequels and their lengthy subtitles.

    Basic Concept

    SPF2THD is a competitive puzzle game. 2 players face each other (or 1 player can face the AI) over a best of three fight, similar to regular Street Fighter. Each player has an area in which to arrange dropping pairs of blocks of different colors into larger 'gems'. These gems are then destroyed using separate 'crash gems', which when placed touching blocks of the same colour cause them to explode removing them from the area. The competitive element arises from the fact that destroying blocks on your side drops 'counter blocks' onto your opponent. Damage done in this fashion increases with the size of the gem destroyed, and if any chain reactions among other colors occur at the same time. The player who has his area fill up with blocks first loses, similar to Columns or Tetris.

    Games tend to build up to a frantic pace after about a minute, with both players building and detonating large gems onto each other. The outcome of a given match is never predictable, as a player with an almost full screen of blocks can often produce a devastating counter attack if they are not quickly finished off.


    The HD remix features the same cast as the original game - a mixture of Street Fighter characters and DarkStalkers characters, another Capcom fighting franchise. They are super-deformed or cute versions of the characters rather than realistic models. Character selection determines the avatar that represents your area, and they will gesticulate and perform characteristic special moves (for example Ken will perform a dragon punch if you destroy a suitably large gem). On a tactical level, character selection matters because it determines the colour and pattern of the blocks that drop on your enemy after an attack. For example Ryu drops his blocks in a column pattern, while Ken drops his in horizontal stripes. Knowing the pattern of your opponent can be helpful in deciding what colour gems to build and where to position them.

    Three extra hidden characters can be selected by moving the selection box down out of the usual frame on the character select screen. Akuma and Devilot are roughly equivalent and arguably the strongest characters, while Dan only drops red gems on his enemy and as such is extremely weak.


    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was ported by Backbone Entertainment, and a number of changes were implemented in their version of the game.

    • The game features all new HD Graphics - though only the backgrounds and select screen art was redrawn in HD. Character sprites remain in their original resolution.
    • The "Street Puzzle" challenge mode from the Playstation, Saturn, Dreamcast and Game Boy Advance versions was removed. Any bonus content unlocked by that mode is now either unlocked by default (Akuma, Devilot, Dan) or missing entirely ( concept art, sound test, voice test, extra palettes and a number of additional options).
    •  Saikyo-Ryu no more
       Saikyo-Ryu no more
      Dan's "Saikyo-Ryu Puzzle Dojo" training mode has been removed. In it, Dan starred in a humorous tutorial of Puzzle Fighter's gameplay mechanics. It has been replaced with a four page text-only explanation under "How To Play" in the options.
    • In the arcade edition of Puzzle Fighter, music would gradually increase in tempo the closer the player was to losing. This was removed for HD Remix.
    • The remastered music from the Playstation and Saturn versions of Puzzle Fighter have been removed, leaving only the original, low-quality arcade versions.
    • In most fighting games of the era, characters would have multiple "Win Taunts" that would be displayed on the screen after a match was over. The original Puzzle Fighter continued this tradition with as many as 3 "Win Taunts" per-character. HD Remix only features one "Win Taunt" per-character.
    • "X' Mode" is a completely rebalanced version of the original Arcade game, with many characters featuring altered Counter Attack Gem patterns.
    • Crash Gems have (purely cosmetic) elemental visual effects associated with them. Blue Gems are Water, Red Gems are Fire, Yellow Gems are Lightning, and Green Gems are Wind.
    • Some sprites have visible color palette errors. For example, during the "Intermission" cinematic with Akuma amongst a cave of bats and demons, all of the demons have garbled, incorrect colors.
    • A "Counter Gem Edit" mode has been added, allowing you to define your own Counter Gem pattern.
    • "Y Mode" and "Z Mode" from Super Puzzle Fighter II X: For Matching Service have been added. These modes use familiar Puzzle Fighter graphics, with different mechanics. 
    • Previous versions of Puzzle Fighter only had Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties. HD Remix reduces the overall difficulty of these modes, but introduces a new "Expert" difficulty, equivalent to what the original "Hard" difficulty was in previous releases.

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