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    Prexus is a god in the EverQuest franchise. He is known as The Oceanlord and is the god of the sea.

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    Prexus came to Norrath during the Age of Scale along with Tunare. They both met with Brell Serilis, forming a pact to divide the world of Norrath among themselves, create life, and therefore keep Veeshan's power in check. Prexus claimed the oceans of the world and set forth creating various aquatic creatures including the highly intelligent race known as the Kedge.

    During the Age of Turmoil, a church was built in Erudin for clerics and paladins to pray to their lord. The almost extinct race of the Kedge were the most devout follower of Prexus before the catastrophe caused by Phinigel Autropos. Though the Kedge were thought to be extinct after this catastrophe, a small colony was preserved by the Combine Loyalists in the Buried Sea. Although they saved the Kedge, and several other races, from extinction, the Combine Loyalists performed various experiments on the endangered race. This brought the wrath of Prexus upon the floating city of Katta Castrum. The Oceanlord created a massive whirlpool that sank the city to the sea floor. This was the last time Prexus' influence was witnessed within the world of Norrath.


    Prexus' followers believe in the raw power of the world's oceans. They do not worship the element of water specifically, but it is their belief that life originated in the sea and it will consume those who do not respect it. The Oceanlord's devotees almost always live in cities or towns on the coasts of the world. Prexus is not a commonly worshiped god, but he has many faithful sailors and fishermen.


    In most lore, Prexus is depicted as a powerful merman with a sharp fin running across the top of his head. He often wields a jagged shield in his left hand and a thick dagger in his right.

    Among the Pantheon

    No one truly knows the name of Prexus' realm, and no known mortal has ever set eyes upon it. Prexus considers Rodcet Nife an ally, and Bertoxxulous as his lone enemy. He is one of several gods who have yet to return to Norrath during the Age of Destiny.

    EverQuest Next

    In the reimagined lore of EverQuest Next, Prexus is the elemental god of water. Not much else is known, but it appears as though he has replaced the Triumvirate of Tarew Marr, E'ci, and Povar.


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