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More than twice a day for at least thirty minutes at a time. I LOVE listening to music and letting my mind wander. It's also how I come up for ideas for tabletop RPGs that I run; hit the music, imagine the scene.

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New Conglomerate or bust

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@Artemesia said:

Raptors would kill you quickly and efficiently. Spiders are super creepy. Going with the raptors.

Also one million spiders is a definite no. I can't stand having even one in my apartment.

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Raptors would kill you quickly and efficiently. Spiders are super creepy. Going with the raptors.

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@familyphotoshoot said:


>discussing video games

Haha, good one.


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I feel pretty comfortable with where I'm at right now. I got some Vengeance RAM with better timing and moved up to the i7 that was linked in this thread. If it doesn't work it is ALL YOUR FAULT, GIANTBOMB

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@Stonyman65 said:

What power supply are you getting? 1kw sounds like a lot for that machine, you could easily get away with a 750w and have room to spare. You're wasting money with a 1kw. Most I would suggest is an 850w, assuming you aren't going to be running 2 cards in the future.

Just make sure it's a good PSU - using a shitty one will kill your machine quick. Anything by Seasonic, Corsair or Coolermaster is good. I'd say go for Silver efficiency certified, Gold efficiency if you can. I have the Corsair HX850w modular PSU in my rig and it works great, and I have lots of headroom to spare.

I plan on getting a second 680 in the near future, so I went higher than I figured I would need to be safe.

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@PillClinton said:

@Artemesia: $40 difference for lower TDP and ~10% better performance in the grand scheme of a ~$1300ish (?) build? Totally worth it.

Right now I'm at $1650 rounding up. My budget is about $1600-$1700. I can push that a little farther if I want/need to.

@MordeaniisChaos said:

@Artemesia: You will absolutely need a bigger hard drive.

Also, you should just go for the latest, greatest i7 quad core if you're already going for an i7.

And make sure that your RAM is Z77 compatible. I might also suggest upgrading to their top of the line RAM, it's a bit more expensive (like $30) but looks crazy cool.

Here's the rig I'm building for some inspiration, you seem to be going for about the same budget as me.

These things?

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Oops, forgot to mention I'm transferring hard drives. I have two SATA drives I'm pulling over; one 500gb, one 1TB. My SSD will be for windows and games that load lots of information such as Civ 5, Shogun 2 and possibly my heavily modded Skyrim.

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@GnomeonFire said:

Really, if you're rocking an i7 and a GTX 600 series card, you're going to be able to run any game on a ultra unless the optimization is shitty or there are driver issues. You could probably trim some edges on pricing, but it could come with the risk of a faulty piece of hardware.

I'm mostly trying to future proof this thing; I went cheap on my current computer and only spent about $800-$900 on it and thus I'm having to replace it two years after the fact. My dad and I built a lot of his computers together and we both prefer to build with the idea of not having to touch the damn thing for a while in mind.

@MB said:

@Artemesia: I caught this tidbit in the motherboard's reviews...why this motherboard in particular? Seems a little pricey, unless it has some specific features that you really need.

"PCIe Slot #1 (3.0) will not handle my Gigabyte GTX-680 OC video card. Latest Nvidia drivers, including beta, crash (and sometimes recover) during any game I have tried (Including BF3). Most of the time I have reboot. I move the video card to the PCIe 2.0 slot and the video card doesn't have any problems. I have updated the BIOS to the latest BETA bios available from ASUS website and the latest BIOS and drivers for the video card. Nothing helps."

Anyway, my last two builds have been AMD platforms so I'm not going to be too much help, but there are plenty of people around here who really know their stuff.

Going with that one mostly for the built in wi fi. I don't trust my wireless adapter to last much longer and I'd like to free up the USB slot. My alternative is this one. Interesting note about the card though...maybe it's an isolated case? I hope so. I'll do more research.

@PillClinton said:

Swap that 2600K for a newer 3770K.

urg but that's so much more expensive. Is the difference really worth it?