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Rufio - Anybody Out There 
They're not very famous, but soo great!

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Sweden, yay!

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Yes!!! XBLA Needs more Shmup action!

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I'd love to. But being a student is expensive enough already. If adding the membership stuff is good or not I won't even begin talking about. But I don't get the feeling that the money goes to anything more than the site? You don't really get anything you don't have. It's like getting something for free, but after a while you have to pay for it all of a sudden?!  
Still think it's better than adds though.

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And THAT was the end of gearbox. Duke Nuke 'em: Forever is haunted.

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" "
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Here is one solution! 
Edit: but seriously AVG is good. Shouldn't post when drinking, my bad!
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YAY! This is great! First one was perfect!

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@raddevon: Yep. It's the winner of last years  DreamBuildPlay contest and won an XBLA contract. The developer making the game is Noogy and before the GameTrailers E3 Live stream they showed a trailer that I think said the release date was "2011". Looks like a really great game! 
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I'm a programmer, if someone made the art I would totally want to make the game :P