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Paper Mario is a role-playing game where Mario must once again save Princess Peach from Bowser. This time he is joined by a cast of character helping him on his way through the various corners of Mushroom Kingdom to find the power necessary to save the princess.


The game starts out with Bowser and his minions raiding Star Haven, the home of the Star Spirits who grant the wishes of those in Mushroom Kingdom with the Star Rod. Bowser, traps the Star Spirits, steals the Star Rod and uses it to defeat Mario and kidnap the Princess. Mario must now save the Star Spirits, and face Bowser who now is more powerful than ever due to the Star Rod in order to save the princess and her castle which is floating in the sky.


Battles look traditional at first

Paper Mario is a turn based RPG where Mario and his partner can use a variety of methods to dispatch of their enemies. They can use physical attacks, items or Mario can use abilities given to him by released Star Spirits, the game's form of magic. Also, Mario can equip badges which give him new attacks to choose from or stat bonuses. Outside of combat, each of his allies have a special ability that help him traverse each of the areas he comes to on his adventures or find the various items scattered across the landscape.




Main page: Goombario
Goombario, a Goomba, is the first partner that joins Mario. He uses his tattle ability in battle to give information on enemies (attack power, defense and HP). Outside of battle he gives information on the current location, as well as info on the various NPCs.


Main page: Kooper
After Mario rids Koopa Village of the Fuzzies and retrieves Kooper's stolen Shell, Kooper joins Mario on his quest. Koopers special ability allows Mario to hit far off switches and retrieve items, by flinging his shell out a distance from Mario.


Main page: Bombette
Bombette is a Bob-omb who joins Mario when he frees her from the dungeon within the Koopa Bros Fortress. Her special ability is to destroy objects with giant cracks in them.


Main page: Parakarry
Parakarry is a Paratroopa-mailman who joins Mario when he retrieves some letters that Parakarry lost. He allows Mario to fly over small gaps in the scenery.

Lady Bow

Main page: Lady Bow
Lady Bow is the Boo heir to the haunted Mansion in the forever Forest. She joins Mario in order to defeat the Clubba, Tubba Blubba. Her ability is to make Mario invisible, allowing spikes to pass through him, and causing enemies to give up chase.
Lady Bow


Main page: Watt
Watt was saved from the Lantern Ghost by Mario in the Shy Guy Toy Box. She allows invisible blocks to become visible.


Main page: Sushie
Sushie is a Cheep Cheep who joins Mario after he finds the missing baby Yoshis on Lava lava Island. He allows Mario to swim in the water without taking damage.


Main page: Lakilester
Lakilester is a rebellious Lakitu who joins Mario in order to defeat Huff N. Puff. Mario can jump on his back and float on his cloud, which moves faster and can travel across dangerous terrain.

Key Game Locations (Star Spirit Locations)

An overworld view of The Mushroom Kingdom.

Throughout the course of the game, Mario must travel to all corners of The Mushroom Kingdom in order to complete his quest and restore the Star Spirits to their rightful home in Star Haven.


Koopa Bros. Fortress

Acting as the game’s initial dungeon, the Koopa Bros. Fortress is, fittingly enough, the domain of the four Koopa Brothers. The building was previously occupied by several friendly Bob-ombs, but they were imprisoned in the fortress’s basement when the Koopa Bros. took over. The first Star Spirit, Eldstar, is held captive in the fortress by the Koopa Bros.
Mario and Kooper in the basement of the Koopa Brothers' Fortress.

Dry Dry Ruins

An enormous temple that was buried for many years under the sands of Dry Dry Desert, Dry Dry Ruins is the location of the second Star Spirit, Mamar. The temple emerges from beneath the sand after Mario pinpoints its hidden location by using the tracking abilities of the “Pulse Stone.” Home to a multitude of Chain Chomps, and their master, Tutankoopa, the Dry Dry Ruins is filled with many assorted enemies, including Pokeys. It is in the Dry Dry Ruins that Mario finds the powerful upgrade to his original hammer, the Super Hammer.
Mario and Parakarry navigating the Dry Dry Ruins.

