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Bigger player counts aren't better and never were.

Except the real answer is it's game design dependent, you sound just as idiotic as the people mindlessly saying more is better.

Battlefield 4 with its map sizes on conquest would be a waste of time with 24-32 players, you already spend enough time without people to shoot with 64 players.

I'm talking about games in general. Everything is game design dependent. For example: Game A is a multiplayer game with up to 64 people in battle. Game B is a multiplayer game with up to 12 people in battle. Game A is not automatically better than Game B just because it has more people in a match.

No need to call me an idiot.

It's a known fact that the multiplayer in Spec-Ops: The Line is better than Street Fighter 4.

It's also a well established fact that a low player count mixed with AI fodder doesn't work either. Why do you think no one plays League of Legends or DOTA 2? As many people working on as many different goals independent of each other is the key to successful multiplayer. We've seen this time and time again.

6 x 6 X 720p = 25,920 (Titanfall)

25 x 25 x 720p = 450,000 (Frontlines: Fuel of War)

The numbers don't lie

I know you're being condescending but you still deserve to be punched in the face for posting this drivel.

Now that I've been baited I'll post something less inflammatory. Comparing a competitive multiplayer FPS to a MOBA or an RPG (and all the other ridiculous comparisons in this thread) is very stupid. 6v6 seems pretty weak from a game that is multiplayer only (seems to me it would be nice to save the option for a game mode or two with large lobbies), but the game will still probably be fine. It's most likely a non-issue.

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Tried the starter edition a couple times and never got into it. That probably has less to do with the games quality and more to do with the fact that I just don't really "get" MMORPGS.

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I recently rewatched the Mortal Kombat Scrub League on Youtube.

It was great. Highly recommended.

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Come on guys. It's pretty harmless. So you can't play the game(s) you want, you'll be able to in a couple of days. Go read a book in the meantime. And at least they're doing it for the lulz, unlike those hacktivists.

Yeah sending the police to someones house and shutting down multiple gaming services that affects millions of people sure is harmless, I mean really.

Come on guys.

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I'm glad that now everyone has a chance to play Sleeping Dogs. I enjoyed it like crazy on Ps+ this summer.

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You've literally played like 30 minutes. Yes you should absolutely give up on this highly critically acclaimed game in a series that you enjoyed all the other entries in based on the first thirty minutes.

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I don't care about GOTY, but I do care about GOTY deliberations. So I'm going to say no, if purely because I would miss the conversation. Also, since Giantbomb is the only gaming site I visit, their GOTY list is pretty much a "hey dude play this game" list.

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The guy you meet at the swim meet and the love of my (video game) life Yuko. Easy.

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It's a video game. There's a topic posted in these forums that StarvingGamer linked that explains the stuff about the story that could have been confusing. I thought the story was good and the gameplay was fun, but like the grand majority of games if you try really hard you can pick the story apart.

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My worst game of 2013 was "Highly Liked and Critically Acclaimed Popular Video Game Title". Look how edgy I am.

Seriously though I don't know as I didn't play a lot that was released this year and I only really played the best of the games that came out this year.