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Blocter in Battle

Blocter is one of Athlum's Four Generals, which also comprises of comrades Torgal, Pagus and Emma Honeywell. Like the other generals, he has the utmost loyalty towards Lord David Nassau.

Being of the race yama, he is often mistaked for being an unfeeling brute due to his size, but as the game progress, it can be seen that he is a kind soul at heart.

Quest (The Standoff)

In the game, Blocter will invite the player to joing the Tournament of Heroes with him when they reach the city Ghor.

The Tournament of Heroes consists of 3 battles.

There is no need to defeat all the enemies in the battle. fight will end as soon as the boss is defeated.

Fight 1: Wild Dragon (Boss), Weredragon and Azhdaha.

Fight 2: Ferocious Lion (Boss), Torpedo and Bune

Fight 3: Hero Slayer (Boss), Demon King and Demon

Upon completion, the player will be rewarded the red stone Tak Salia.


  • Voiced by David Vincent. - Marshall Law (Tekken6), Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (Bleach)

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