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@Garfield518: i hope your computer explodes

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same! and I was totally confident earlier that of all companies, Blizzard would be the one to handle a launch successfully. just too damn many of us! smashing the enter key!

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Hey if anyone wants to return to WoW, just PM me your email and I will send you a "scroll of resurrection" to bring you back. It gives you a free level 80, some free game time, and I get a mount out of it :D . I just started playing again, after quitting before the expansions, and now the game is so awesome and streamlined. I've been playing it since december, totally addicted... and I don't even have a level 80 yet, and you'll get one for free lol. Let me know!

oh and you get a free upgrade to Cataclysm

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this could be awesome

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Well the last time I played I was in a dungeon with these skeleton guys who like to hide in their coffin waiting for you, so I just left it on auto-run against a corner and now my sneak is at like 80 or something and this was at close to the start of the game. I was able to sneak around pretty well, but I wasn't invisible quite yet I don't think. I haven't played much after that so I don't know if it will make the game less fun for me. I'm just interested in doing the quests and the story.

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wait there are no enemies or any of that? that sounds boring.

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@Nightriff said:

Don't care, just because a game sells a lot doesn't mean it's any good, let me see review scores, not how much it sells

well then go look at review scores. this story was never meant to tell you how good the game is, and it's really really good by the way.

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that's not lens flare. I just looked at the sun and didn't see any. In those screenshots that's just the effect of bright lights, not lens flare.

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That's really shitty... :(