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XNA is a platform that allows independent developers to create their own games for either the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace, or as a PC game (e.g. A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, Solar 2, Breath of Death VII). The process allows a creator to create a game, go through peer review with other users, and then post the game to Xbox Live after it has successfully gone through that process.

The XNA Creator's Club requires a $200 annual subscription cost, which allows you to create your own games and also peer review the games of others. With that, you get the software to make the game and also the program with which you can peer review the games on your Xbox 360, connected to your PC to do so.

Most games have sold for 200 or 400 Microsoft points, but no data has been released yet on how many games have been sold through this new feature. However, there is a top ten list on that weekly ranks the Indie Games in order of how many unique users have played the full versions of the games.

Significant Changes

On June 11, 2009, it was announced that "Xbox Live Community Games" would be renamed to Xbox Live Indie Games. This change first occurred with the release of XNA Game Studio 3.1 and finished with the August 11, 2009 Xbox 360 dashboard update.

Along with the name, there were also pricing changes as follows:

  • Games would now be sold at 80, 240, or 400 Microsoft Points.
  • Games at 400 Points: Would retain their price point, but have the option to change to one of the new price points during an update or price change event.
  • Games at 800 Points: Can remain at 800 points for the life of the game unless an update needs to be submitted, at which time one of the new price points would need to be chosen. The option to price a game at 800 Microsoft Points would remain until October 22, 2009.
  • Games at 200 Points: Would remain at 200 points until October 22, 2009. At that point, XNA would automatically change these games to 80 Microsoft Points. For price changes, game updates, and new games the 200 price point is no longer available.
  • Only Games less than 50MB are eligible to be sold at 80 points.
  • Until October 22, 2009 a game could be updated as often as the user wanted (excluding the seven day submission jail)
  • As ever, price changes to a game can only be made every 90 days.

Xbox Live Indie Games are available in the following countries only:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Spain

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