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I buy digital. I burn copies of cd's I want from my public library.

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I also do not wear deodorant...and I don't smell (its called sanitation).

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You need to work on created a less... judgmental tone to your options. Not choosing to join the military may have nothing to do with "putting your life on the life". You make it sound as if not joining the military is morally wrong. Me for example. I didn't consider my personal safety when deciding against the military. I realized that I'd make more money, have a more enjoyable life if I didn't join. I realized that culturally I'm not the military type (I'm neither religious, nor conservative as it seems the majority of military folk are). I think there are lots of non-military tools our country can use to effect a desired outcome. I realized that I don't like being told when to wake up, when to work out, and having my entire day defined for me. Basically I realized that the military life was not for me. And that's a good thing for people to figure out BEFORE they join.

Funny thing is that I DO serve my country, just in a different way. I make sure the food you eat is safe. But you know what? People don't line up in the airport cheering when I walk by. No one ever thanks me for my service. I don't get discounts when I shop. I don't have a special tax free shopping outlet. I'm refered to in the media as a leach, lazy, horrible, a waste of resources...etc. This is despite people eating far more frequently than people attacking our country.

If we were talking about a WW2 type situation, where our country was in actual peril..I'd join in a heartbeat. If we are talking about wars without purpose (i.e. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc)..not so much.

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Currently I go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week, run ~5k 2 times a week and do daily crunchs, pushups and squats. While that sounds like a lot, I'm looking to ramp it up some more.

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Let me boil this down to a one word victory in favor of warm:



Also..too hot? go swiming/surfing/diving/beach.

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@Shadow: Ultra-conservative media type. If you don't know who he was, you're not missing anything.

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So I was doing some cleaning. I have an old xbox (not a 360) with 2 controllers, dvd remote and 4 or 5 much should I put it on craigslist for? Or should I just drop it off at Goodwill or something? Thoughts?

The games are Battlefront 2, Halo 2, Dungeons and Dragons, Mech something (assault maybe) and at least one other that is escaping me at the moment.

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I went with some, since I generally only like fresh squeezed, but it really depends on what I'm going to use the juice for. Gin & Juice? No pulp. Old Fashion? Pulp. Mimosa, none. Straight OJ drinkin'? Some.

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Digital, always. I was just tossing game boxes the other day..

Once they stopped putting fancy game manuals in the boxes, I found them simply to be a waste of space.

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I assume Joe Rogan kept it all for himself.