Gusty Gulch

Located just beyond the Forever Forest and Boo Mansion, Gusty Gulch is a small, dilapidated, village that is home to several Boos, as well as a fearsome boss – the “invincible” Tubba Blubba. The Boo inhabitants of the village are being terrorized by Tubba Blubba, who has taken to eating any Boo that he crosses paths with as a means of revenge for the harassment he endured from the Boos in the past. Once Mario discovers the weakness of Tubba Blubba, and defeats him in the Windy Mill at the base of Gusty Gulch, the Star Spirit Skolar is freed from his imprisonment by the Boos.
Mario and Goombario talking to a resident Boo in Gusty Gulch.

Shy Guy's Toy Box

A toy box that is located inside of an abandoned house in Southern Toad Town, Shy Guy’s Toy Box is home to many Shy Guys, as well as the game’s sixth party member, Watt. The Toy Box shrinks anyone who enters it, so although the box is small in a literal sense, when Mario and friends are inside the Toy Box the size of the surrounding area appears to be much larger in scale. Inside of the Toy Box is a large set of railroad tracks and a train, along with several color-coded stations placed at various locations throughout the box. Mario travels to each of these stations to complete a specific task or recover a specific item, before moving on to the next station in the line. Upon defeating the area’s boss, General Guy, the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular, will be freed from his captivity and will return to Star Haven.
Mario and Watt finding their way through the Shy Guy's Toy Box.

Lavalava Island

Lavalava Island is an island located to the south-west of Toad Town, and is home to a large population of Yoshis, as well as a sizable volcano named Mt. Lavalava. When Mario initially reaches the island he must help some Yoshis in Yoshi Village find their missing children, who are lost somewhere in the Jade Jungle. Once the children are all found, Mario gains the support of his sixth party member, Sushie. After navigating through the Jade Jungle, Mario reaches the Mt. Lavalava volcano. With the “help” of Professor Kolorado, Mario is able to successfully find his way through the volcano and defeat the area’s boss, the Lava Piranha – a giant Piranha Plant that dwells inside the molten magma of the volcano and makes use of several fire-based attacks. Once the Lava Piranha is defeated, the fifth Star Spirit, Misstar, is freed.
Mario and Goombario in the middle of Yoshi Village on Lavalava Island.

Flower Fields

Flower Fields is an isolated and secluded sanctuary of nature located in the northwestern corner of The Mushroom Kingdom. The area’s condition of endless sunshine is being endangered by the wicked, cloud-shaped menace Huff N. Puff (as well as his many underlings) who has been implementing a nefarious contraption known as the “Puff-Puff Machine” to create artificial cloud cover and block-out the sun. These actions are a direct threat to many of the residents of Flower Fields, including the plant-like “Bub-ulbs” and the Wise Wisterwood tree. Mario encounters his seventh party member, Lakilester, in Flower Fields. Lakilester is a Lakitu that was previously working for Huff N. Puff and who fought against Mario, but after being defeated by Mario, he elects to join forces with him. After Mario succeeds in toppling Huff N. Puff and clearing the air over Flower Fields, the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar, is rescued, and returns to join the other Star Spirits in Star Haven.
Mario and Lakilester in front of the Wise Wisterwood tree in Flower Fields.

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is located in the northeast mountains of the Mushroom Kingdom. In order to reach the Palace and free the final Star Spirit, Mario must travel through Shiver City at the base of the mountain, and then climb to the top of the mountain. After Mario defeats the boss, the Crystal King, the final Star Spirit, Kalmar, is released and joins the others in Star Haven to complete the reunion. With all seven Star Spirits restored to their full power, Mario prepares to challenge Bowser in a final showdown.
Mario and Bow in Shiver City.

