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@damodar: The thing that killed MK9 was how they handled online and the DLC.

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Killer Instinct reboot...isn't Skull Girls western? Injustice.

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Honestly, it depends. 99% of the time I leave it alone. I have friends who like anything and the stuff they don't like is insane. "Mass Effect 2 and 3 are awful" but man "that new Thief game or The Order 1886 was amazing!" I leave that shit alone. However, if I see someone saying something that isn't true, or something misinformed (x game doesn't have this mode, or something like that) I will correct them.

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No offense to the creator of the game, but I hated it. After 15-20 minutes I deleted it.

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Sometimes its hard to tell when Jeff is playing towards a "character" on the Bombcast and live shows. That being said I will not go into complaining about review scores he's done and try to use that against him: everyone has an opinion and I'll not sit here and act like someone giving a game a 7/10 is the end of the world. What I will discuss are things he's brought up on the podcast and others things. For example, he frequents to trolling often. Granted, this is hilarious and typically I love it, but sometimes its clear that he...stretches the truth for comedic effect. For example, he may be a total badass Bloodborne, but he isn't just walking up and spamming R1 on everything. If he'd like me to believe so, sure...whatever. Like others have said, he frequently talks shit about largely loved games like Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, and others but that's fine...because he's wrong.

I will say I tend to enjoy Jeff's trolling and subjective hate of things more than I do Brad's tendency to be factually wrong about something or Patrick's penchant to just say, "Oh that fucking sucks" but then get upset when someone says something contrary about some obscure game he enjoys. Whatever.

I like all the crew and wouldn't have them any other way. Even Dan.

I like Doctor Who but when someone says, "yeah, I didn't care much for it" I don't really even question it. In fact, I would say many people are super into Doctor Who now...because its a fad, but that's another discussion that's not even worth having because it will hurt some people's precious little feelings. That being said, many on the podcast are super jaded and do have polarizing opinions...but that's why Dan Ryckert is the hero we need...not the hero we deserve.

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Jeff hates a lot of good games and he's pretty hyperbolic when he does it. However, when "cornered" and he can actually intelligently explains why and then its easier to understand: that doesn't happen often.

For example, his Bloodborne talk was very hyperbolic.

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@defaultprophet: 1. You've never seen me praise him because I haven't. 2. If anything he was Shao Khan. Only time I've seen him referred to Conan was in Max Landis' video...

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@defaultprophet: Paramount Pictures is pleased. Does no one else not see Triple H looked like he was wearing really shitty DLC for a Terminator tie-in in Advanced Warfare?

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As an added thing, I think its worth noting someone created a GoFundMe as a response to people raising money for the Pizza restaurant and its merely gotten $40k so if someone was upset they should put their money where their mouth is :

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Boy, listening to the "Extra" PowerBombcast that we got...shaking my head so hard at Giancarlo and Dan mark out for HHH (awful) entrance. Normally I'm heavily in the "everyone has an opinion!" camp...but that was categorically bad...also, no matter what they try to say it definitely WAS product placement for the new Terminator movie. There was a freaking clip of Arnold dressed up like he is in the new movie with (terrible looking) glowing red eyes!

Like Jeff said, being there live definitely skewed their opinion on terrible stuff. I've posted it before, but most of them talking about Wrestlemania felt like this: