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X360 titles I own

What the topic says.

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  • All the reviews mentioned this being a throw-back rpg from the good old times, and emphatised that you dont always resolve problems with a gun so I had to get this.

    In the end I really, really liked the game and rated it really high on the release years games. Highly recommend for everyone if looking for budget titles.

  • Purely got this as a co-op game. And a great co-op game it is!

  • Didnt think of getting at all but couple friends went and bought it and there were not that many co-op titles available at the time if I remember right so why not?

    In the end the weapons and modification thing was worse than in the first one and the "plot" is completely idiotic, get the first game rather than this one.

  • Ever since Thief games I've been a sucker for sneaky stealthy stab games so I had to buy this. And up to the end the game is brilliant, then you are forced to take on a army and for me the combat took way too big part of the game.

  • More sneaky sneaky stab stab! But I didnt like this as much as the first one. I remember having problems with the combat in the way that in the middle of fights I would have not enough control in my opinion. And the same vague feel is with the parkour running, I ended up on not quite landing/jumping where I wanted to.

  • The whole build a guild and get other assassins to do your dirty work was the reason I bought this after the second game. Controls were still vague for my liking and I might be just imagining but in the previous games you were allowed to give more distance to the targets you followed, in this one I was shouting at the TV because the game cut out when the target got 40 metres away from you which I considered to be ridiculous.

  • Needed something cheap to play, bought this. Really athmospheric and beautiful game with weird control issues.

  • Oh right, I bought this too..

  • Wanted something not so stupidly fast paced as MW2 and went for this. The multiplayer is miles more fun than MW2 and the game sounds astonishing.

  • Crazy sexy awesome cool.

  • Spiritor to System Shock 2? How could you miss this?

  • Really doubted this, but with so much praise decided to buy, and then ended getting the DLCs (except MOxxis as arenas interest as much as collecting rocks).

  • Having never played Burnout games decided to poke at the games with this. The open world is fun and beautiful to roam around but I find the crashes (which look nice yes) are distracting for me and to add a cameraview that is blocked mainly by the car you drive I never really was captured by the game.

  • With everyone raving madly about the game I had to try this. The multiplayer reminds me a lot of Unreal Tournament with modern weapons with the insanely fast pacing (insane for me atleast). But the real gem in the game are the Spec Op missions - real fun to play with a friend.

  • I have the Escape from Butcher Bay on PC and had many times thought about getting this. Then a friend mentioned that he had a copy for sale and got it. Im not actually sure if I did finish the Assault on Dark Athena.. BUT I did play Escape from Butcher Bay again.

    Have to check at some point if theres achievements to get from Dark Athena..

  • What? You get to beat drugged out bums? Count me in!

  • More bums and pipes? Sure thing!

  • I have the original PC title and this was for sale cheaply. Was curious to see the difference and I dont remember hating the game, then again I dont remember anything about the game either.

  • So many friends recommended this and the main thing I remember is that I disliked just about all the characters in the game. And that plot twist with the girlfriend was obvious miles away no matter what people say.

  • After seeing the quick look and hearing the weird but positive comments bought this. Havent had much time to play but what little I've experienced Dark Souls looks to be a huge time sink in the future.

  • Very happy that this was released before Dead Rising 2. Realised that I would never play it through (as happened with the first game in series).

  • Simply had to buy after I saw the quick look. So far so good.

  • Wanted a beat 'em up, got this and was disappointed.

  • Prospect of beating zombies in a mall with whatever you can grab got me into this, stupid boss encounters got me out from this.

    Never finished.

  • Dismember creepy monsters in a creepy space ship with a creepy athmosphere that fills the room with dread. Love this game.

  • Just as good as the first game.

  • Had to get after seeing this:

  • Game promised to be a worthy successor to Baldurs Gate games, nearly got there but not quite.

  • Bargain bin discovery which I havent had a time to play at all.

  • Always meant to play the first game, never got to. But bought this and love it dearly.

  • Merely a ok game, nothing compared to the second one in the series.

  • Love the first two Fallout games. This doesnt get into same league but is well worthy and fun to play.

    Couple weeks ago noticed that I had bought Point Lookout or whatever the DLC is called, but never played that. Need to fix this.

