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I'm sure it'll be very informative, but Giant Bomb was wise to feature the personalities of editors so heavily as that's the real draw. As much as I love Crecente's hair (and I do) he can't sling the funny quite as well as the Giant Bombers. My question is how closely will they follow Giant Bomb's obviously successful formula. And how popular will their Hamburger wiki entry be?

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Remember the time the Persona 4 episode (50?) exploded and Vinny had to donate a kidney to save the file? Good times.

People bitched about how they played then too. It's the circle of life, Simba.

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Alan Wake is awesome. Best moody/creepy in any game I've played. Thumbs up for more.

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You seem like a fun person.

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I feel like the smart money is on Uncharted 3 winning the Northies for Nolan North this year. He's a terrific actor, and the stories that Naughty Dog put together do a great job of taking advantage of his skills. 
 HOWEVER, I would like to get the word out there for the Nolan North performance in Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Say what you will about the game play in the Animus Data Fragment sections where you lay down different geometric shapes to traverse the scene, but that is some amazing voice acting right there. As you traverse the space you get narration by Mr. North as Desmond Miles and it's great. Thoughtful, emotional sometimes, he makes Desmond real. 
AC:R for the 2011 Northies!

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You have to admit that the 4chan letter to Gabe makes some salient points. Not to mention, HL3 dickfuck why fruitcake tears sorry episode widecock.

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I played inFamous: Festival of Blood back to back with Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and it made me flip on a very important issue of our times. I now know, as objective truth, that inFamous has better city climbing/traversal mechanics than Assassin's Creed for one important reason: Because bats. 
Bats! As part of Festival of Blood you can turn into a swarm of bats and, for a limited time, fly (almost) anywhere you want in the world. Combined with the rail grinding, quick climbing, and Cole's awesome hover ability, no game is more fun to quickly cruise around the world. The only thing I was missing here is the ice jump from inFamous 2, but by and large the bats has you covered. Ezio is more or less a superhero, but Cole is more or more a superhero. The game does an amazing job of making you feel powerful. 
In this two or three hour stand-alone inFamous story, we have Cole's "you might be a redneck" buddy Zeke trying to pick up a hot chick in a hick bar telling her about the time Cole was almost turned totally into a vampire. Zeke's intro and narration through the game is hilarious. It's more inFamous (which is in itself awesome) where you use Cole's electric abilities along with some new vampire based abilities to solve a few puzzles, but mostly just murder fools. 
As a vampire, Cole can turn into a swarm of bats as breathlessly alluded to earlier, but he can also use his vampire sense to see things that mortal men cannot. This includes hidden teachings from your coven's leader, as well as which of the pedestrians around town are secretly vampire Firstborn. 
It also has Move support. No joke. I tried it out, and I could see it being fun, but I would have to totally retrain my meager inFamous brain. Using a full sized controller for the non-Move hand was also a bit awkward. Maybe with a sub-controller it would be better.
The story is good, it's more inFamous, and it's the best-in-class city traversal that the kids love. And it's $14.99. For this much fun, a bargain.

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@ABK_92 said:

@Alphazero: I didn't like it. Want to fight about it?

You're allowed.
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Rango is a good movie. You all should buy that on Xbox Live. I'm biased. 

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Desmond's story is the most interesting part of it, for sure. Very, very minor, barely a spoiler to follow:

One funny thing: If you complete all of the Desmond Memory Fragments on Animus Island, you unlock the ability to play as Desmond (in jeans and a hoodie) through the main game. He still talks like Ezio, but seeing him leap off a building in jeans to kill one of those Janissaries cracked me up.