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    Dino Crisis 2

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Sep 29, 2000

    As Dylan Morton and Regina, fight your through countless dinosaurs to uncover the mystery of how an island was to vanish from the face of the earth.

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    Dylan squaring off against an Allosaurus.
    Dylan squaring off against an Allosaurus.

    Dino Crisis 2 is an action-adventure game that was developed by Capcom, and released on both the PlayStation and PC in 2000.

    Unlike its predecessor, Dino Crisis 2 is much more action-focused, containing less of the puzzle elements that were in the first installment and is more of a straight shooter than it is a survival horror game like its predecessor. Many differences were implemented to further retract much of the survival sense of gameplay and outfit it with a run 'n gun affair. An example of this is the surplus ammo that was available for the vast array of weaponry on offer.

    Two weapons are always equipped simultaneously with the playable characters having a primary weapon and a sub-weapon, such as a machete or stungun. Another major addition is the inclusion of new protagonist Dylan; while Regina is still playable in parts and a key character, Dylan takes over the lead role for Dino Crisis 2.

    Dino Crisis 2 was well received by critics, earning strong reviews for its fresh take on the genre and exciting gameplay.



    Age: 24

    Member of a government espionage agency called S.O.R.T. (Secret Operation Raid Team), an expert in stealth missions and firearms. Regina is one of the sole survivors from the previous mission relating to Dr. Kirk on Ibis Island. Agility and cool composure are her biggest strengths.

    Dylan Morton

    Age: 25

    A member of T.R.A.T. (Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team), a special task force in the army, Dylan has willpower and strength. Though somewhat lacking in agility, his skill makes him excellent with heavy weaponry.

    David Falk

    Age: 23

    Friend of Dylan and a member of the same team, David has a humorous take on danger and enjoys helping keep morale high. His compassion for his friends makes him an asset to the group.

    Mysterious Survivors

    Regina and Dylan frequently encounter figures wearing black leather outfits and helmets all throughout the game. They are openly hostile, firing at the protagonists on sight. One of them seems different, however.

    In-Depth Plot Summary

    May 10, 2010; one year has passed since the events of the previous game. Doctor Kirk's research on Third Energy is now being overseen by a government organization somewhere in the American midwest. Unfortunately for them, another accident has occurred just like before. Edward City, a town devoted to the Third Energy research, has disappeared to another time along with all of its residents. In place of the town now lies a vast prehistoric jungle.

    Now might be the time to run.
    Now might be the time to run.

    Regina, a member of S.O.R.T. (Secret Operation Raid Team), is assigned to a new mission largely in part due to her past experience, tagging along with members of T.R.A.T. (Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team) including Dylan Morton and David Falk. Their objective is to travel back in time, rescue any potential survivors and locate the missing Third Energy research data. Upon arriving and setting up camp however, they are soon attacked by a large pack of Velociraptors and overwhelmed. Almost the entire team is decimated. As Regina and Dylan are surrounded, there are suddenly impact tremors in the ground causing the attacking dinosaurs to flee. A Tyrannosaurus Rex appears from the jungle, but David uses a rocket launcher against it, taking out its right eye. They are then chased to a slope, escaping just in time to avoid certain death.

    Faced with two paths, the two decide to separate. Regina uses her stungun on a door to head back to the ship they arrived on while Dylan uses his machete to open a gate wrapped in ivy leading into the jungle. On reaching a water tower, Dylan encounters a strange figure wearing a black outfit and helmet who quickly runs away before he can interact with them. He eventually comes to a military facility where as luck would have it, the Tyrannosaurus shows up again, giving chase. Attempting to flee, he is shot at by two more of the mysterious figures in black and escapes into a nearby building. Using an incorrect key to a locked storage box, a security system activates, trapping Dylan inside the room. He sends a distress signal to Regina.


