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    Virtua Tennis 2009

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jun 09, 2009

    Virtua Tennis 2009 is the latest iteration of the Virtua Tennis series, featuring an updated roster, new minigames, and several gameplay tweaks.

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    Virtua Tennis 2009 also implements new camera angles
    Virtua Tennis 2009 also implements new camera angles
    Virtua Tennis 2009 maintains the fast-paced arcade feel of the previous iterations. This means that unforced errors are extremely rare during rallies. Players can create their own characters using an improved character creator from Virtua Tennis 3, and can play through a career mode that spans two circuits: Amateur and Professional Tours. Characters can alter their statistics by equipping different rackets, and--though this does not have much influence on the strength of the characters--can be trained into specific types of players. For example, they can be developed to be a serve-and-volleyer, rocket server, hard hitter, fast runner, all-rounder, and much more. Gone are the numerical statistics that came with Virtua Tennis 3.

    Up to four players can take part online and offline in both standard tennis matches - singles and doubles - and minigames. Six returning minigames feature, including Pin Crusher, Avalanche, Court Mania, and Alien Attack, in addition to the six new ones. These range from Shopping Dash, where players must avoid tennis balls while collecting shopping items on the court, to Zoo Feeder, where players must feed zoo animals by hitting the correct food items towards them.

    Players no longer unrealistically dive for the ball, but instead stumble as they reach for shots out of reach. In addition, the crowd is in full 3D and responds to rallies in a more believable manner than in previous Virtua Tennis titles.


    Virtua Tennis 2009 includes the following players:




    • Boris Becker - Unlocked by completing arcade mode singles and beating him in a secret match.
    • Stefan Edberg - Unlocked by completing arcade mode doubles and beating him and Boris Becker in a secret match.
    • Tim Henman - Unlocked by completing all tennis academy challenges.


    • Duke - Unlocked by winning the King of Players tournament then beating him in a match.
    • King - Unlocked by winning the King of Players tournament two years in a row then beating him in a match.

    Wii Version

    The Nintendo Wii version of Virtual Tennis 2009 features use of the MotionPlus Wii Attachment.

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