Star Spirits



He is the elder of the star spirits, and is the first to be rescued by Mario. Once rescued he grants Mario the ability of refresh. When summoned by Mario his refresh ability will give Mario 5 HP and 5 FP.


She is the second star spirit rescued by Mario, and was held at the Dry Dry Ruins. When rescued she grants Mario the ability of Lullaby. When summoned she can put all or some enemies to sleep during battle.


He is the scholar of the star spirits, and the third spirit rescued by Mario. When rescued he grants mario his power of star storm. When summoned a storm of falling stars attacks all enemies, and damage is guaranteed.


He is the fourth spirit rescued by Mario, and was held in Shy Guy's Toy Box. When rescued he grants Mario his power of Chill Out. When summoned his ability can decrease the attack power of all enemies in battle.


She is the fifth spirit rescued by Mario, and was held at Mt. Lavalava. When rescued she grants Mario her power of Smooch. When summoned she will kiss Mario, and the kiss will give Mario 50 HP.


He is the sixth spirit rescued by Mario, and is held at Flower Fields. When rescued he grants Mario his power of Time Out. When summoned his power will stop time for the enemies on screen, and they are unable to move for a limited time.


He is the seventh and final star rescued by Mario, and was being held at Crystal palace. When rescued he grants Mario his power of UP and Away. When summoned this ability will turn all the enemies into stars, and they will rise into the sky.


Disc 1

  1. Story of the Stolen Spirits
  2. Main Title
  3. A Party at Peach's Castle
  4. Mario's Them
  5. March Ahead
  6. Goomba Village Theme
  7. Battle Fanfare
  8. Hey You!
  9. Gates of Goomba Castle
  10. Goomba Kings's Decree
  11. Toad Town Theme
  12. Shy Guy Riot
  13. Nice to Meet You
  14. A Kingdom in Chaos
  15. Fuzzys Stole My Shell
  16. Koopa Village Them
  17. Koopa Bros. Theme
  18. Bill Blaster! Go Faster!
  19. Koopa Bros. Keep Cool
  20. Trojan Bowser
  21. Attack of the Koopa Bros.
  22. Toad Town Variations
  23. Mt. Rugged Theme
  24. Dry Dry Ruins Trek
  25. Mysterious Dry Dry Outpost
  26. Dry Dry Ruins Quest
  27. Chomp Attack
  28. Forever Forest Theme
  29. Approach to the Mansion
  30. Boo's Mansion Theme
  31. Gusty Gulch Adventure
  32. Tubba Blubba's Castle
  33. The Castle Crumbles
  34. Tubba's Heart
  35. Ghost Gulping
  36. She Guys Toybox
  37. All Board!
  38. General Guy's March
  39. Keeping Pace

Disc 2

  1. Princess in Distress
  2. Hang in There, Peach
  3. Twink's Theme
  4. Jade Jungle Theme
  5. Welcome to Yoshi's Village
  6. Search for the Fearsome Five
  7. Rapheal the Raven
  8. Hot Times in Mt. Lavalava
  9. Escape From Mt. Lavalava
  10. Lava Piranha Attack
  11. Go! Mario! Go!
  12. Clouds Over Flower Fields
  13. Flower Fields Rondo
  14. Lakilester the Great!
  15. Huff N Puff's Theme
  16. Huffin' and Puffin'
  17. Cold Reception in Shiver City
  18. Detective Mario
  19. Snow Road
  20. Starborn Valley Trail
  21. Over Shiver Mountain
  22. Crystal Palace Crawl
  23. Freeze!
  24. A City in the Stars
  25. Shooting Star Summit
  26. Star Way
  27. Sanctuary!
  28. Seige on Bowser's Castle
  29. Angry Bowser
  30. Bowser's Rage
  31. Wish of the Koopas
  32. King of the Koopas
  33. Beware! Bower's Castle!
  34. Star Spirits' Request
  35. Goodbye, Twink!
  36. Princess Peach Saved
  37. Victory Parade
  38. The Celebration Continues
  39. Mario & Peach's Theme

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