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I plan on restarting my Skyrim character in the near future. I plan on being the same type of character as I've been playing as, which is a Khajilt stealth character who specializes in Archery (and occasionally daggers) for combat. I wanted to restart because I felt like I was simply running through the motions and not taking the time to fully explore the game and the little things the world of Skyrim has to offer.

Thanks to IGN's Skyrim Skill Builder, I've outlined the general buildup of my character. My build up is only to level 31. Aside from the skills leveled in my build, I plan on working on Speech, Lockpicking, and One-Handed as I see fit.

My Build

Please feel free to give any feedback or suggestions on my build. The reason I tagged this onto the forums was to hear what everyone thought. I'm open to your thoughts and opinions

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Reading this has made me want to redo my character. I feel like I haven't been paying attention to detail so far. One my current playthrough I was a Khajilt archer ninja, but aside from combat I didn't really feel like my character played that role. I'd help people out with anything and everything, and joined all the guilds, with exception to the Bards College.

On my new playthrough I plan on being the same playstyle, but filling that role in all facets of the game. I'll join the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild, and be a shy character who only looks out for himself. Should be fun!

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I'm pretty sure the quests you're talking about are the Radiant quests, as someone already stated above. As for the witch heads, I see no reason why you're need them if you've completed The Companions' storyline, and cured yourself and Kodlak.

I was rather disappointed with The Companions' questline myself. It was fun, but seemed rather short for my liking.

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What I don't understand is why stolen items automatically don't show up on your inventory when you're buying/selling from a vendor. If nobody catches you stealing something, then they should have no way of knowing that certain items you have are stolen. I currently have a stockpile of stolen items I'm waiting to sell to a fence once I join the Thieves Guild.

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I'm a Khajilt named Matteus. My real name is Matthew, and I thought this was a creative, and very lame way to integrate my name into the game, with an old fashioned twist. I wear a Mages hood and robe, just because they look badass, and give my character the stealthy look I'm going for, being a rogue/theif.

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I'm pretty sure she died on me too. Now I just take Aela (I think that's how you spell it) from the Companions with me when I go on quests/exploring.

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I have the game installed on my HD, and don't have any complaints with textures. After watching the video, it's obvious the game looks better when not installed, but I'll keep mine installed to keep load times down, and because Bethesda is working on a fix, which I expect to be out soon.

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I'm about 8 hours in. I'd have liked to play more, but work and family obligations have limited my play time.

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I chose to be a Khajilt. They seemed like a good option for a stealth character.

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Can't wait to tube into this. Not working tomorrow. It's gonna be a good day!