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Rush Sykes is the protagonist of The Last Remnant. He is the son of John and Marina Sykes, two remnant researchers who work at the Academy in Elysion. He lives on Eulam Island away from the struggles and problems of the rest of the world with his sister Irina.

Everything changes however when Irina is one day kidnapped by a mysterious fellow, who orders his minions to kill Rush. Rush survives after an unexpected mysterious shock wave coming from his talisman destroys his foes.

In search of his sister he leaves the island and shortly after meets Emma Honeywell, who he mistakes with his sister. Emma is one of the four generals of Athlum working under David Nassau, the marquis of Athlum. After Rush explains his situation to David, he decides to help him find his sister.

Rush is the only character in The Last Remnant that the player has full control over and can decide his gear. Over the course of the game Rush recruits many people to fight by his side and gets involved in many important events that are either directly or indirectly related to mysterious remnants left in the world by the ancient people who made them.

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