How many hours have you put into Fallout 3?

#101 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Around 31 hours.  I just did the main quest and completed the DLC's.  I won't be going through the side quests until Mothership Zeta is released and completed.

#102 Posted by Marcopolo (43 posts) -

Around 160 hours.

#103 Posted by Hexogen (802 posts) -

Around 20 so far, I think. I got it when it first came out, but stopped playing after around 15 hours because I was bored and frustrated. I started playing it again a week or two ago though, and now I'm starting to warm up to it.

#104 Posted by Giantsquirrel (620 posts) -

About 10, which is way too long in my book. Game didn't do it for me.

#105 Posted by SAMCRO (54 posts) -

ive only put about 10 hours. my freind has like  300 hours

#106 Posted by schattenwolf86 (135 posts) -

I've played through the main campaign twice and finished with all the DLC about 100 hours.  This has been the most immersive game this gen.

#107 Posted by CraigAA1028 (651 posts) -

If you count the times I've had to start over because I loaded a wrong save and didn't realize, I'd say about 90-100 hours.

#108 Posted by xploded (11 posts) -
@Mordukai said:
" about 13 hours, got bored, traded it in, never bothered to finish it. what a bore. "
dude yeah me too

@get2sammyb said:
" Just 20 hours. But I'm waiting for the DLC to come to PS3 so I can play it all over again. "
are you sure its coming for the ps3?

#109 Posted by krystians (427 posts) -

I am 105 hours or more. Completed all DLC, and most quests. My first character though.

#110 Posted by KingOfIceland (673 posts) -

Around 250+ hours across 3 characters. And I'm nowhere near done with it.

#111 Posted by get2sammyb (6686 posts) -
@xploded: Certain.
#112 Posted by BagManForHire (477 posts) -

57 with my main and about 7 with my sniper lady 

#113 Posted by Butters (136 posts) -

I just beat the main quest and most of the side quests. I would say that so far I have put in about 30 hours. I'm going to get all the DLC packs now so that should bring me up to maybe 50-60 hours?

#114 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -
@KingOfIceland said:
" Around 250+ hours across 3 characters. And I'm nowhere near done with it. "
#115 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1834 posts) -
1 character 88 hours and I havent even done all the DLC quests
#116 Posted by DarkKitchen (37 posts) -


#117 Posted by wfolse1 (469 posts) -

A little over 48 hours as of this morning.  Finished main quest last week at about 45 hours and now i'm on to the Broken Steel stuff.  I still have a TON of locations to visit.

#118 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

50 hours or so.

#119 Edited by KillaMaStA (878 posts) -

250+ I think, and I dont have any expansions for it.
2 level 20 characters before the trophy patch, 1 more level 20 after the trophy patch.
And then a bunch of smaller charcters with 20-30h logged into them.

#120 Posted by MatthewMeadows (600 posts) -

About 30 with my first character and about 20 with my (current) second character. 
I'm about to get to level 20 so I can't do too much more until Broken Steel comes out :(

#121 Posted by SandorVS (7 posts) -

74 hours every dlc complete :-D

#122 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

almost 10 hours. I haven't played much.

#123 Posted by Griddler (3374 posts) -

30 hours on my first play-through and I'm not going to play it again until the DLC comes to PS3 :P

#124 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

Here is an updated view: I just broke 80 hours on my first playthrough :D YEAH ME!!

#125 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Around 50 hours with two characters

#126 Posted by JamesF (1546 posts) -

85 with one character.

#127 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4996 posts) -

About 42.

#128 Edited by MikeydCT (733 posts) -

I rented it and in 3 days put 23 hours in the game, going to get the game of the year edition.

#129 Posted by gimmysumcowbel (430 posts) -

i plowed through the main quest first time through. havent touched it since.  but ima get the GOTY edition this fall so i will have a lot of shit to do in it

#130 Posted by Rio (603 posts) -

Right at 130 hours for now, havent gotten the new dlc yet.  After I played fallout 3 I didnt think I would find another game to grab me for that long for quite awhile, then Demon's Souls came along.  I just clocked in 170 hours in Demon's Souls for the platinum...... and then I remembered how soon Borderlands will be coming out, man these games are killing me.

#131 Posted by TheRowGow (64 posts) -

I have put in around 60 hours and bar a few quests I feel i am done with this game.

#132 Posted by Ryan1983 (2 posts) -

I hav 156hrs on 1 character.

#133 Posted by D (261 posts) -

About 80 or so hours with my 1st save, but im stuck on Mothership Zeta. Those damn teleports glitch out way to much.

#134 Posted by ThePantheon (805 posts) -

Bought the game the day it came out, have all the DLC packs, JUST got up to Broken Steel (have Zeta to start and Point Lookout to finish) and a boatload of sidequests to do too.. and I'm at 96 hours.
I like to take my Bethesda games nice and slow, and I'm loving every bit of it. :)

#135 Posted by phatbrain (43 posts) -

110 hours on PC and I have 2 more DLC packs to go through.  Thank God they quit putting out content. 

#136 Posted by ThePantheon (805 posts) -
@phatbrain: but i still want more :'|
let's hope Obsidian can make New Vegas fun and unique enough to keep us all along for the ride until the next Fallout/Elder Scrolls hits.
#137 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -
@Ryan1983 said:
" I hav 156hrs on 1 character. "
That is insane.
#138 Posted by tranquilchaos (578 posts) -

I'm sitting at about 80 hours total.

#139 Posted by OroYoke (129 posts) -

52 hours, spent alot of time exploring, doing side quests and messing around.

#140 Posted by AnthraX (39 posts) -

I have put in around 105 hrs. I think I'll get the PS3 version now and become a trophy whore! I'm looking for an excuse to play another 100+ hrs!

#141 Posted by Bald3rdash (262 posts) -

I'm sitting at roughly 90 hours between two characters.  With my "Good" character I have about 60 of those hours, playing through Broken Steel and Point Lookout (both of which were awesome, by the way).

#142 Posted by kingkorn69 (340 posts) -

I have put in about 58 hours on my very 1st char.  Still playing though.  I finished the Pitt and have now started Broken steal and have just got to Point Lookout.

#143 Posted by ScrubbingBubbles (145 posts) -

Around 100 or 120, there's just so much to do!
#144 Posted by Mikemcn (7450 posts) -

70 hours? I did some modding of it and dove back in though so it might be 100.
#145 Posted by PhantomReporter (8 posts) -

Less than 10 hours i got bored playing it so i sold it to a friend of mine

#146 Posted by ScrubbingBubbles (145 posts) -
@PhantomReporter said:
"Less than 10 hours i got bored playing it so i sold it to a friend of mine "

Oh no, you gotta stick around, later the story picks up and you get much better items and everything.
#147 Posted by EdIsCool (1140 posts) -

80 hours with Broken Steel the only completed DLC, dipping in and out of the PItt atm.Havent played for a while

#148 Posted by CustardArmy (78 posts) -

91 hours, all quests done plus the pitt and broken steel, playing through point lookout at the moment... 
one of most enjoyed games for a long time, brilliant game.....
#149 Edited by LosDub (225 posts) -

about 200 hours total, my toon is lv30 and all maxxed out and only DLC i have done so far is Anchorage. just now finished main story and goin into Broken Steel content. got The Pitt and Point Lookout to still do also. wont bother gettin the Mothership Zeta DLC
#150 Posted by Takoto (23 posts) -

All together (from both my playthroughs) probably over 100 hours...

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