    Back at the ship, Regina sets out for the military facility through an opposite gate so she can help Dylan. She crosses over a rickety bridge as the Tyrannosaurus passes below, but fortunately it is oblivious to her presence. In a large clearing, she avoids being crushed by a vehicle falling over a ledge and is attacked by an Allosaurus. Outside a research facility, Regina is also shot at by the black helmeted figures. Two get away but another fails to do so, nearly going over a ledge. After being saved, she handcuffs them to a pole inside a nearby security room. Upon removing their helmet, a teenage girl with blonde hair is revealed who apparently cannot speak and is still hostile. Regina leaves the girl behind and continues onward to Dylan, passing through an area with poisonous plants that must be incinerated with a flame launcher. She is once again attacked by the figures in black along the way, deflecting their shots with her stungun. Reaching the control room inside the military facility, Regina locates the correct key for the locked room and reunites with Dylan. She tells him about her encounter with the girl; they both return with her to the ship. A startling discovery is then made: the time gate allowing them to return to their own time has been sabotaged, along with the starting unit for the engine. Regina suspects that the figures in black are no doubt responsible and suggests looking at the nearby research facility for parts to repair the engine so they can at least get the ship moving elsewhere.

    Dylan handcuffs the young girl to the ship and strangely, after looking at his face, she stops struggling and acts as though she recognizes him. On his way he also spots the Tyrannosaurus lurking in the jungle like Regina did, but it doesn't notice him. Cutting through the ivy covering the door, Dylan enters the research facility. As he soon finds out, this area has become home to the Compsognathus and Oviraptor. The former has an attraction to shiny objects and steals a key card from Dylan as he goes to open a locked door; fortunately he cages the creature and gets it back. In the next room lie several containment tubes holding young humans; some are still secure while others have been smashed by plants wrapped around them tightly. Dylan finds a replacement battery in the back of the room and returns to the ship to find the girl has vanished. Regina mentions that upon checking into profiles of the residents, none of them matched up with the girl's description, almost like she doesn't exist.

    With the battery for the ship replaced, they travel to an offshore Third Energy research facility and are attacked by Plesiosaurs and Pteranodons over the open water, fighting them off with the defensive cannons of the ship. Once they arrive, Regina heads for the control room, restoring primary power to the area. Using a diving suit and a large-sized elevator, she descends into an underwater portion of the facility. Moments later the elevator comes to a halt due to a technical difficulty. While examining the controls, Regina is attacked by Mosasaurs and must proceed farther down on her own to an alternate entry point. After traveling through several passageways, opening the shutters that lead through the cooling aqueduct, she finds herself in the Third Energy reactor room. Suddenly a very large Plesiosaur appears, smashing into the reactor itself and triggering a security alert, locking down the area as a defense mechanism. Once the creature has been killed, water currents return to normal, canceling the alert and opening the path to an elevator leading back to the surface.

    Outside in a city dock area, Regina has just met up with Dylan when they receive a distress signal from David. He only has time to mention finding survivors in Edward City before the signal drops out, prompting the two to head that way immediately. Proceeding down a nearby jungle path they find a mark left on a tree by David; there will be many more to guide the way. Dylan is required to pass through a natural cave filled with streams of lava and dangerous Inostrancevia, making use of the chainmine. Once out of the cave, Dylan and Regina have to move quickly in a military facility teeming with Allosaurs. One of them moves forward while the other covers them with an artillery weapon, periodically switching places. When they finally reach a clearing, there are signs of humans having been killed by Triceratops' in defense, as they were deemed an enemy. Sure enough, a Triceratops appears, not amused by their presence. Regina and Dylan spot a jeep with a mounted gun and leave the area as fast as possible, while being pursued by two of the angry dinosaurs. They eventually take care of the situation, only to veer off a sudden cliff into a grassy field outside the city full of Velociraptors. Right as the two are surrounded, David shows up with an attack helicopter to save the day. David then spots dinosaurs in the streets finishing off most, if not all of the remaining survivors.

    Upon exiting the living quarters, Dylan is greeted by an old friend, the Tyrannosaurus. He spots a tank nearby, making a daring escape before the tank is crushed beneath a closing gate right as it passes underneath. Having been trapped on the other side for now, the Tyrannosaurus leaves. Dylan is attacked by one of the figures wearing black, the young blonde girl appears trying to intervene, and the figure is thrown off a high ledge and killed. He notices that the girl dropped something, a neckless his late sister used to wear; she had it with her all along. Dylan tells Regina about his past, how he used to be part of a gang. One day his mother and sister were home alone when a rival group broke into their home and killed them. Joining T.R.A.T. was a way for him to attempt to make up for his past mistakes. Having no reason to stay, he and Regina return to the ship.

