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Tekken 5 was developed and published by Namco and released on February 24, 2005. It was released in the arcades in December of 2004. It is the sixth game in the Tekken series. The game also features the three original Tekken games for the PlayStation, as well as one of Namco's earlier arcade games, StarBlade.


After the conclusion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, we see feathers floating down from when Devil Jin flew off into the night. However, the silence was soon be interrupted with the roar of an approaching aircraft. Almost immediately, a group of Jack-4 robots crashed through the ceiling. Although Heihachi suspected that Kazuya was responsible for the intrusion, he soon realized he was wrong, with Kazuya equally as bewildered by the sudden attack. "Why are you here?" yells Heihachi as the wave of Jack robots approaches. Heihachi and Kazuya destroy scores of Jacks, but reinforcements appear almost as quickly as the duo of father and son can destroy them. Heihachi begins to lose his breath, and Kazuya takes advantage of this, betraying Heihachi, he throws him int the middle of the army of Jacks, and then escapes while the Jack robots are busy with Heihachi. While several Jack robots pile on top of Heihachi, holding him down, one lands in front of Heihachi and self destructs. The Hon-Maru is then devastated with a massive explosion.

Close by, all this is being watched by a man in black ( Raven). He raises his hand, presses a button on the radio in his ear and says "Heihachi dead...". At that moment, a Jack robot attacks the man from behind, but he evades the attack and cuts the Jack robot in half, disappearing an instant later. The Hon-Maru is completely destroyed and has been replaced with a raging inferno. The next day, news of Heihachi Mishima's death spread rapidly across the globe, with most people believing that Heihachi Mishima's death would bring the end to the Mishima Zaibatsu. However, behind the scenes, someone has taken his place, and business went on as usual. A month later, it was announced that the Mishima Zaibatsu will hold The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.

Meanwhile, Jin Kazama's Devil Gene is going berserk, and he decides to search for the one responsible for the change by entering the tournament. Kazuya also enters to find out exactly who in G Corporation sent the Jack-4's to kill him, and take his revenge.

As Jin and Kazuya progress through the tournament, the secret sponsor is finally revealed: Jinpachi Mishima, the father of Heihachi and who has been missing for the past fifty years. As it turns out, Jinpachi is the founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu and was a respected martial arts master until his greedy son, Heihachi, stole the company from him and had him imprisoned underneath Hon-Maru after Jinpachi attempted a Coup d'état (Heihachi was steering the company into the military industry, something Jinpachi believed was not right). Jinpachi died soon afterwards of starvation, until the Devil took over his mind and granted him immortality (as well as a Devil Gene), and Jinpachi was finally freed from his prison when the Jack-4's destroyed Hon-Maru. As of now, the Devil Gene is slowly consuming Jinpachi's mind, and Jinpachi has announced the tournament in hopes that someone will kill him and put an end to his reign of terror before it even starts.

In the end, Jin makes it to the final, and faces his Devil-powered great-grandfather in combat. Ultimately, Jin manages to defeat Jinpachi, who dissolves into dust and disappears, his wish fulfilled. Jin is now the new owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu.


The fighting is the same as always and for the first time, Namco has introduced a new feature in which you can customize your characters. As you fight in the Main mode, you earn money for every time you defeat someone. Then you can use it at the Customization mode and buy several sorts of items to personalize you character.

It is also the first game in the Tekken series to utilize the Card System for the Arcade Version of the game. This enables players record wins and losses, attain rankings through victories and customize their characters with items. Before the release of the Playstation 2 version the rankings were 9th Kyu (lowest) to Master (highest). New rankings were released for the PS2 Arcade version with the highest being the Tekken Lord.

As per tradition in Tekken games, Namco have introduced several new characters in Tekken 5. Although Jack-5 and Roger Jr. and almost identical to Jack-4 and Roger respectively, and Asuka Kazama and Devil Jin bear similarities to Jun Kazama and Jin Kazama (in Tekken 3) respective move-sets, both Feng Wei and Raven are brand new characters. The new characters bring the overall amount of playable characters to 33.

Character Roster

New Characters

  • Asuka Kazama (Jin Kazama's cousin)
  • Feng Wei (Student and murderer of Asuka's father)
  • Raven (Agent sent to observe Tekken Zaibatsu)
  • Jack-5(Updated version of Jack 4)
  • Roger Jr.(Son of Roger from Tekken 2)
  • Devil Jin (Jin Kazama in his devil form)
  • Jinpachi Mishima (Main boss and f ounder of the Mishima Zaibatsu)

Returning Characters

Game Modes

Story Mode

In story mode, you choose a character then play through eight AI controlled opponents before the final battle with the tournament sponsor Jinpachi Mishima. As well as prologue, epilogue and an ending CG scene, each character gets "sub-boss" cut-scenes, where two characters will interact before and after their fight (for example, Kazuya Mishima's sub-boss is Raven, who calls Kazuya a "coward" for fleeing from the Hon-Maru).

Arcade Mode

In arcade mode, the player faces an unlimited amount of AI controlled characters, presenting the player with a chance to win gold in order to customize their character and also to raise the character's rank (each character starts out as a beginner and ends as a Tekken Lord).

VS Battle

In VS Battle, two players can battle each other, with a counter keeping score of how many wins each player has.

Team Battle

In team battle, two players select a team of 2-8 characters, and engage in a series of one round bouts, until all the members of one players team are eliminated. Team Battle can also be played alone, with the player selecting 2-8 characters, fighting a random team of AI controlled opponents (the AI controlled team size will be the same size as your own).

