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I'm jumping in to the middle of a conversation here, but I couldn't finish Fire Emblem: Awakening because the characters are so awful. Therefore, I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of Intelligent Systems writing. Alpha Dream, on the other hand, are among the best in the industry.

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Kanye West is a god.

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At first, when I heard about Fit Girl, I was disgusted. But it IS pretty hilarious. I love how Sakurai basically says in that one video that no one wanted this character in the game. Sakurai is the world's #1 troll.

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First, I think many of us saw this coming. I wasn't certain (none of us were) but I had a feeling.

My initial reaction? Anger. This is an action game. I WANT A JRPG. Final Fantasy games are JRPGs. This looks like it fits somewhere between Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry.

But, then I opened my heart. The artwork really helps. I can't put my finger on it, but it just looks more like Final Fantasy than XIII. It takes me back to Nomura's best days, designing VII, VIII, and X. In particular, this game reminds me of VIII, which is probably my favorite game in the series. When it looks the part, how can I complain.

I can't wait to play this. Nothing will stop me from finishing it, the same way that boredom couldn't stop me from finishing XIII.

What evil spell have you cast on me Square?

Anyways, how are you all feeling?

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I wouldn't say that Mirror's Edge was in my top 10 for this generation, but it was fun and interesting enough that I have always planned on buying the sequel. I'm glad it's happening.

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What the fuck. What motivates this sort of action? When I saw the video, I almost cried. These events are incomprehensible. To make it all worse, 42 people were killed in bombings in Iraq today (in an unrelated tragedy). Why are innocent people targeted?

The Boston Marathon has always been a goal of mine, and it still is. I've been five minutes off of qualification for the past 5 years and 10 marathons I've run. had I qualified, I doubt I would have been there today, but it really helps me understand what the setting is, how it must feel. It's awful. The Boston Marathon doesn't represent anything but the physical achievements of people. Everyone, first or last, is a winner. The run is an event of togetherness. Did you see the flags of all the nations at the finish line? It doesn't matter where you're from when you run, you've done it. And somebody had to spoil that today. What a tragedy.

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I am a student at the University of Utah. I have three majors, Political Science, International Studies, and Spanish. I graduate in a year. I have no idea what I will do after that.

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@ares42 said:

My big quandry is how we went from a game that clearly had things to say and the developers saying they didn't want to make a sequel unless they had something new to say, and people are content with the idea that their new thing is "Time Travel, BITCHES!".

I have to agree. As much as I enjoyd the story, an exploration of American Exceptionalism would be unique in the world of video games. Time travel is old news.

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@the_laughing_man: Well... my bad. I didn't notice them. I hate this game now.

@nodima: I found something like that, but I didn't notice the color. I just remember Booker saying he had never heard the song, and Elizabeth saying "I don't think anyone has heard that song." I recognized the song, but I don't remember what it was. I've heard that these moments are nothing more than easter eggs, but who knows.

Some old pop songs were actually changed and done in an early 1900's style. I heard a reimagining of "Tainted Love"at some point.

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The beauty of this game is in the small details. A lot of people have already mentioned the guitar scene, which none of us will be forgetting any time soon. I'm just curious what other little details you have all noticed? I noticed something neat about the game's currency:

Did any of you notice Columbia's currency? Your coins are Silver Eagles. Sometimes, you even find bars of silver. I thought that this was a neat detail, considering the politics of the early 1900's. It was William McKinley who built Columbia, and it was from McKinley's (or Roosevelt's) United States that Columbia seceded. One issue at the time was that of the gold standard. In the 1896 presidential election, McKinley supported gold, and his opponent silver. In 1900, Gold became the standard for American currency. It looks like Columbia went the other way, adopting the philosophy of "free silver."

So, what have y'all noticed?