    This will not end well.
    This will not end well.

    With only one location remaining unvisited, among the area with the poisonous plants, they head back to the jungle where they originally came from. Making her way through familiar paths, Regina is able to pass the poisonous gas zone safely using a recently acquired gas mask. Reaching a missile silo, Regina finally gets her hands on a data disc containing the Third Energy research. Outside however, something terrible awaits. Right when the Tyrannosaurus roams into the scene, a wall is smashed away to reveal a dinosaur that eclipses it in size, the Giganotosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus attempts to hold its own, but is ultimately killed. The Giganotosaurus follows Regina inside the missle silo, triggering an emergency alert with a timer of ten minutes. With valves to douse the dinosaur in flammable gas and igniting it using her stungun on the valves, Regina is able to at least temporarily subdue the creature while she moves to deactivate the emergency procedures. As could have been expected, the Giganotosaurus regains consciousness and crashes into the missile silo itself, starting a massive fire. Once she escapes from the burning building, Dylan and David are waiting, their idea to move farther down the river. When they come to a dam that needs to be raised, Dylan has to protect David using a defensive gun emplacement. Shortly thereafter David is killed by an Allosaurus after pushing Dylan out of its way, but also into the river, separating him and Regina as he drifts downstream.

    Dylan comes to on a riverbank in an unknown location, greeted by the blonde girl, who motions him to follow her through the jungle. Protecting her from the dinosaurs for a time, she eventually leads him to a large complex of some kind before running off. He heads inside to find a highly advanced research laboratory and the girl, who shows him the truth through a holographic recording of an older man.

    After the incident from the previous game, humans decided that the dinosaurs needed to be studied. Time-skewing experiments were carried out, producing devastating results that threatened everyone once it became clear the humans and dinosaurs could never coexist. August 10, 2055: The plan was to transport the dinosaurs through a time gate, three million years into the future where they could thrive, then be sent back to their own time once the gate had been perfected; the Noah's Ark Plan. However, something went wrong during the transportation, and as they were about to come back the gate disappeared, leaving them stranded. It seems that Edward City itself had been transported into the future, with there being no way for them to survive in a world now ruled by the dinosaurs. The hologram explains that his wife was killed and daughter badly injured; her name was Paula, the young girl. With the survivors' population dwindling, the children were placed in life support chambers that kept them protected while still allowing for growth and learning. Unfortunately they lost the ability to speak while inside the chambers. They learned how to survive around the dinosaurs, and because of the Noah's Ark Plan, thought they were supposed to protect them. These children became the figures in black wearing helmets that Regina and Dylan frequently encountered. It is revealed that the hologram is actually Dylan himself from the future, making Paula his daughter. The hologram of Dylan says that there is an unfinished time gate in the next room, instructing him to go with Regina, take the children and return to their own time. However, this gate can only be used once.

    Regina says her goodbyes.
    Regina says her goodbyes.

    Dylan and Paula are notified that a self-destruct sequence has been activated, and are promptly attacked by the culprit, one of the figures in black. Dylan struggles with the figure, but is interrupted by the Giganotosaurus rearing its head once again. Using nearby terminals he manages to set off a remote satellite laser from orbit which targets the massive dinosaur, completely obliterating it. Paula is trapped under falling equipment as the facility begins to fall apart. Despite Dylan and Regina's best efforts, they can't move it, while time runs dangerously short. Dylan decides he will stay with her, telling Regina to learn about Third Energy using the research data, build a perfect time gate and come back for them. Regina promises, rushing through the gate and disappearing. Dylan and Paula are moments from being crushed when the scene pans outward showing the inevitable final explosion.

    It remains unknown whether or not Regina was able to fulfill her promise.



    Meaning: Swift Seizer, Length: 4.8 meters, Height: 1.8 meters

    The most common enemy in the game, they always come in numbers. Raptors are fast and can appear in varying colors, some more difficult than others. Take them down on sight; they will almost always chase and knock the player down if running away.


