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Rathe Mountains
Rathe Mountains

Rathe Mountains is probably the most dangerous outdoor region of Antonica. Claustrophobic valleys wind through the towering mountains, leaving many adventurers blind to threats hiding around every corner. Wildlife such as kodiaks and grizzlies can pounce at any moment. Bandits will pillage travelling traders without thinking twice. Lizardmen from the neighboring Feerrott make sure no one tries to escape the mountains in favor of the jungle. And the Mountains of Rathe are home to the largest population of giants anywhere on Antonica. As dangerous as the region may be, many adventurers reap major rewards. Giants are known for carrying quite a bit of gold. And the gypsy camps near Lake Rathetear to the west make for quick exchange of loot for gold. Another point of interest here are Ankhefenmut and Zazamoukh, a pair of sphinxes that drive adventurers mad with their riddles. Several mysterious towers are scattered about the region, giving a glimpse into the regions past. Historians say that the ogres believe that each of the twelve peaks in this range of mountains each sprung from the ground as Murdunk, the great ogre hero, slayed the thirteenth member of the Rathe Council. Massive stone arms can be seen atop a plateau, which many believe to be the earth itself reaching to the heavens in anguish as Murdunk and the Rallosian Empire slaughtered the Rathe.

Since the reclaiming of Grobb by the trolls, the Frogloks of Antonica have relocated to this region. Their city, still referred to as Gukta, is hidden among the mountains and somewhat safe from attack.

Neighboring Zones

Guild Halls

Gukta Church of MarrClerics
Kor Master Gloorg
Shin Master Grubbus
Gukta CastersEnchanters, Magicians, WizardsDar Master Griblok
Gukta Dark ArtsNecromancers
Shadow Knights
Zol Master Malgorn
Bok Master Thragnog
Gukta ScoutsRoguesGaz Master Shargnol
Gukta PriestsShamanYun Master Arglug
Gukta SoldiersWarriorsJin Master Sergug

Commerce & Tradeskills

ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
East Gypsy CampFood, Water
Gukta OutpostFood, Water, General Supplies, Weapons, ArmorBrew Barrel, Forge
Northeast InnGeneral Supplies
Ogre/Troll CampFood, Water, Weapons, Leather ArmorTailoring
West Gypsy CampFood, Water, Combine Weapons, CompassAlchemy


Notable NPCs

  • Ankhefenmut
  • Blackwing
  • Blinde the Cutpurse
  • Broog Bloodbeard
  • Brother Zephyl
  • Corrupted Hill Giant
  • Glaron the Wicked
  • Grazhak the Berzerker
  • Hasten Bootstrutter
  • Karam Dragonforge
  • Lianna Ferasa
  • Maldyn the Unkempt
  • Mortificator Syythrak
  • Oculys Ogrefiend
  • Petrifin
  • Quid Rilstone
  • Rharzar
  • Shardwing
  • Tarskuk
  • Zazamoukh

Notable Items

  • Axe of the Slayers
  • Granite Bracer
  • Journeyman's Boots
  • Man-o-War
  • Mithril Plated Girth
  • Mortificator Staff
  • Onyx Drakescale Cloak
  • Siryn Hair Hood
  • Syythrak Hide Vest

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