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Stunt Race FX is one of the few fully-3D FX powered Super Nintendo games. Similar to Star Fox, its use of the effect is rudimentary, and the polygons are limited to flat shading and few in number. Stunt Race FX manages to churn out slightly more detailed environments than Star Fox, and they compensate for the increased demands on the chip by lowering the framerate and shrinking the player's view. With the borders in effect and speed/time display outside, there is only about 60% of the screen devoted to actual gameplay.

Controls are very similar to other racing games, with the shoulder buttons acting as sharper turns than pressing left or right on the directional pad. Other than gas and brake, all the cars are capable of boost and another button honks the horn. Honking the horn serves a greater purpose than just showing off, however, as it also launches the body of your vehicle in the air, allowing you to drive over opponents.

Cars can also sustain damage, which is repaired by touching red gems located at various points in each track.

Race Types

The bulk of Stunt Race FX is devoted to grand prix style race series, where you complete four races and the best overall time wins. After the second race you're allowed a bonus round, where you drive the game's semi trailer in a fixed 3/4 view - each lap that you finish in that behemoth grants you an extra continue, which are welcome in the later races as it's easy to damage your car to the point of self-destruction or fling yourself off the track by accident. There are four circuits, with generic themes like aquatic (complete with a floating track and underwater tunnels), metro, forest, mountains, etc. Most of the tracks use height to great effect, presumably to emphasize the abilities of the FX chip over a Mode 7 based racing game with a completely flat track.

Monster truck ignoring the flooded track
Each track in grand prix is available for time trial races as well, and winning every grand prix race grants you use of the motorcycle, which has all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of the other vehicles.

The Stunt Race portion of the game's title manifests itself in a series of stunt-based races that have you collecting stars while navigating over, under, and around various bizarre obstacles. Each of the four stunt tracks are divided up into sections that will only open after obtaining all of the stars. Some of  them require very careful driving, as they're located at the apex of certain jumps or ramps set high up in each level. Due to its stability and ability to drive through water (and there is a lot in the stunt races), the monster truck is the best bet by far, even taking into accout its slow speed.

The final, fifth stunt track is unlocked by beating all the others. It pits you against the other cars in a fixed isometric viewpoint much like an RC racer, and challenges you to smash into each vehicle (blowing it to pieces) in the shortest amount of time. With the awkward view and finicky controls this can be quite difficult, but the reward of having your opponont burst into shards is worth it.

There is also a two player mode in Stunt Race FX, but it's rather crippled compared to the single player - the already small view shrinks further, and you're limited to four relatively anemic tracks that have much less detail. Plus, two player has no CPU opponents, so it's you versus a buddy and that's it. Oh yeah, and the already low framerate drops further.


Stunt Race FX features five vehicles, although one of them (the semi) barely counts as it's slow, unwieldy, and can only be used during the grand prix bonus rounds. The other four are ranked in terms of speed here:

Monster truck -  Huge tires, high durability, fast acceleration, slow speed. The monster truck can drive through water just as fast as regular pavement, although it never hits much of a top speed in either case. Good for beginners, it accelerates fast and can take a solid beating, but it's of little use other than the stunt races.

Compact - Tiny tires, and a moderate rating everywhere else, this is sort of a lame duck in the roster of Stunt Race vehicles as it excels at absolutely nothing. It does hit a higher top speed than the monster truck, but its tiny tires guarantee you'll be ground almost to a halt while driving through water and it cannot match the top speed of the faster vehicles.

Racer - Medium-size tires, low durability, slow acceleration, and frightning top speed. The racer is a decent vehicle for the grand prix courses, although it requires much more skill to use due to its high speed and propensity to explode at a moment's notice. Still, if you want to set records there are none better out of the regular lineup. Which brings us to...

Motorcycle - Huge tires, moderate durability, fast acceleration, high top speed. The motorcycle is unlocked through gameplay and it's easy to see why it's not available at the start - why would you want to use something else? Sure, it takes some getting used to as it only has two tires and tends to turn differently than all the others, but once you've got that down you have a vehicle that can take more of a beating than the racer, has better acceleration, and it's not subject to slowing down while driving through puddles of water. Once you unlock this,  you won't race anything else other than the monster truck for stunt races, simply because it's more stable when climbing and turning at low speeds.

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