    Meaning: Odd Lizard, Length: 8.5 meters, Height: 3.0 meters

    This large dinosaur looks somewhat like a smaller version of the Tyrannosaurus, but is very agile. They can take a beating and dish out a lot of damage to the player. Anything short of heavy weaponry will barely leave a scratch.


    Meaning: Egg Robber, Length: 2.5 meters, Height: 1.3 meters

    They move very quickly, usually traveling in groups. These dinosaurs can perform a jump-kick attack on the player or occasionally spit poison. Can be taken down easily with most weapons.


    Meaning: Winged and Toothless, Length: 3.0 meters, Height: 5.0 meters

    Found mostly in coastal areas, these flying dinosaurs are more of a nuisance than anything else. They have the potential to swoop down or pick up a fallen player with their talons. Tricky to target unless using automatic weaponry such as the submachine guns.


    Meaning: Pretty Jaws, Length: 1.2 meters, Height: 0.5 meters

    Commonly referred to as the Compy, these tiny dinosaurs are no real threat to the player. They can usually be found in groups eating the remains of other creatures and have an attraction to shiny objects.


    Meaning: River of Mosa Lizard, Length: 6.0 meters, Height: 0.8 meters

    Aquatic dinosaur found in the underwater sections of the game. They are fast swimmers somewhat resembling crocodiles and can be taken down quickly with the aquagrenade.


    Meaning: Near Lizard, Length: 17.0 meters, Height: 3.0 meters

    Large aquatic creatures best recognized by their long slender necks and turtle-like bodies. They are fairly easy to take down with the exception of the larger plesiosaur fought underwater.


    Length: 3.7 meters, Height: 1.2 meters

    With fangs and razor-sharp claws, these creatures can be a problem if allowed to get close enough. Their skin is heavily protected and difficult to damage through normal means. Use the chainmine to flip them over, exposing their weaker stomach. Favors warm, dark environments.


    Meaning: Three Horned Face, Length: 8.5 meters, Height: 3.0 meters

    Powerful horned herbivore. They only give chase after suspecting Regina and Dylan of having killed their young, otherwise they keep to themselves.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King, Length: 14.5 meters, Height: 4.8 meters

    Perhaps the most famous dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus is a massive carnivore and serves as the main enemy, frequently chasing the player. It is missing its right eye from an early encounter. Cannot be killed by the player, only distracted by heavy explosive weapons.


    Meaning: Giant Lizard, Length: More than 20 meters, Height: More than 7 meters

    At one point rumored to not exist, this dinosaur eclipses the Tyrannosaurus in size and is the most dangerous predator in the game. Must be handled using unconventional methods. Nothing else will even phase it.



    Type: Main, User: Regina

    Has a very small recoil action. The weapon can be fired even while running. Useful for a time until better weapons can be purchased.


    Type: Sub, User: Regina

    Puts out a high voltage shock, immobilizing the enemy. Also used to activate specific switches throughout the game.

    Submachine Guns

    Type: Main, User: Regina

    A light-weight weapon, held in both hands. Shoot even while running. Best used when facing multiple enemies at once.


    Type: Main, User: Dylan

    Shoots scatter shots. Capable of shooting enemies both close range and wide range. Works wonderfully against Velociraptors and smaller enemies.


    Type: Sub, User: Dylan

    Large knife, used to slash close-range enemies and make some distance from them. Also used to cut ivy blocking doorways.

    Flame Launcher

    Type: Main, User: Both

    Launches wide range blazes. Effective on certain kinds of plants. Can be fired while walking. Required to pass through a poisonous area of the jungle.


    Type: Sub, User: Both

    It creates a wall of fire, averting frontal attacks. Fairly useless, as it will only hold back smaller enemies.

    Solid Cannon

    Type: Main, User: Dylan

    Destroys cells by way of vibration. Effective for a few seconds even after initial fire. Energy blast sticks around and damages anything coming close.

    Anti-Tank Rifle

    Type: Main, User: Dylan

    Penetrates through almost anything. The recoil is tremendous so it can only be fired while standing still. Stops the Allosaurus in its tracks.

    Missile Pod

    Type: Main, User: Regina

    Fires three homing rockets at once. The most powerful weapon overall. Super effective against Pteranodons that are otherwise difficult to bring down.

