1st Person to Plays

"On and near the classic end, games are characterized by fast movement, bunny-hopping, dominance of slow-projectile explosive weapons (rockets), large health gauges (or regenerating health) to allow for longer duels, nerfing of the accuracy/firepower of direct-fire automatic weapons for gameplay/fun purposes, and fun tricks like rocket jumping. Vehicles will be easy to pilot, able to dodge/strafe, and able to shoot reasonably well while moving.Hyperspace Arsenals are common. Items are placed on the ground very unnaturally, sometimes even spinning in the air. Artificial Stupidity is common for balance purposes. Bosses will be larger-than-life and over-the-top."

"Approaching the realistic end of the scale, slower, fatigue-restricted movement, use of crouching/prone positions to increase accuracy and reduce visibility, dominance of sniper rifles and assault rifles, the need to use scopes or iron sights for long-range shots, recoil having a detrimental effect on accuracy (and discouraging the use of automatic fire), limited health, and bleeding, leading to very short combat and an emphasis on the use of cover. Vehicles often require multiple crew to operate effectively and will be heavily restricted by terrain. These games often have Mooks but No Bosses, and when the latter are present, they usually are either as easy to take down as yourself or vehicles that the bog-standard bullet hose can't scratch, forcing the need for anti-vehicle weapons."

Fackler Scale Of FPS Realism

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