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Neat graphs dood.

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@KaosAngel: It's not really biting the dust, moreso than getting ground pounded into the dust, by activisions fat boot.
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A hint for bad seeds:  
Well ok that spoiler thing fails me ( seems to glitch up, oh well.)
Generally speaking, bad guys can be on both sides of the war. "

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Lets roll, it's snetErz.

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Here is an article I found that basically holds everything that was suggested in this thread:    

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@RsistncE: Most of your argument is rather sound. My only problem is with number 6. If there was no such thing as a Free Market, then Gamestop would not be able to do what they do. The free market system allows them to buy used games from customers for cheap, and sell them higher than they payed to make those profits. This is also why game companies can charge whatever price they feel like for the games new (and also why retailers can sell those new games under list if they so well please). The big players in the gaming industry have self-regulated themselves into a set standard pricing scheme for their games, which means that the government, state, or other government body has not placed any regulations on said goods.
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If the price is right, I will be buying it out of the gate. Oh what the hell am I thinking, i'll prolly buy it anyways! 
Seriously though...I'd like to see it on the bottom side of 40 dollars.

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Be interesting to see what they do next.