    Heavy Machine Gun

    Type: Main, User: Regina

    Rapid-fire and power are the features of this large-sized machine gun. Can be fired while walking. Capable of handling most enemies effectively.


    Type: Main, User: Regina

    Most powerful underwater weapon. Fires small torpedoes. Needed to progress through the underwater facility.


    Type: Sub, User: Regina

    Shoots a wave of shock immobilizing underwater enemies temporarily, allowing the player to avoid combat.

    Needle Gun

    Type: Main, User: Regina

    A basic underwater weapon. Fires three needles simultaneously. Useful until the aquagrenade is purchased.


    Type: Sub, User: Both

    Fires five mines into the ground, blasting them instantaneously, and turns the enemy on its back. Essential to take on the Inostrancevia.

    Rocket Launcher

    Type: Main, User: Dylan

    A very powerful weapon. However, the recoil action is too large to fire rapidly. With only one shot, another weapon might be more advisable.

    Extra Crisis

    Dino Crisis 2 came with two bonus modes that would be unlocked upon completion of the main game which were made available on the main menu. Under the Extra Crisis menu there are two modes. Dino Colosseum was a survival based mode where the player would select from a number of characters (more being made available through multiple completions of the main game). The twist was that besides the standard humanoid characters, an armored tank was also available to choose as well as a large number of the dinosaurs found from the main game. Two of the humans included Rick and Gail, who were S.O.R.T. operatives from the first Dino Crisis game. The goal is for the player to simply fight their way through a number of stages until facing against a T-Rex at the very end.

    Dino Duel is the second mode in which players select from the same possible dinosaurs as featured in the Dino Coliseum and go head to head with another selected dinosaur. Dino Duel was multiplayer for up to two players; however, Dino Coliseum was strictly single player.

    Dino Colosseum/Dino Duel Playable

    • Regina
    • Dylan
    • Rick
    • Gail
    • Armored Tank
    • Oviraptor
    • Velociraptor
    • Triceratops
    • Compsognathus
    • Inostrancevia
    • Allosaurus
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex


    The original soundtrack for Dino Crisis 2 was composed by Sayaka Fujita and Makoto Tomozawa.


    Dino Crisis 2 Original Soundtrack
    Dino Crisis 2 Original Soundtrack
    1. "Prologue"
    2. "Opening Movie"
    3. "Three's a Crowd"
    4. "A Survivor?"
    5. "One-Eyed Menace"
    6. "Flying Discs"
    7. "Save"
    8. "Don't Let Me Down"
    9. "Regina's Challenge"
    10. "Who Are You?"
    11. "Lethal Gas"
    12. "Trashed"
    13. "Stop It!"
    14. "Search for Survivors"
    15. "Spitting Lizards"
    16. "Research Facility Sounds"
    17. "She's Gone..."
    18. "Daddy Long Neck"
    19. "Swimming Lizard"
    20. "Underwater Echoes"
    21. "A Living Sub"
    22. "Nesting Ground"
    23. "Chase of the Horned"
    24. "End of the Road"
    25. "Silence of Edward City"
    26. "Big Surprise"
    27. "Necklace"
    28. "For the Missile Silo"
    29. "Bigger Than T-Rex"
    30. "Emergency!"
    31. "Dino Crispo"
    32. "The Awakening"
    33. "Time to Go Back"
    34. "Here It Goes"
    35. "Farewell to David"
    36. "Hologram?"
    37. "Anti-Satellite Attack"
    38. "Paula!"
    39. "Ending Movie"
    40. "Select Screen"
    41. "Extra Crisis"
    42. "Results"
    43. "Dino Crisis 2"
    44. "Attraction"
    45. "Electric Divide (Electro Mix)"
    46. "Dino Magic"
    47. "Extra Crisis Mixed Version"
    48. "Dino Crispo Mixed Version"
    49. "Electric Divide"
    50. "Theme of Dino Crisis 2"

    PC Requirements

    • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
    • Pentium 233 MHz (minimum) or Pentium II 350 MHz (recommended)
    • 64 MB RAM
    • 4X CD-ROM drive (minimum)
    • 8 MB (minimum) or 16 MB (recommended) DirectX compatible 3D graphics card
    • DirectX compatible sound card
    • 230 MB hard drive space (minimum)

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