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@quid_pro_bono: The plane has been redirected and landed somewhere now so they can check the cargo

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I shot Maurice for exactly the same reasons. The choice was never an option of being good or bad, it was the games way of asking if you would adhere to its storytelling and continue Aiden's characterisation as a merciless bastard or make a choice he never would. Of course I shot him, because that's the only thing Aiden would have ever done. There was no choice, just an illusion of one, and picking anything else would have been lying to myself.

Aiden is a criminal who's painted as a hero by bad writing. I would have liked Watch Dogs a lot more if they fully embraced his criminality but they try to brush it under the rug even when it's shooting you directly in the face. Nothing is ever his fault except it always is. Everything bad that ever happens to anyone he loves is a direct result of his actions, but the game never makes him accept his role in any of it. The narrative would have been infinitely more interesting if it ever did.

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Collateral had super loud gun shots in the cinema.

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I would like to join the "bah! I live in the UK" brigade. That Associate Editor role is basically my dream job.

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I'm sorry but I don't understand how what he did is supposed to be bad or makes the viewer like him less?

The part where it's rape.

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Finished it the other day. Took 39 hours and I think I was around level 140. Stuck with the Drangleic Sword ever since I got it super early on. Just upgraded it to +5 and that was good enough for me. Beat every boss minus the Ancient Dragon and I think there's another you have to be in a particular covenant for, or something?

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I can't play this game because every character I make gets corrupted. It's hard enough trying to get into the shitty tutorial, let alone doing it multiple times only to have my character deleted. Cloud saves are working out great!

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@starvinggamer: Same. Completed it on hard first time through, took 12 hours. Only bug I encountered was the save game glitch that caused me to lose about 3 hours. In-game I had no issues whatsoever.

There are only two enemy types in the whole game that are one-hit kill and the majority of the time you can completely avoid any confrontation with them.

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Do we really think women would survive in these groups? A bunch of bloodthirsty men seems like a bad environment for a woman to be in, no matter how evil she might be.

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Apparently it's a catalyst for where the series goes from here and is probably the most pivotal moment in the books. Not really surprising considering what it is, so I wouldn't question it until we know what precedes it. Martin definitely didn't ruin the whole show because of two deaths, at least for me anyway. Out of all the characters Robb is somewhere near the bottom in terms of interest, and Cat has barely featured this season. That didn't diminish the scene's impact, but I'm also not angry like a lot of the internet seems to be. It was a fantastic scene and completely unexpected despite the foreshadowing, and I'm invested in so many other characters, as well as the whole universe, that two substantial deaths isn't going to deter me. I'm just excited to see where it goes from here. Unpredictability is always good, especially when it comes to a character's fate.

I also don't know how that Martin quotes says he only did it for the shock factor. That may be part of it but it's much more about the story and creating suspense, letting the audience know that anything can happen to anyone.