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    WWE Immortals

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jan 14, 2015

    A free-to-play mobile game featuring epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world developed by NetherRealm Studios in conjunction with Phosphor Game Studios.

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    "The Game" Triple H re-imagined.

    WWE Immortals is a free to play mobile game for IOS and Android developed by Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm Studios and Phosphor Games. The game features WWE superstars re-imagined for this action packed mobile experience.


    The game features a large selection of current and past WWE superstars and divas, divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold categories. Each category is superceded by the one following it, Silver characters being generally stronger than Bronze and Gold stronger than Silver.

    The Roster of Superstars currently consists of

    Big E Langston110
    Big Show102
    Bray Wyatt002
    Bret Hart001
    Brock Lesnar012
    Daniel Bryan102
    Dean Ambrose011
    Hulk Hogan*002
    John Cena012
    Johnny Cage002
    Randy Orton101
    Randy Savage002
    Roman Reigns102
    Seth Rollins002
    Steve Austin011
    The Rock011
    Triple H012
    Ultimate Warrior011

    And the current roster of Divas consists of

    Brie Bella110
    Nikki Bella110
    Stephanie McMahon011
    Trish Stratus101

    *Hulk Hogan was briefly available for a $30 purchase that included "Beach Basher" Hulk Hogan - A colorful version reminiscent of Hulkamania and "Renegade" Hulk Hogan - A recreation of the Hollywood Hulk Hogan era. The pack was removed as part of WWE severing ties with Terry Bollea. He still remains in the game, but only for people that had already purchased him. One may run into him during online matches.

    The various characters cost differing amounts of credits with Bronze characters usually costing around 11000 credits, silver at around 40000 credits and gold at 200000 credits. Booster packs can also be bought that cost a bit less, but provide a random character.

    Characters level up as they're played, increasing their health and power. The player can also pay for gear, which improves characters when equipped, and special move upgrades that gain power as they get levelled up.

    The final way to improve the power of characters is to buy one of the three talent cards for each character. These persist across instances of the same character however. For example if the "Apex Predator" card is bought, it applies to all instances of Randy Orton currently owned by the player and any bought in future.

    Play Mode

    The main mode of the game is a series of battles against the AI, consisting of 7 sections of progressive difficulty, with 8 series of battles in each section. the final series of battles only appears once the player has beaten the previous seven in the section and rewards a high amount of credits and a new character.

    Challenge Mode

    Challenge mode is a time limited feature that changes every two weeks or so where 5 series of battles that get incrementally higher are introduced. Finishing all of these in the time limit earns the player a gold character, usually a newly introduced one.

    An additional cost as well as the energy of each superstar or diva is a "Challenge Token" which can be bought from the store for credits, or earned by playing the normal play mode.

    Online Mode

    Online mode is a multiplayer mode where the player can log on using a WB games account and fight other players head to head over the internet. This mode occasionally has events which rewards the top percentile of players with rare and powerful items and superstars.


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