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Wizards are usually what someone would imagine when thinking of a spellcaster.  Masters of the arcane arts, wizards are often the most powerful users of magic. 


High Elf Wizard
High Elf Wizard
In EverQuest, wizards are undoubtedly the masters of damage. No class, whether caster or melee, can kill something faster than an uninterrupted, adept Wizard. Just like any other caster, they will not survive long against direct melee from an enemy, but they can often go it alone and use their skills to "kite" enemies from a distance. In a group, an experienced Wizard can quickly drain the health of an enemy without drawing attention to himself/herself. Wizards also have the ability of teleportation, which can be used to travel great distances quickly alone or with their friends. This skill also allows the Wizard to get his/her friends out of immediate danger. Unlike Druids though, Wizards are the only class with the ability to take adventurers to the Planes of Hate and Sky. Wizards, like other casters, are limited to cloth armor.

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