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I think the better game is 2 but I think the harder game is 1. The PVP is much better in 2 as well, and so far seems less broken.

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@eccentrix: I don't like the taste of all alcohol and I typically don't drink anything straight. I drink Mojitos, Baileys, and other stuff. Also, most of the people I know who drink to excess are the type of people who get drunk and then complain about it the next day, so perhaps experiences have defined by opinions. I think the same of people who smoke pot all the time and then don't really do anything with their lives.

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@eccentrix: Why? I like the taste of a Coke, but I don't want to drink one until I physically vomit and get a sugar high. I also stay so busy that I can never even imagine a time in which I would even consider allowing myself to get a hangover. Then again, maybe I am just a boring person. I've never done drugs, I've never smoked a cigarette, and I don't drink to excess. I guess in 2014 that's a weird thing for someone who isn't a religious fundamentalist, "straight edge", or a prude?

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@chrissedoff: These are conversations I have no interest in anymore. Even when I talk about this to women who are "nerds" (I use quotations because I hate classifying someone like that these days as it means nothing) they seem perfectly fine with it and even encourage it through cosplay and stuff. If so many women and females are cool with it why would any men even bother? That's not to say that all women, or even the majority of women, are cool with sexist video games and tropes but it feels like it kills any debate that I would ever have on the subject.

Then again, Japanese culture as a whole also seems to push this. I like anime OK but sometimes its downright creepy how this "adult" female character is drawn like a 9 year old girl outside of her curves. Same for the game and manga.

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I'll be honest...the fact its a $40 retail game ensures I'm probably not playing this game for a month or two. I know it comes with the season pass, but still. I'd like the option to just get the base game.

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I think the only thing that including a headset proves is that children are more likely to get on and use voice chat.

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Since I've already played this on PS3, I'll wait until this comes down to around $20-30.

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The worst thing about watching WWE programming has quickly become the crowd and fans. I am to the point where I would welcome the magical option to watch WWE programming with the crowd muted. The funniest part is they chant so many things for no reason at all that CM Punk chants now sound childish more than anything else.

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$84 million

I know I will see it at least twice. Going to IMAX on Thursday night and then probably another screening the next day or Saturday. Cannot wait to see my favorite comic hero on the screen. The word of mouth for this so far is pretty great and the MCU films always deliver.