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Hello giantbomb community, I got`s another question, what games to this day or have regretted purchasing no matter what the price? And it has to be a disc game, not a downloaded game through services or add on`s or anything like that. Me?, well, I would have to say The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy for the Nintendo Wii, this, game, sucked, racoon balls, I remember buying it for like $50 and then wishing I had bought a PS3 game instead, man, I was unbelievably pissed, the graphics sucked, the gameplay was stale, and the campaign is like, 20 minutes long (no literally the game can be beat in less then an hour)
If I had to pick another game, it would have to be Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the Nintendo Wii. Before I bought it, I had played a Playstation 2 version of it, loved it, and at the time I had like 2 Wii games, so I decided why not, and it sucked ass, the camera is hard to control and get`s annoying at times, and doing moves and combos just get`s frustrating, I was all like, "OH COME THE FUCK ON!" when I was at about the first 7 minutes.
I actually have one more I want to share with you, now, I know people are gonna give me shit for this, but I do have a really good reason, one gaming purchase that I regret paying for would have to be Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, yeah, that`s right, I said it, now, don`t get me wrong, I LOVE THIS GAME WITH A PASSION, but something horrible...HORRIBLE happened... I left the game at a hotel once in New Jersey, yeah, I know, gay, and I didn`t even get to unlock the infinite rocket launcher or any of those awesome weapons.
And those were my games that I regret purchasing, I can probably think of a few more, but i`m done with the bitchin today. So, giantbomb community, what games have YOU regret purchasing?

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I regret buying Halo 3 ODST.  It was a solid game, but not worth $60.

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Trials HD. Thought the demo was cool so I instantly bought it. Big mistake! Took me about 10 minutes to realize that I could be playing a physics-based motorcross racer online for free.

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@JJOR64 said:
" I regret buying Halo 3 ODST.  It was a solid game, but not worth $60. "
Agreed wholeheartedly. 
I also decided to pick up that PSP Assassin's Creed game because, well, I actually don't know why. I tried to like that game, but after a while I just couldn't bring myself to keep it on my memory stick. 
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Fallout 3. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

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too human, two world, and assassin creed.

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Final Fantasy 13. That is all.

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Lineage 2

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I just couldn't get into Fallout 3. I bought it near launch based on reviews, tried it once, stepped away for a few months, tried it again, stopped again, and just decided to trade it in for credit.

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I regret paying full price for Far Cry 2.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Fallout 3. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. "
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Unlimited Saga.

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Fuel.  Such a terrible terrible pointlessly terrible terrible game.  Like, seriously - these guys made Dirt and Grid.  How could they fuck this up?
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Recent is the Castlevania HD! I was so let down after I bought it. Also bought Shadowrun day one thinking it was gonna be amazing an no one played it :( 
** also add in Superman on the NES old school I know but wtf was that game lol. ++

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Brutal Legend. The demo suckered me into thinking it would be a good 3rd person RPG but it turned out to be a super short crappy RTS wannabe 
Madden 10. I suck hard at it

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@ComradeKritstov said:
" I regret paying full price for Far Cry 2. "
I regret buying it for 20 bucks.
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Spiderman: The movie.
Guitar Hero 5
...... theres other I can't remember right now.

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Marvel vs Capcom 2. I had fond memories of playing it in arcades, and once I downloaded, I finally came to the realization that a Xbox 360 controller was not meant for playing fighting games well. I tried it, but just could not get into it.

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Brutal Legend, was an okay game but not $60 :'(

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GRAW. Great game but got bored 2 hours in.

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MGS 4. It was $20 though. So not a really big loss.

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@jakob187 said:
" Fuel.  Such a terrible terrible pointlessly terrible terrible game.  Like, seriously - these guys made Dirt and Grid.  How could they fuck this up? "
Technically it was a different company that made FUEL.  Codemasters just published it.
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I'm gonna limit myself to this generation: God of War III, No More Heroes, de Blob, Lunar Knights, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Stranglehold, Pokemon HeartGold, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Red Steel and WipEout Pulse.

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Vampire Rain

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Cross Edge for the PS3.  I generally love the strategy games that NIS does, so when I heard that they had teamed up their characters along with Capcom, I was SO on board.  I really wanted to like it, but sadly disappointing doesn't even start to describe it.

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I regret getting warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2.   I'm a pretty big fan of both 40k tabletop and company of heroes, so I thought I'd love this.  Pre-ordering got me early demo access on steam... but then I found that I didn't care for it.  Mostly cause the matches were too small scale.  I really wish I waited to try the demo before buying.

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Perfect Dark, WET, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, and Worms 2: Armageddon. 

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Alan Wake, traded it back 2 days after I bought it. I was super disapoint

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Brutal Legend. I really didn't like the gameplay.

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Only recent game I can remember is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. I guess Mass Effect as well but I can't get it to run on my PC (gets to the point after the first scene and then won't run after that.) Can't hold anything against it I guess, ME2 demo ran just fine.

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Single player/co-op was okay at best but my holy god what a disappointment.

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@ComradeKritstov said:
" I regret paying full price for Far Cry 2. "
I did the same thing :(
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I pre-ordered Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow THE FUCKING HEDGEHOG

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i would say orange box for xbox 360. i should have bought it for the PC. i played it, played tf2. a while later i wanted to play tf2 again. not a lot of people were playing it. steam had a sale i bought tf2 and portal. it ended up being great because they made great updates for the game.

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haze. so i took it back the same day

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The Bouncer

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Fallout 3. Was way to bland for me. It was ugly, the combat was terrible, and the main story didn't hook me. 
Bioshock 2. I haven't even played it yet and I bought it the week it came out. 
Killzone 2. It was an ok game, but I bought the PS3 to play it. It had bad controls, sub-par shooting mechanics, and a forgettable campaign (the only part I remember was the level when you get the lightning gun). The multiplayer had good ideas, but the gameplay wasn't good enough to hold it up.

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When I was a kid I pre-ordered Pokemon Colosseum. I have the pre-order bonus, but I dropped that game like nobodies buissness.
More recently,  Limbo did not live up to its potential.
Beyond that, I suppose CS:S was a waste of cash, since I don't actually play online shooters anymore...Sonic's Ultimate genesis collections seemed like a good idea at the time...
I guess in the end I still consider bad games to have value. As a collector, it takes alot for me to consider a game to be a "waste of money."

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Alpha Protocol. So close..yet just not quite there.

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I bought Far Cry 2. /thread In a much, much, much, older time I also sold my copy of Diablo 2 for Shrek 2 for the gamecube. Yeah. I was 12.

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@Vafthrutnir said:
" Only recent game I can remember is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. I guess Mass Effect as well but I can't get it to run on my PC (gets to the point after the first scene and then won't run after that.) Can't hold anything against it I guess, ME2 demo ran just fine. "
ME is unpleasantly buggy, and pretty broken in some other ways too. If you can find a way to make it work, having a save file for ME2 is awesome . I actually played 2, went back and played 1, then played through 2 again. TOTALLY WORTH IT.
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I really regret buying Limbo

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Tom clancey's HAWXs, Far Cry 2, Heavy Rain, kill zone 2, lost planet........ God I regret buy loads of games.

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Mass Effect 2. There's a reason the CGI trailer didn't have a conversation, what a snooze fest with stiff combat. Didn't help I didn't play the first, good marketing EA but at least I got my money back.

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@Tearhead: You know, I don't blame you for Yu Gi Oh. TCGs have a good history translating to games. I actually spent a good chunk of time with the 1997 Magic: The Gathering game last year. And oh the Pokemon TCG on the Gameboy...the only time that anybody played that game by the rules.
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Alone in the dark for full price, but I got this sweet shirt with it that makes other people regret that I bought the game whenever I wear the shirt in public.

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STALKER: Call of Pripyat... I loved Shadows of Chernobyl but this one fails to grab my interest in the same way. It's good that it only cost me $10. I guess at that price I should't be so picky, the game does have a good chunk of content. I just expected them to take the franchise in a new direction. It's just more of the same.

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The only game I really regret buying is Bioshock 2, I hated the SP and the developers didn't support the MP on the PC at all.