Survival Mode

In survival mode, the player selects a character and plays an unlimited amount of AI controlled opponents in one round bouts. The basis off Survival mode is to see how many wins you can amount off one life bar, although after the end of each battle the player regains a small amount of health.

Time Attack

In Time Attack mode, the game records how quickly you can progress through Story Mode, although when playing Time Attack, the player is not presented with any epilogues, prologues, sub-boss cut-scenes or ending cinematic videos.

Arcade History

A mode that contains arcade versions of Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3 and also "Starblade", another Namco developed arcade game. Each Tekken game already has all time release characters unlocked automatically.

Devil Within

Devil Within is a side game similar to the Tekken Force games found in Tekken 3 and Tekken 4. It is a 3D beat-em'-up game where the player plays as Jin as he attempts to find a way to rid himself of the Devil Gene.

Customization Mode

In customization mode, you can customize your character with items and accessories such as sun-glasses, swords and variants of their existing clothes (or hairstyles), including being able to change the color of their clothing.


Tekken 5.1 came out only in arcades in Summer 2005 that changed the health bar to green and red while altering some characters' moves while introducing some new ones as well.

The game was later re-released under the subtitle "Dark Resurrection" for the arcades and for the PSP and the PS3. The PSP version runs at full 60 FPS during matches. Other modes include Tekken Dojo, where the player fight ghosts of other players that can be uploaded and downloaded online. They can also download official ghost packs from arcades all over the world. In Gold Rush mode, the player fights for in-game cash. New versions of Tekken Bowl and Command Attack; bonus games from Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 4, are also included.

PS3 Version

It was re-released on March 1, 2007 for $19.99, which runs at 60 frames per second and supports full 1080p HD resolution. A first for the series. The game features the same modes as the Arcade version, including ghost battles and a gallery mode, Practice mode and Survival mode. The game also features Jinpachi Mishima is playable character for the first time. However, unlike its PSP counterpart, the PS3 version lacks Story mode and Bonus mode. A patch was released on the on the North American Store on August 30, 2007 and contains an Online Versus mode and Online rankings as well as a practice mode.


Upon release, Tekken 5 was met with mixed reviews. The last game ( Tekken 4) was criticized because of its departure from the traditional Tekken formula (different fighting system, smaller roster, etc.), resulting in underwhelming sales numbers. Namco Bandai opted to return to the traditional Tekken style with their next release. Once again, the reception was varied. Some reviewers praised the developer for returning to the recipe that had made the series so successful, but others criticized Namco for fearing to try something new. In spite of the lukewarm critical reception, Tekken 5 sold extremely well world-wide. Players praised the game for its impressive graphics, deep character customization system, large cast of characters, and (in Japan only) online multiplayer.


  • Track 1 I'm Here Now (Remix) 1:57
  • Track 2 Sparkling 1:51
  • Track 3 Mode Select (Tekken 5) 2:33
  • Track 4 Who's Afraid Of... 1:45
  • Track 5 Dragon's Nest 2:42
  • Track 6 Red Hot Fist 1:40
  • Track 7 Formless Like Water 2:00
  • Track 8 Unforgiven 2:06
  • Track 9 Crimson Sunset 2:40
  • Track 10 Moonlit Wilderness 1:57
  • Track 11 Gold Rush 1:34
  • Track 12 Massive Stunner 1:57
  • Track 13 Antares 2:34
  • Track 14 Streets 1:19
  • Track 15 Street Wise (Asura Mix) 1:34
  • Track 16 Frozen Paradise 1:41
  • Track 17 Ka-En-No-Mai 2:03
  • Track 18 Orbital Move 1:56
  • Track 19 Poolside 2:31
  • Track 20 Ground Zero Funk 2:28
  • Track 21 The Finalizer 2:01
  • Track 22 Give Me Your Name 1:41
  • Track 23 One More 1:08
  • Track 24 Neonatal 1:02
  • Track 25 Raven's Ending 0:46
  • Track 26 Feng's Ending 0:35
  • Track 27 Asuka's Ending 0:21
  • Track 28 Heihachi's Ending 1:10
  • Track 29 Kazuya's Ending 0:32
  • Track 30 Jin's Ending 0:41
  • Track 31 Lee's Ending 0:59
  • Track 32 Steve's Ending 0:55
  • Track 33 Lei's Ending 0:41
  • Track 34 Nina & Anna's Ending Part 1 0:32
  • Track 35 Nina & Anna's Ending Part 2 0:15
  • Track 36 Paul's Ending 0:30
  • Track 37 Law's Ending 0:53
  • Track 38 Hwoarang's Ending 0:41
  • Track 39 Baek's Ending 0:29
  • Track 40 Christie's Ending 0:30
  • Track 41 Marduk's Ending 1:01
  • Track 42 King's Ending 0:50
  • Track 43 Julia's Ending 0:47
  • Track 44 Ganryu's Ending 1:08
  • Track 45 Bryan's Ending 0:48
  • Track 46 Yoshimitsu's Ending 0:32
  • Track 47 Bruce's Ending 1:13
  • Track 48 Jack-5's Ending 1:01
  • Track 49 Panda & Kuma's Ending 1:05
  • Track 50 Wang's Ending 1:15
  • Track 51 Jinpachi's Ending 0:36
  • Track 52 Devil Jin's Ending 0:42
  • Track 53 Roger Jr.'s Ending Part 1 0:34
  • Track 54 Roger Jr.'s Ending Part 2 0:21
  • Track 55 Mokujin's Ending 0:27
  • Track 56 Xiaoyu's Ending Part 1 0:21
  • Track 57 Xiaoyu's Ending Part 2 0:28
  • Track 58 After All 0:42
  • Track 59 Marital Symphony Opus 5 3:24

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