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    The Estate of Unrest

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    The Estate of Unrest was once a quiet home for a Quellious priest and his family, but it has since fallen into a state of unrecognizable disgust.

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    The Estate of Unrest
    The Estate of Unrest

    The Estate of Unrest was originally a mansion built by a high priest of Quellious. This human cleric brought his family from Qeynos to Faydwer in an attempt to spread the word of The Tranquil to a new continent of people. A dwarf by the name of Garanel Rucksif had, for unknown reasons, gone insane and murdered his family in Kaladim. During his escape from the city, he found the Estate and murdered the human cleric and his family as well. The act so angered Quellious that she actually lost her temper and struck Garanel with a wicked curse causing him to spend eternity within the confines of the Estate. An erudite priest from Paineel heard wind of this story and set out to investigat the matter. This priest of The Faceless confronted the dwarf ghost and convinced him of a vile plan. The erudite exhumed the bodies of the dead and dissected their bodies into hundreds of pieces. He then cast a mighty spell that called upon Cazic-Thule himself. Cazic-Thule answered the call, seeing the devotion his priest offered, for the erudite had presented an opportunity for The Faceless to take adventage of Quellious' unexpected rash of anger. The spell was so powerful that it killed the erudite, but with the touch of Cazic-Thule, the pieces of decayed flesh and bone mutated into full bodies of the most wretched undead creatures. The priest's sacrifice essentially left an army of ghouls, festering hags, and other terrifying creations for Garanel's ghost to command.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Chipped Bone Skeleton
    • Crazed Ghoul
    • Festering Hag
    • Garanel Rucksif
    • Priest of Najena
    • Reanimation Hand
    • Reclusive Ghoul Magus
    • Serra
    • Torklar Battlemaster
    • Undead Barkeep
    • Undead Knight of Unrest

    Notable Items

    • Belt of the Dead
    • Bloodstained Mantle
    • Bloodstained Tunic
    • Dwarven Work Boots
    • Dusty Bloodstained Gloves
    • Festering Cloak
    • Gossamer Armor
    • Ivory Bracelet
    • Jagged Band
    • Opalline Earring
    • Savant's Cap
    • Silk Leggings of the Haunted
    • Thick Leather Apron

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