  • Finally got around to get this as I was running out of games to play. So far has been quite fun!

  • Have the original game on PC and saw F.E.A.R Files bundle with both add-ons in sale bin with a 5€ or something sticker, bought and cannot remember anything about it.

  • And same for this.

  • Not as great as the first one, but buckets of fun still.

  • Wanted a boxing game and what else is there? Had some issues that seemed to have been fixed in Round 4..

  • Which I then went and bought. Suffers from my problem with sports games, I tend to forget them on the shelf and move on..

  • Wanted a footy game and Fifa stomps over PES so got this.

  • No Gran Turismo? Who cares when there is this.

  • Only bad thing is the career and not so functional multiplayer lobby. Best racing game I've played.

  • For the sake of continuity!

  • Reminded so much of Populous games that had to get it. The nature disaster cycles made the game feel too rushed in my opinion, the last map of the campaign saved a lot.

  • The wasted chances!

  • Needed co-op games and as the Ghost Recon games on PC were fun, bought this.

  • Its a GTA game, nothing to add.

  • More co-op games.

  • Came with the box.

  • Dont ever remember where Ive picked this. One of the first games I did buy, and still have not finished it. Played about half-way through left the game on the shelf and cant remember what I am supposed to do.

  • Run of the mill adventure face pattern recognition puzzle game.

  • Even more co-op games.

  • And more zombie bashing co-op fun.

  • Old stylish rpg set in a interesting sci-fi world. One of the few games that I think I even replayed.

  • More of Tali'Zorah!

  • Only about year late with this..

  • More co-op games. I remember playing this and liking it, but some time back tried to go through the game again with a friend and found Mercenaries 2 to be completely unplayable..

  • Bargain bin finding. And was looking like heaps of fun but got stuck to some stupid tunnel full of suicide worms that completely killed the game for me (No I wont reduce the difficulty!)..

  • The concept got me into buying the game. And in the end I really like it. The feel of the movement is satisfying and the art style is beautiful.

  • Determined to see the Half-Life saga. And Portal is brilliant.

  • Nintendo memories.

  • Co-op fun!

  • Wanted a pinball game.

  • Found in cheapo bin. Fun but doesnt have enough to keep me playing.

  • Bought to see if realistic sims could still be fun for me. Have poked at them ever since Grand Prix Legends, but this one is one of those that I pick up, play for a day or two and then forget again.

  • Co-op! Played Raven Shield on PC with friends until knew the maps by memory. Then moved to X360 and this seemed the closest thing.

  • Same as for the previous.

  • More co-op, not anywhere near the first game though. Which had its own issues already.

  • First Resident Evil game for me and love it dearly, played only this for a week straight when I bought it.

  • Have this on Amiga 500. When hear about the re-make simpyl had to get it.

  • Worth all the praise it has gotten.

  • Another go at beat 'em up games, this time went a lot better. Like the game a lot.

  • Fantastic beat 'em up that I apparently cannot play anymore since I cant re-download it..

  • This looked like a good return to the original title (along with that Anniversary which I bought for PC) and all the reviews seemed to say that theres a good game beneath as well so bought it and liked it a lot.

    I think I have that Shadow whatnot hugeass DLC but it has just been sitting in the HDD, might have to play it at some point..

  • Childhood favorite.

  • Drive freely around Hawaii with friends? Oh yes! Enough Oh yes that bought this on both PC and X360.

  • Had to get this just because I liked the first one so much. Not as grand but there is a lot to roads to go along at my own leisure.

  • Virtua Tennis proved to be too arcadey, so got this. Much fun it is.

  • Looked very nice, hear the right kind of buzz about it and like it a lot.

  • Not so much strategy games for consoles. Like this one with its caribbean sound track.

  • Wanted a tennis game, this was cheap.

  • And then got a bit shinier one.

  • More Nintendo memories.

  • C64 memories.

  • Never managed to get through the first one despite liking it, but this rocked the boat all the way.

  • Holy awesome!

  • Of course had to get this..

  • Classic (and co-op couch fun).

  • Needed a quiz game and this was the only choice. Why is You Dont Know Jack available only in US?!

  • Bought for co-op - stayed for fun. Wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub

  • Luvly lush tropics with stupid sandbox weirdness.