Abstract Game of the Year Awards 2009

[blank] of the year awards tend to be rather cliched affairs at times, even if I'm not helping by making my own lists. To rectify that, the following is a list of 2009 games that would get more abstract awards from me. It doesn't necessarily take a whole lot to make it on this list, but you know a game is special when it gets me to use my creative writing thinking powers for good and (mostly) evil.

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Posted By BackpackKat

You need a show to express your genius on!
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Posted By Pepsiman
@JohnAsscream: I just make the Internet my show as it is. Most of the time I just drive people to put themselves in insane asylums, but that's all in a day's work, really.
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Posted By Milkman

This is all the way fantastic.

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Edited By HaltIamReptar

Oh dear.  How long did this take to write?
Fantastic stuff, by the way.

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Posted By Pepsiman
@HaltIamReptar: I did it off and on over the course of several hours, mostly on Christmas Day. I never end up doing anything then, so suffice it to say that free time was in no particularly short supply for this most recent one.
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Posted By Snail

This list is so much win, simply because of the Brazil entry.

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Posted By Druminator

Great guide dude!!

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Posted By LordAndrew

I'm sure Lux-Pain's localization team will be disappointed to hear that you don't hold Lux-Pain's amazing localization in the same regard as Castle Shikigami 2's.
And are you telling me there was a game included with my Raiho plush? Madness!

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Posted By miva2

great on Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman!: What Did I Do To Deserve This? and Borderlands :D
wtf@Brazil XD
nice list dude

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Posted By Valkyr

Award: "Best Game that was Relevant for its Preorder Bonus, not its Gameplay,". Epic

Award: "Best Korean MMO That Isn't MapleStory," because it's both Korean and not MapleStory at the same time. Who would have thought such an achievement could be possible!? . Ragnarok Online and Lineage 2 are both Korean and very popular, RO has the most amazing and hardcore guild event in MMORPG history

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Posted By raidingkvatch

Thanks for taking the time to write such a sweet list dude

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Posted By DemonHeart

omg !
you put  RapeLay  on this list? 
yeah you right about that  
still my young friend want play that?

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Posted By gonzab

This is an awesome list. I wish there were more original ideas like this one.
And really interesting games too.

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Posted By Pepsiman
@gonzab:  If it's any consolation, I more or less intend to do another one of these lists for this year's batch of games come December. I'd like to make it a tradition.
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Posted By gonzab
@Pepsiman: Awesome, I'm looking forward to that.
Expecting some more interesting games too.
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Posted By Fantastical

Just wanted to comment that I randomly found this list, and I think it's great. )

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Posted By EliminatoR

I love this list.One of the best.
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Posted By habster3
@EliminatoR said:
"I love this list.One of the best. "
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Posted By VanderSEXXX

Funny and good write ups there. :D

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Posted By MajesticOverlord

#14 Batman, you might want to edit "Badman" into "Batman" unless for some reason it was intentional. 

Apart from that great compilation. :) 

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