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Unsurprised to see that Giant Bomb is, in general, left-leaning and libertarian. In other words in favour of individual freedoms and social equality.

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I'm totally unsurprised by this. I think the survey is a little reductionist, but that's how quantitative data works.

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Bombcast, Gamespot Gameplay, Citizen Radio (a progressive/liberal politics/news podcast which is pretty funny, and really awesome), The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, Double Feature (a cool movie podcast where they cover two movies, usually with some kind of theme in common, although often the theme is a pretty big stretch), Harmontown (Dan Harmon's podcasted stage show) and I often listen to This is Only a Test.

I also feature on a comics podcast, LUU Comic Soc-Cast for my university's comics society (which I'm the secretary of), and a media analysis/current affairs podcast, In the Sprawl, with two other lefty-liberal dudes.

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Not on a regular basis or anything, but me and my flat-mates and a few other friends play a few board games. There's a cool Sherlock Holmes game that I've got, we also play The Walking Dead Board Game which is really fun, and cool because it's usually pretty quick, Ankh Morpork is a lot of fun and the secretive nature of the objectives is something that brings me as close to competitive as I ever get (the idea of at the start of your turn just going "Fuck yeah! I hit my goal and you didn't see it coming!" greatly entertains me). I've also got Arkham Horror, but it's pretty complicated and seems to have scared my friends off a bit.

Cards Against Humanity was a big hit at my birthday party, but if you play too often it can become pretty stale so we haven't played that for a while. We also play Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering, as well as all reading comics (my flat-mate is the former president of Leeds University's Comic Society and I'm the current secretary). So yeah, thinking about it I live in a pretty goddamn nerdy flat.

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Event Horizon 4/5 I love the idea of a ghost story in space, the film has a great aesthetic and Sam Neil is great (the rest of the cast is all pretty good too).

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@LifeByDegrees: Somewhere else? It's a very different show to Hotspot in its prime, but it can still be pretty damn good. I actually really like a lot of the people over at Gamespot though, especially Kevin Van Ord and Tom McShea.

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At least the latest Gamespot Gameplay is up to tide me over til I can get my Bombcast on.

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Mass Effect 3 was a good game and worth playing, but it was little disappointing, and certainly not the best game of the year, which isn't even over yet.

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Now I have something to listen to while I can't sleep!

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I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Absolutely love my city. It's a pretty big city (approx. pop. 750 000) but the city centre is fairly compact, a lot of stuff all very close together. A load of great bars and clubs, three comic shops. A bunch of cinemas, one of which is an awesome old independtly run cinema that shows a lot of indie films. We have an annual film festival, and comic convention. Oh and a great Rugby League team (Union and our football club, not so great) Yeah, I love my city.